Libra/Scorpio Gibbous Moon—May 31

Something that I’m not entirely certain, much less confident, about…

Is whether people understand that we all have, within us, the energies of all the zodiacal forces—I really wonder, considering much of what I hear or see or read or am asked about by clients…

Our nativities include all the signs and all the planets—essentially, within ourselves, we possess the potentials and potentialities of the entire cosmos… it is within our DNA.

So it makes little sense to me when someone exclaims that they ‘can’t stand’ a certain sign, or that a particular sign is so this, or so that, or whatever, to this effect… if anything, I believe it pinpoints more toward its specific zodiacal influence within oneself, and its placement—likely a challenging one—and that one struggles with this, rather, within themselves.

We all have depths within ourselves that we struggle to fully embrace…

Today will illuminate these depths.

Not only does this particular moon fall upon the building fixed t-square Wednesday-peak—this moon further, more penetratingly illuminates this t-square by filling in its void and thereby creating a fixed grand cross…

Which intensifies an already very intense day.

Further, it’s a Scorpio gibbous moon…

Which implies a depth of darkness within ourselves—to be further explored and/or illuminated.

Today will be a day.

Today will be a day that could potentially open you to something heavy, large, huge, and/or unexpectedly powerful… which is that much more powerful as this week holds such celestial opportunities toward that which you’re working toward.

Errors, like straws, upon the surface flow; He who would search for pearls, must dive below.

—John Dryden

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