Taurus Gibbous Moon
—January 11

This morning’s moon is separating from its conjunction to Uranus, which occurred either very very late last night, sometime after midnight, or very very early through dawn this morning—depending upon where on the globe you call home… and so, for those of you on the west coast this conjunction actually occurred this morning at 4:18am, and so on the east coast it would’ve been 7:18am, and for those of you across the pond it would’ve been just after noon.

So. A bit of an oversight on my part—apologies.

My point in pointing this out to you somewhat pointedly—hahaha—is that I mentioned this ever so briefly in yesterday’s post without much context, mistaking that this conjunction occurred late last night… and now, upon a second look, upon deeper considerations, upon observation of the timing—this lunarly conjunction to Uranus—may have been worthy of a bit more attention.

Typically, lunarly conjunctions to Uranus translate to sudden insights—which I alluded to—as well as subconscious impulsiveness, or impulsive jolts in consciousness… which is to imply, somewhat more complexly, the phenomenology of either peripheral or psychic hunches, even, or spontaneously temporary brilliance—which would be to speculate momentary genius… momentary ingenuousness. 

Perhaps our societal conditioning or social expectations, our go go go mentality, our impetuously go go go reflexivity… perhaps these are somewhat lacking in an ability to take these sudden jolts more seriously, lacking in a naturalness to feeling more empowered by them—as they are, essentially, quite magical, and not at all to be taken for granted.

Not to be taken so momentarily, but momentously.

Not to be over sighted.

And truly, not so typically, as it’s a Taurean moon that meets Uranus in conjunction these days—there is a higher probability of cutting off, or away, from anything less than practical, or sensible… then again, beyond or outside of cookbook rhetoric, I have always found Taurean energies to be much more metaphysical, to say the least, than your average astrological instruction will allow, much more… rationally grounded in an empyreal type of way, if this makes any sense—and I tend to insist that actual personal experience be more a guide than written word.

Moving on, this is to say, upon the conjecture that Taurean energies are not atypically metaphysically inclined—but more than mere metaphysical… spiritual, natural, and humble—this, then, would imply that these monthly lunarly conjunctions are quite magical, however subtle.

Magically empyreal. 

Taurean energies, by Nature, can be outright significations of natural law.

Because, see—I would argue that Taurean techniques, by energetics alone, tend to be much more subtle… whereas Uranian jolts, naturally, are much more provoking, shocking, and intense—however, this is not to imply that Taurean energies lack intensity by any means… as these go straight to the core of anything, which can be quite intense, indeed.

I only mean to refer to the moon connecting, now, monthly—as it has been since early 2019, and so I have a frame of reference to refer you to—to Uranus, in conjunction… these underlying and rather grounded Taurean subtleties have the opportunity, then, to… become!

Quite literally!

To become joltingly conscious…

To become spuriously alive…

To become spontaneously emergent…

To become shiftingly provoked…

To become something uniquely new…

It’s almost a guaranteed, monthly opportunity to consciously change your mind, or become aware of something you were previously ignorant to, or to open your mind to learning new perspectives beyond your own.

It’s a monthly stirring—for better or worse.

So, that’s all—I simply wanted to communicate to you this monthly opportunity of sorts… but then again, one person’s opportunity is another’s plight. C’est la vie.

In fact, the association to the exact degree of this conjunction describes ‘a woman sprinkling long rows of flowers’… that “there may be the need to pay attention to what your body is telling you…” and in this translation, it is the body, oh so Taurean indeed, that receives the insight—the phenomena, if you will—should you be taking care of your body, and your physical needs—all of your needs… should you be offering your body an appropriate amount of routine nourishment—beyond basic hygiene… but natural, spiritual, and energetic nourishments, as well.

Further, shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests that this is a moon when “we learn about being a part of a balanced system that includes Nature and yet makes room for our own efforts… we learn about taking full responsibility for what we own, and all the work that taking care of it entails…” and I would argue, in addition—the taking responsibility of who we are, and what we need, and all the work that this, too, entails.

