Virgo 1st Quarter Moon at 6°06’—May 27

Now is a time when you might want to retreat and/or regroup—to think and to contemplate and to ponder and to daydream and to meditate and to consider—to restrain yourself back into a more appropriately personalized routine, or into the discipline of your goals and/or ideals, into the commitment you’ve previously made with yourself regarding your personal values…

And restraint may be the emphasis now.

Maybe you feel held back… or maybe you feel restricted in some other way, otherwise.

I only hope that on this extended weekend, here in the states, you’re able to have some much-needed time.

Time, as a resource—a much-needed resource—this much-needed resource of the heart, is so precious to you at this time… and perhaps this is where the restraint is most fully felt. There’s simply never enough time, is there?

This will still be, regardless of it all, a time to slow, pause, and/or stop to come back to reality, to realign, and to reconsider needs, finances, resources and priorities—and to take it all quite seriously…

Your very uniquely personalized potentials are worth a look.

What are you willing to give up in order to gain an advantage?

You may also be in a particular mindfulness, to the point that you are quite unwilling to acknowledge limitations… though it’s important to acknowledge these, if only in an effort to more fully and appropriately understand and prioritize your strategies moving forward—identifying what you can do, and then preparing to do it.

As emotional transformations are absolutely piqued.

This first quarter moon occurs within the first decan of Virgo, which is represented by the 8 of pentacles within the tarot, and governed by the sun…

The 8 of Pentacles is a card that represents progress.

Progress and growth—particularly in the little things.

Tarot writer TS Chang writes of this card that its role to ‘harvest your own light…’

What skills and talents so you have to offer the world?

What can you do to perfect these?

Chang writes that ‘no detail is too small for your attention…’

Remember that this is a moon that shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera puts in charge of all accounts—solitary, joyful, and emotionally fulfilling work that is healing to the heart… though, when anything is free of chaos it also implies that it is free of ‘art, spirit, nature and other people… a sterilized space where nothing ever needs to change except for the work…’

Kaldera writes that “for some people, acknowledging their own faults is a way to empathize with the faults of others…”

Though, within all the measuring of our accounts—there is actually no measurement that is appropriate to the real actuality of whatever it is we think is problematic to our overall.

And that’s not really what it’s about anyway.

It’s about the quality of time we allow ourselves to simply soak it all in: imperfections and all…

Faults are thick where love is thin.

—James Howell

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