Pisces/Aries Gibbous Moon—September 28

The most intriguing illuminations occurring today are those that look toward the future…

Today is emphasizing review—in review of what you’ve learned and where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced. It’s a day of gratitude. It’s a day of acknowledgement. It’s a day of humbling grace.

Today is not a day to dwell.

Today is not a day to agonizing over what you did or didn’t do in the past, or what you did or didn’t say, or feel, or how you responded or reacted either way otherwise…

None of it matters anymore, if it ever did.

Today is a day to honor this notion.

Today is a day to look forward.

The trouble with ‘if only’ is that it doesn’t change anything. It keeps the person facing the wrong way—backward instead of forward. It wastes time. In the end, if you let it become a habit, it can become a real roadblock—an excuse for not trying anymore.

—Arthur Gordon

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