Aquarius Gibbous Moon—September 25

Matters of emotionality and issues of give-and-take may be illuminated today, somewhat dramatically…

Something already ‘in the works’ could finally be decided upon, an agreement finalized, or a resolution discovered.

Should there be a relationship that has tarnished, become strained, or is altogether struggling—a relationship of any kind—even the one with yourself in some capacity—though, particularly partial to friendship—today would be a good day to reach out in an effort of kindness, love, reconciliation, and/or forgiveness.

For instance, “here is the lightness of heart and brightness of spirit that result when a thoughtful added touch transforms an ordinary moment into a special occasion…”

Overcoming obstacles is the overall oracular ode…

And, as today turns into tomorrow, an overnight barrage of celestial traffic occurs between the hours of midnight and 5am here on the west coast (1-6am MDT; 2-7am CDT; 3-8am EDT; and anywhere from 8am-1pm across the pond…)

Especially for those of you not sleeping (or trying to) through this, you’ll likely experience much certainty with something—or a real connection to something beyond yourself. And an inner knowing that could even wake someone from their slumber!—an inner knowing is resonating, ready to reassure you.

Try not to be too harsh with yourself—especially if your circumstances resemble something you feel you should’ve known, you should’ve realized… it’s not important or necessary now—what’s essential through this realization is that you’re actively realizing, and doing something about it.

Sometimes we forget the magic that exists within our mistakes…

Failure is the core of mastery.

Failure is not failing when you’ve realized the mistake—the magic—and learned to make the proper corrections and/or accommodations…

At this point, when we’ve mastered failure to the point of magical exultation, we refer to this as wisdom.

When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.

—Paulo Coelho

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