Scorpio Crescent Moon—September 18

It might be the recent Libran energies talking—that more is merrier…

Now that the moon has moved into Scorpio it might be much more effective, and that much more empowered, to recognize, acknowledge, to normalize and to honor those times when you simply can’t (or shouldn’t) do things alone.

I know, I know… Scorpio energies typically prefer to linger on their own. I get it. Especially, arguably, through a crescent phase.

Solo painters are one thing—solo architects, which is to infer builders, which is to suggest the creating of something in real time from something previously only visualized, are quite another—and even Frank Lloyd Wright or Ludwig Mies van der Rohe never pulled any of their two-dimensional blueprints off on their own…

Matters may be evolving into the next phase… gather your troops, assemble your teams, collect your groupies and/or schedule your squad: call shots when necessary, listen for potentially surprising insights from all directions otherwise.

You never know when a little light might begin to glow…

An honest and functioning recognition of all the shadows and potential darknesses of things may be what is brought to the surface at this point, regardless, or because individual efforts may really be preferred at this time, or always… but hey, it’s a real start.

It’s a start at something more.

Let there be Light!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

—Helen Keller

🖋 by Jamie James
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