Capricorn Disseminating Moon—June 6

Apologies for the typo in date yesterday. I think I got ahead of myself, as I sometimes do when I’m writing in advance. I appreciate your patience with me.

And apologies for yesterday’s content, reading somewhat harshly toward Sagittarian energies—I was only trying to prove a point that such exotic buzzwords have the tendency to distract, if not disconnect, one from one’s own alignment, causing dis-ease.

It’s always a shame. I have seen it in real time.

Most honestly—for any Sagittarian that isn’t able to take a quarterly/seasonal getaway/retreat to anywhere, everywhere, in any direction, just because—because your first breath was governed by the wanderer—rambling, rousing, and/or rendezvousing… any individual with Sagittarian personal planets and/or angles who isn’t able to pull this off each and every year/season is likely struggling emotionally, if not psychically—because it’s part of the package.

It just is.

There’s an emptiness and aching for some unknown reason.

And Sagittarian energies know this.

But apologies, nevertheless.

As an astrologer—I see things more blatantly than many of us are willing to acknowledge within the everyday.

As for today—Tuesday, June 6th:

“I’m empty and aching and I don’t know why…”

Oh my goodness, my soul aches for this witnessing, this raw honesty, this… ultimate vulnerability.

These are lyrics to ‘America’, written by Simon and Garfunkel in 1968… a road trip type of song that is originally meant, and inspired, to be somewhat motivational, and celebratory—becomes more of a very heavy and realistic tone that many of us harbor, regardless of what decade we’re living within.

There’s a vacancy, here in the Now, that we’re seeking to fulfill.

Connection, reconnection, reconciliation—this is what we’re all typically seeking to achieve, regardless of circumstance, situation, dilemma, reasoning, and/or purpose.

Today’s energies conjure “a stirring from within…”

The lyrics to ‘America’ may be somewhat vague, and lonely, desperate, and bold—but they envision a landscape of opportunity and potential beyond that bus ride…

Today’s energies are compelled to move forward—through withdrawal and solitude: the way one might when riding a bus with smelly, hungry, desperate, destitute and broken strangers, toward one’s unknown and unknowable future.

You know, because it’s the Greyhound…

And for some of you–you may actually purchase a ticket…

Because that’s where you are.

Either way—getting away is an emphasis—and/or getting very honestly to the point of it all, as is taking time to really think things over: big things… to better approach your life in an advantageous manner… in a way that better serves you and your overall objectives.

And if you’re empty, and aching, and do not know why… there’s a problem. And it’s best to address it.

“And the m o o o n rose over an o p p p p p e n field…”

The past is always tense, the future perfect.

—Zadie Smith

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