Pisces Gibbous Moon—November 21

So… yesterday was fun…

Finally!—the erratically volatile Aquarius moon has moved into the numbing blur and memory dissolving of Piscean reconnectivity—the potential to reconnect back to yourself in the ways you prefer to be connected has come.

Regardless of what is occurring within your reality—may you treat this celestial transitioning as if you’re coming back to Source, as if you’re surrendering, most ultimately, however metaphorically, with the rooted part of yourself, the part of yourself that is sourcing all of this growth…

All of the parts of yourself you no longer recognize—these parts are becoming something… but do not forget who you are, where it matters.

This new portion of growth within you—you may feel compelled today, for whatever reason, to share it with others, to flash it around, to announce it and display it like a trophy…

‘The [taking of ] unusual steps to gain attention…’

Today’s moon connects to Mercury, so yes, share away!—though, this connection is a square, so the sharing might need to be a little less on showcasing, and a bit more upon the actual actions beneath the showy proclamations.

‘Look at me! Look at me!’ only goes so far… whereas, you are much more noticeably demonstrable when actually doing whatever it is you: say you’re going to do; are notably and respectfully known for; consider makes you unique; know will dazzle someone or attract something; consider to be one of your most contributing, skillful, and/or impressive talents…

Or, you may be unable to share at all— or struggle to do so.

Then, the moon begins to move toward a conjunction to Neptune, exact tomorrow, so may you sleep divinely, soundly, among the Sandman, sugar plums, and stars beaming…

Your actions and approach with what you have, will showcase to others what you would be able to do with more.

—Loren Weisman

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