Capricorn Crescent Moon—November 17

One of the things I adore about astrology, just purely as an example to premise today’s energies, is that I can look ahead, into the future—a particularly Capricorn-ian pastime—specifically upon my own personal nativity, so that I can anticipate or prepare, arrange, or detour for something upcoming…

So that, when something ‘not exactly ordinary’ occurs—I can make better sense of what I’m meant to learn from it, what I’m meant to do with it, and/or what, more accurately, action should or shouldn’t be taken toward it.

It seems impossible… I know.

But it’s literally how I navigate each year—I plan and prepare each year specifically to my aspects and transits, progressions and midpoints—and since I’ve been doing this more intensely (since 2020) my life has been so much more… empowered; fulfilled; motivated; inspired; gracious.

Seriously—this time of year I get ridiculously giddy; I review and reflect at the end of the year, overview the upcoming year and plan appropriately, and assess it all at the beginning of each quarter throughout the year.

Highly recommended.

The time, energy and resources saved, alone, is insane.

For instance—in regard to yesterday’s lunar forecast, just one day, and just in regard to the moon (though I always look further into it all)—I planned and prepared for those energies and went to the DMV, which, naturally, I have been putting off for over a year and a half now… and, unsurprisingly, I enjoyed the most delightful experience ever conceivable or seemingly impossible—which is to say that I picked a most ideal day to roll the dice on that one, and that’s just one example… I typically have handfuls of examples on any given day of celestially phenomenal evidences.

Seriously!?—who has an enjoyable experience at the DMV!?

—An astrologer who prepares and plans ahead.

Today’s moon inspires the acknowledgment that sometimes—sometimes there’s another way, however nontraditionally unconventional…

That seemingly impossible preparing and pre-planning are actually possible when an open-mindedness is allowed…

And a willingness to invest in oneself.

Capricorn energies aren’t too keen on surprises—and much more willing, however daunting overall, if at all, to see around corners rather than to wonder or guess or naively hope for the best.

Opportunity does not waste time with those who are unprepared.

—Idowu Koyenikan

🖋 by Jamie James; astrologer & psychographer
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