Scorpio/Sagittarius Gibbous Moon—June 2

Today may begin with a little surprise…

If not a surprise, maybe these energies will resemble more of an inconvenience, or perhaps it’ll be something of an opportunity to let go of any inappropriately egoic preferences toward something. Particularly if you are determined to have, hold, gain or enjoy your way, and only your way.

Or, it could be the repercussions of an oversight.

The result of something you had a responsibility for, but failed to hold yourself accountable… or, it could also be a consequence of allowing your irrational emotionality call your shots.

But then, the energies will shift, and ease… or, they may have everything to do with what opens to you next—maybe this will be the surprise?

The moon will move to illuminate Venus and Neptune as they connect by trine, through which the moon will create a triangular ease of energetic motion—an ease of satisfaction.

These energies could inspire you toward your own potentials and personal authority, and thus create new motivations for fresh creative visualizations, envisioning new ways of thinking, feeling, and living… our inner reality in consciousness offers vast expansions—or limits our potentials exponentially. Especially today.

Whatever you are currently experiencing within your personal reality—today may spark an acknowledgement: that you have created this reality and circumstance, for better or worse.

In this notion, through this sentiment—how, then, would you rather be experiencing your reality?

In this notion, through this sentiment–should you be thoroughly living in alignment with your potentials—what more would you like to expand upon?

I could be bond in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space…

—William Shakespeare

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