And, so, then the moon moves on to square Saturn at 8:54am PST, and then to connect to Venus by trine at 4:32pm PST… which, respectively, by degree, would suggest that you “allow your instincts to guide you…” ever so celestially conveniently, providing a sense of ‘at-one-ment’ with all forms of life… and yet there may be “a struggle between practical needs and the underlying reasons for having some of these needs…” 

Perhaps any suddenly insightful realizations or empyreal phenomenology that emerge from your body/consciousness, through your heart or straight into your gut, could further provoke you into considering these questions or challenges more honestly?

Try not to make the same oversight as I did.

Nothing in life is more exciting and rewarding than the sudden flash of insight that leaves you a changed person. When you want wisdom and insight as badly as you want to breathe, it is then you shall have it. A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.❞
——Arthur Gordon Webster

Image credit— @indg0 on Instagram

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Aries/Taurus Gibbous Moon
—January 10

Today’s moon moves into Taurus earlier in the day and applies an eventual conjunction to Uranus all day… 

Try to enjoy the day’s calm, as it could provide a bit of a breather. Maybe do some envisioning. Some breath work after this weekend. 

Today would be a better day for planning, not so much for decision making. 

Then later, perhaps a new idea altogether will strike you…

Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.❞
——Allen Saunders

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Aries 1st Quarter Moon
—January 9

Today is one of those days within the month that energies reach—and possibly exceed—a peak or climax in crisis… 

It is already known that quarter moons tend to accelerate both accidents and assaults, crimes both petty and violent—any of these leading to either the ER or ‘a trip downtown’, to jail… and as shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states, of a quarter moon, that these energies “create tensions, turn the screws, and set you up for a crisis—usually of identity.”

Truly, identity crises aren’t typically linked to such violent reactions that would lead one to the hospital or to jail—still, this type of internal confliction could absolutely cause one to need to confront oneself by exactly how one handles one’s feelings of rage.

Or, continue to ignore, avoid, repress or suppress… for it to erupt that much more angrily at a later time.

Always—the choice is yours to make.

Today’s first quarter moon in Aries is all about processing anger and rage, and struggling with concepts of potential… character, and virtue.

Is it beginning to set in that you’ve compromised your ideals in some way?—in a fundamental or foundational way?

Are any of your habits limiting you in any way?

Do you feel you are better or above another in any way?

Do you feel less than?

In what ways, or how, are you receiving nourishment?—the necessary nourishments—not only for yourself and your own base needs and personal preferences, but also for those that feed your ideals—that fuel your inner character…

It might be necessary to consider the ways that your ideals are intertwined with your identity.

It might benefit you, then, today, through this week, to consider your identity—which umbrellas your memories, all of your experiences, your conditioning, your trauma, your relationships, your values, your physical features, your abilities, your preferences, all of you you you—your everything—your entire reality, as you experience it, through the lens of your own perspective.

However… always, this reflects itself upon others—directly or inadvertently.

Should your identity be needing a tune-up or some more serious maintenance—because your ideals feel further away than they should, or things don’t ever seem to come together—you’re likely feeling it about now.

And this can be angering.

Issues of identity are inherently Aries territory, and Aries energies simply don’t have the patience for such a thing as an identity crisis—always, it’s on to the next thing…

Note: obviously, actual crises of identity are much more extreme—whereas the purposes of today’s post are more motivated toward honest character evaluation and confronting one’s own ego/identity as it is.

However… today’s quarter moon in Aries squares back not only to the sun, but to the sun separating from yesterday’s inferior conjunction to a retrograded Venus—which has been instilling more of a darker, heavier, and weighted underworld lesson toward value, worth, and quality… so this would imply that whatever you’re critically processing within yourself, about yourself and the way you present yourself to others, that it’s not so much about you (though it really, truly is)—but rather, somewhat severely: your actual character.

Is your character presenting to others what you want presented?

Is your character an honest evaluation of who you really are?

Is your character living and breathing examples of this daily, in action?

Is your character lacking actual character?

Is your character actually yours?

Really, this business of character is rightfully exhausting!

