Sagittarius Crescent Moon—November 15

Ambition and pride are being illuminated today…

Envisioning is powerful today—as well as some imaginatively inspirational, not to mention shamelessly determined, riches-from-rags make-believe type vicariousness as the tone… see where that takes you, maybe?

If you are willing to be honest with yourself today—honest being the kind of honesty that is raw and real and rigidly rectifying—there is much to be gained…

Simply because the impossible isn’t possible, not fully or really, without personal accountability.

Actually doing the work is crucial…

Don’t compromise your integrity—but don’t settle for surface harmony either.

Go deeper. Seek more.

Set the tone, embrace your own honesty, state your goals, do the work, and envision the rewards…

I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year’s fashions.

—Lillian Hellman

🖋 by Jamie James; astrologer & psychographer
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