Aquarius Crescent Moon—November 18

With today’s moon now in Aquarius there could be an edginess, a defensiveness, an assertiveness, and/or an overreactionary kind of energy resonating, and these uncomfortable feelings will either provoke a loyalty, or a personal point.

Or, there could be a feeling of alienation directly due to an inability to be as assertive as is necessary toward something, or someone…

Either way, you likely have something you need to say, or a vision, or truth, or awareness to be shared—though it may be, or feel to others, that you’re emphasizing your point a bit more aggressively than intended…

Or, that whatever it is you have to share, or defend, is simply not supported or preferred.

It could be that something quite provocative is surfacing, or something triggering, or disruptive—something uncomfortable or unorthodox—something that directly inspires a reaction or overreaction (though it really only wants heard), something that one cannot easily remain silent toward.

Remember, too, regardless of how loud and proud you very well may be, about absolutely anything at all, that the key essence of today’s energies isn’t to be the most aggressive, the most loyal, the most willing, the most transformed, or the most visionary…

It’s about being able to convey something you feel connected to—whatever it might be, again, it doesn’t matter—in such a way that it invites others, particularly those who may otherwise not even ‘be invited’, to simply open to the consideration of willingly making an effort to see things from your vantage point.

That’s it.

Welcoming others to see reality the way you do, specifically due to a previously and personally provoked experience.

It’s a very protesting kind of energy, truly—but really shouldn’t require a protest, however peaceful.

Today’s energies demand presence.

In addition to this edgy Aquarian moon—Mars is catching up to the sun in loose opposition of Uranus… edgy and charged up to defensively protest loudly?—what more influence would one need?!

And this, my friends, quite specifically, is why it’s important to remember what the key essence actually is, because it may be all too easy to raise your voice today, to provoke a debate or challenge otherwise, and/or to all too aggressively feel a need to defend a personal preference in regard to who knows what.

If you’re feeling edgy—tend to that. Privately. Constructively.

And if you’re the target of another’s passionate points of view—try to remedy that they clearly didn’t get the message, and missed the key essence, and maybe you could try to appease them with temporary considerations to their zealous efforts in disrupting the peace.


It remains celestially clear—regardless of provocation—all personal points and preferences matter and deserve airing.

Though this, precisely, is what will provoke such potential overreactions.

Finding the comfy balance between only one point of view (that being yours or another’s) and that of too many—this, too, is key.

In times of widespread chaos and confusion, it has been the duty of more advanced human beings—artists, scientists, clowns and philosophers—to create order. In times such as ours, however, when there is too much order, too much management, too much programming and control, it becomes the duty of superior men and women to fling their favorite monkey wrenches into the machinery.

—Tom Robbins

🖋 by Jamie James; astrologer & psychographer
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