Aquarius/Pisces Gibbous Moon—September 26

Beyond what yesterday’s post regarded for this mornings celestial traffic—the moon continues to move through Aquarius, into Pisces*…

In Pisces, the moon connects to Saturn in conjunction at precisely 8pm PDT (9pm MDT; 10pm CDT; 11pm EDT… into tomorrow morning, earlier or later or otherwise, across the pond).

Today’s lunar conjunction to Saturn occurs through a degree that indicates ‘danger signs…’

This degree speaks to ‘self-preservation, and to the avoidance of unnecessary risk… being conservative, or playing it safe, thinking things through carefully before acting, and having the courage to say no when the risks outweigh the benefits…’

Further, the higher vibrations of this degree associated with ‘independent thinking, good judgement, and a keen sense of timing, or a natural instinct for knowing when and how to take chances.’

Being fearful, now, would be working against you.

Take signs seriously, nevertheless, should you begin to feel as if you’re being stretched too thin… though these signs resemble more of forewarning and alertness, prudence, and cautionary sensibility.

When the moon connects to Saturn, most typically, it is much easier to overwork yourself, or to have too much to do… and when this connection occurs within Pisces it becomes a bit tricky—a bit slippery…

Obviously, this is a slippery slope to slide through into 2026—in Pisces, the moon needs to feel connected, devoted, and symbolically dissolved into a space of peacefulness and connection. And so there is even more responsibility, if you will, to accommodate this throughout each month.

This monthly (weekly) responsibility, then, on a personal level, resembles a devotion to becoming more connected to yourself—to your connection with All That Is, to your connection to the way you are in alignment with everything…

Ultimately, this alignment requires—if not demands—that you sustain a healthy connection to your connection with yourself.

To your connection with your own potentials…

This is the real secret of life—to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now… and instead of calling it work, realize it is play.

—Alan Watts

*☽♓︎ by 5:18pm PDT; 6:18pm MDT; 7:18pm CDT; 8:18pm EDT

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