Sagittarius Crescent Moon—November 14

By now you’ve likely, hopefully, taken some time…

To reflect, to contemplate, to psychoanalyze yourself through shadow work, to recuperate and retreat.

>deep sigh<

Perhaps, then, now you’re more open and able to acknowledge the benefits and bright sides of change.

There are likely things that you need to do—and let’s be honest: you know what they are—that are not only necessary, but self-improving in ways new and unfamiliar to you, but nevertheless essential and empowering.

These changes will inevitably be on your best interest—and will eventually change everything.

This is magic—as these changes are within your power, with whatever you already possess within yourself… when you take ownership and authorship of your own power and take action—this, and only this, is magic…

Further and finally, today could be a really auspicious day to take a road trip—one with an intended destination or experience, whatever it may be… and this is one of those experiences you’ll want to document, more meaningfully, and even share with others.

Whatever it is—wherever you’ve come to, whatever is next for you—set new intentions, state your goals and set them in ink, and then, most essentially, take your first steps.

Create your own personalized kind of magic…

Intentions are nice, but ultimately intentions don’t really matter because they only exist inside you.

—Kelly Williams Brown

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