Pisces Gibbous Moon—September 27

In a gracious effort to inspire you toward Friday’s full moon in Aries—toward inner revelations and the climaxing culmination of newnesses within your personal reality—I urge you to be gentle with yourself through these ‘first time’ experiences, chances, opportunities and challenges…

This is becoming something of a week of willpower for many of you, yes?—a week of deep learning and learning deeply, for better or worse… learning, and mistakes, and begrudgingly allowing yourself to simply be—for better or worse—things are shifting, changing, and evolving, and you’ve never been here before.

Remember, evolving moves you up, forward.

Today is about—continuing to learn!




We never begrudge ourselves when we aren’t able to predict exactly how a movie we’ve never before seen will unravel (though, honestly, many of them are painfully obvious)… still, to a point I’m trying to make, however woefully: why is it we hold such agonizing expectations for ourselves within the present living of our lives in real time?!

Today’s lunarly emphasis takes the entire day…

Which is to say that today’s energies bound to offer you countless opportunities to learn as much as possible—and, likely, not the kinds of learning and lessons that sucks, but the kind that possess a certain degree of grace.

Listening will be important. Really listening…

A willingness to acknowledge the necessity of improvement will also be essential to you, should you choose to be open to it.

Improvements come in countless ways—what I mean to describe here is more of the kind that is like training, or clarification, or a more meaningful articulation… which is also what I’m trying, however unsuccessfully, to get to: to know anything about anything is to acknowledge, identify with, and celebrate a deeper meaning with it and toward it.

Today’s energies are as much about learning and lessons as they are about associating a more personal, deeper meaning in connection to something, in connection to many things… in connection to who you are and what it means to you to be consciously aware of your own consciousness of aliveness.

Ask for help if you need it.

Make an unintended mistake.

Admit to someone you have no idea what you’re doing… but then also confess that you find it absolutely thrilling.



They say that whenever one teaches another, one inevitably learns something new—even when one considers that they feel comfortable with the level of a presumed knowingness… there is no end, friends, to the learning—to the inadvertent unknowingnesses.

It’s a really good thing…

And may today inspire you to celebrate this concept.

May today inspire you to open to your potentials…

One mistake at a time.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

—Albert Einstein

🖋 by Jamie James
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