Leo Balsamic Moon—September 11

As I mentioned yesterday, today’s main lunarly highlight—as several other planets work to build in aspect to one another beyond the moon—is its conjunction to Venus, now moving directly…

A moon/Venus conjunction is typically mostly lovely—agreeable, calming, amusing, relaxing—and a Leo moon, in general, is typically fun—loving, spontaneous, joyful, easy.

But this is a Leo balsamic moon the moon and Venus are connecting within—it is a moon, in other words, when we spontaneously (but not always so playfully) express ourselves most honestly in an effort to achieve a sense of agreeability within ourselves.

Something likely needs to be said in order for you, your mind, and your heart to relax.

Something needs to be admitted to, or revealed, amusingly exposed or even softly uttered…

Even in its dying phase, a Leo moon still wants to simply feel happy—but sometimes, particularly through a Leo moon, we need to feel as we truly are, we need to feel like ourselves in every way… and sometimes that requires a conversation.

The other highlight of the day: feeling out the best time to express yourself so very very honestly…

And may it be expressions from Love.

By being natural and sincere, one often can create revolutions without having sought them.

—Christian Dior

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