Sagittarius 1st Quarter Moon at 29°32’—September 22

Today’s 1st quarter Sagittarius moon (which is the second of two)—the first of these occurred on August 24th, should you need to reflect back to what you were seeking at that time, to note how your needs have (hopefully) evolved…

This moon will evoke, potentially, a need to further yearn—to seek—to envision that which drives you as you follow seemingly mindlessly, as in: without mind, without thought.

As in: with total trust in that which compels…

Obviously, you can imagine how these influences might have the teeniest bit of slippery-slosh attached.

As whimsical as all of this sounds, there’s actually a very harsh acknowledgement toward that which remains undone or unaccomplished…

The heavier sorts of responsibility and personal obligations will be up for critical review—the time for whimsy reverie was back in August—it’s time to show your work and seek, more seriously, your options for success.

Just after 1pm PDT the moon moves into Capricorn…

And so—whatever it is you’re yearning toward or seeking: it’s time to get going—it’s time to begin actively working toward it… or the critical underbelly of it all will really begin to roar.

At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since.

—Salvador Dali

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