Sagittarius Disseminating Moon—June 4

I realize this is sort of ‘off-brand’ of me to dog-leg in such a manner, but it’s irresistibly spot on for today’s energies…

Season 3, episode 4—Schitts Creek: Driving Test.

Bear with me…

Schitts Creek, if you don’t know, is a quaint little story about a very wealthy well-known family who loses everything and is forced to take up residence in a very shabby little no-tell motel in the middle of nowhere… each of the characters is advantaged in nearly all ways, though, they each experience and navigate these advantages in different ways, and as this series unravels, each character learns what inner advantages they really do have when their money is no longer involved.

Alexis Rose is absolutely a Sagittarius—likely with a Leo moon, obviously—as she’s been quite daringly and dangerously worldly from too early an age, has a limitless cache of adventures by which to apply to nearly anything in real time, and is forever sort of stupidly optimistic about life in general, and, of course, more or less celebrates herself at every turn as if the sun rises in the morning specifically for her…

There’s a scene when David, her brother, who is clearly a Cancer with Capricorn moon, though this scene focuses more upon a Chiron in Aries issue—much like the one today’s moon is illuminating—and needs to take a driver’s test to get his license and is extremely nervous, as David is always distrusting and much more pessimistic about nearly anything.

I’ll let you watch it for yourself—here.

Anxiety is very much a part of this episode… and overwhelm.

Which is where many of you may be dwelling within in real time, and navigating within your reality in some way…

This scene encapsulates what today’s moon illuminates, both through the squishy parts of ourselves via Chiron, and those parts of ourselves, however contrarily or seemingly impossibly, that seem to exist within the ideal via a square to Neptune.

My point being, though, ultimately, is that Alexis doesn’t dwell on anything, as David does—to his chagrin…

Who is correct?—as they both have their reasons, both quite valid.

Alexis never thinks about anything further out than mere hours into the future and always always has a solution for anything, no matter how outlandish—she is your female McGyver… whereas David has more select talents, jaded withina much smaller scale of reference, and skills that flourish more within the fringe of a more elite reputation…

The scene I couldn’t find a video for—was the scene of David driving Alexis home with his newly rewarded license—which is, honestly, the most precious…

Alexis tells David that’s he never trusted her after David opens up to Alexis that she was more or less right about all of it… but then, very sharply and very vulnerably, the script is flipped—and the squish within each of them suddenly takes on an entirely different tone, in unexpected ways.

Though, these voiced confessions make all the difference.

Which is to say, we all harbor sentiments and stances alike that no one would ever know about… sentiments and stances that are not necessarily vulnerable, but fiercely private and/or protected within a previous place within our hearts…

I highly suggest you stream the episode.

So, however we choose to skate through life… life is as easy on us as we allow it to be. It’s as simple (or irresponsible) as that.

Though, there’s always an underlying layer of powerfully squishy vulnerability existing beneath it all which makes us all that much more endlessly interesting than we could ever hope or wish to be… if only we are offered an opportunity to share.

We are all naturally and uniquely interesting beyond words.

❝“What happens when people open their hearts?”

‘They get better…’

—Haryki Murakami

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