Capricorn Crescent Moon—November 16

When the moon is crescent and in Capricorn—it is a moon that shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera inspires within, when we seek to accomplish ‘the impossible…’

Crescent moons in Capricorn are ideal starting points for forward movements, ambitious movements, and intentionally motivated movements.

Today’s lunarly movements, then, connect to both Venus and Jupiter—which is, perhaps, if it’s possible, even more ideal for a real advantage upon a starting point… particularly one that’s maybe been somewhat challenging in the past or has previously presented its own problems in and of itself for whatever reason.

The degree through which the moon connects to Jupiter associates itself with ‘healing and harmony…’

In this regard, as well—you may feel ‘serene; protected and safe from all harm…’

Inspirations to move forward, most dramatically, abound.

It’s also an ideal day for fresh starts, apologies, and forgiveness wherever appropriate—if movements have been made.

This degree actually encompasses ‘the cosmic symphony behind all manifestation…’ so, if that’s not inspiring enough—I’m thoroughly unsure of what would be. Further, the likes of ‘divine protection; charmed life; and the ability to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude in even the most trying situations…’

C’mon. No more excuses. Seriously.

The degree through which the moon connects to Venus associates itself to kindness…

Your moves and motivations forward should be generous—both for you, but through yourself with others.

Time, energy, and resources—share as you’re able…

It’s time to make a space and place for yourself in the world at large—but you’ll require the cooperation of others to do so. Remember the Golden Rule in all ways… and to honestly recognize that those who expert or anticipate to receive—must be thoroughly prepared, and absolutely willing, to give.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

—Walt Disney

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