Virgo New Moon at 21°59’—September 14

The zodiacal sign of Virgo takes a lot of flack…

Details, details, details… perfectionism… orderliness and cleanliness being next to godliness, and yada yada yada.

But Virgoan energies run so much deeper than that—the very essence of Virgo—these energies seek improvement, ritual, and devotion.

Devotion has its roots in Latin, in dēvōtus (devoted), which is to be ‘solemnly promised’, from dēvovēre, ‘to vow’…

Ritual is necessary to sustain such daily devotion.

After enough time in ritual and in devotion—self improvements are solemnly promised.

It is something of a personal responsibility to practice ritual, to endlessly aim to improve oneself, and to devote oneself to something meaningful… ‘there are things to stand up for and represent…’

It’s an auspicious time to find yourself something meaningful to devote yourself to—to begin new rituals, to initiate steps in improving yourself… likely in ways that relate to the matters of the house Virgo is going within your nativity.

❝The heart can think of no devotion

Greater than being shore to the ocean—

Holding the curve off one position,

Counting an endless repetition…❞

—Robert Frost

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