Leo/Virgo Balsamic Moon—September 12

The moon remains within the bounds of that third decan of Leo for most of the day, if not all of the day—depending on where you live and lay your head down—and so expressing last words, last rites, and last requests remain in order…

In fact, this need to express yourself—for better or, just as ambivalently, for worse—has likely even intensified.

It may even feel a little risky to say something now…

And it might be best to prepare yourself—or realize that others will share a similar sentiment: whatever it is you/others need to share at this point probably won’t be taken well, or it won’t ‘come out right’, or it’ll sound strange, unexpected, or simply out of character from whatever norm you/others typically entertain…

Whatever it is you/others need to express at this point might not be well received in one way or another… or several.

Hopefully the recent resemblances of forgiveness will echo throughout the hallways of the heart and the ability toward flexibility be foremost in focus.

Whatever it is you need to express—or whatever it is expressed unto you: allow it within the realms of your personal boundaries while protecting yourself from any psychic pain, find meaning in its message—in its essence, release it, and begin again… accordingly.

Thursday is a new moon—new beginnings are inevitable.

The moon will, through most of the night, move to apply an opposition to Saturn, exact after midnight on the west coast… despite whatever need to vocalize or otherwise express yourself you were attempting to satiate doesn’t come without its repercussions or consequences, and personal responsibilities…

Still, a new—however shocking—openness to something that wasn’t previously acknowledged or recognized could actually inspire new ways of relating, new avenues in loving, and new opportunities to grow, and evolve into more.

The tricky thing about giving opinions is that sometimes they cost you more than you wanted to spend.❞

—Stacey Lee

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