Toward the note of struggling with potential… issues of value, worth, and quality are very much enthralled within the scope of anger and potential, naturally, because many people struggle with their own unique-to-them potentials—potentials with upward mobility and opportunity for success as much as potentials for drudgery and poverty. One’s personal character, as much as one’s ability to back it and oneself up, is directly linked to one’s ability to make one’s way in this world, for better or worse.

Further, when it occurs to someone that they lack real character—this can be deeply unsettling.

And rather provoking.

And inevitably angering.

The anger either of these consequences evokes has a way of projecting itself onto others—in one way that we see nearly everyday these days—by way of virtue signaling… as, honestly, most of us are not taught to constructively process or work through our anger, or issues with potentials, and thereby we project it, passive-aggressively at others, at all others, without reason or warning or rationale, quietly, seemingly innocently—though quite nocuously, as if this is healthy and properly polite. The meme has also effectively propelled this trend into a bandage/badge of honor.

Especially when it seems so innocent, like, for a good cause—for example, donating to cancer research, or any of the righteous causes there are for victims of this, that, and the other… true character would recognize the benefit of being a part of these, if there really is a true benefit for the actual victim, and would do so quietly, privately, even anonymously, and without any need of egoic fanfare or virtue signaling to broadcast, regardless of whatever color the ribbon may signify or meme might mention.

Basically, and grossly essentially, these signals of all kinds and colors proclaim, quite righteously indeed: I’m better than you, and here’s why… 

This is ego.

This is fear.

This is not virtue. It’s a desperate attempt to be relevant.

This is not authentic character… I hope >gulp<

For those of you who simply ‘don’t have the time’, in truly Aries fashion, to break down over your identity, because you’re much too busy really living your life, and avoiding the mindless virtue signaling and passive-aggressive blame-shaming, and actually making magic occur around every corner—as it really should be that easy!, it really truly is that easy!—today may simply feel really restless or frustrated…

Further, maybe you’ll notice that others are coming unhinged around you, really ‘teaching others a lesson’ with all their picket signs and virtuous yard plaques boasting to others of how Christian they are, or whatever, the vacuous Facebook ‘thoughts and prayers’ posts lest they be overlooked for a moment amid whatever tragedy takes their spotlight, and the infamous campaign/political banners of either side only proving to all others of one’s meekest, weakest points… this is just one, rather tame, example of character vacancy.


Sorry, not sorry.

See?—now I’m doing it, too… it’s infectious.


But for those of you who have been considering that some of your personality traits or character values, or character-in-action motivations are less than virtuous, and are actually limiting your ability to achieve, or accomplish, or even accommodate your ideals and potentials—you might need to be a bit more patient with yourself and take some time to consider the ways you might be able to personally expand your own horizons… because you’re worth the time.

Today’s energies by degree are associated with “developing an intimate relationship with your Muse; giving one’s desires and impulses wide reign; causing a stir; exposing the truth; having the courage to act upon one’s beliefs; and going after one’s true desires.”

However, alternatively, today’s shadowy associations are “brazenly overstepping; using notoriety to one’s advantages; making people face up to hidden truths or underlying realities; and telling it ‘like it is’.” 

Truly, Aries’ motivations are typically too forward-seeking and impatient to dwell too long in anger—outbursts and tantrums are momentary, and then too quickly forgotten… it’s keeping them somewhat contained that’s key, and not outwardly directed. Still, Mars, Aries’ ruler, is in Sagittarius, and when in Sagittarius—Mars tends not to recognize any bounds, and can portray, rather dogmatically, a particular brand of righteousness… this is its shadowy vibration, of course. However, if the Aries within yourself has a motivation to conquer, or discover the absolute treasure of selfhood within yourself—you might be able to use this for good, to simply discover a deeper, more vulnerable part of yourself, and rise above the inclination to proclaim, be aggressive, or confront yourself too harshly while these influences are oh, so heavy…

Finally, today’s quarter event falls within the second decan by degree, and astrologer Austin Coppock attributes this to the 3 of Wands in tarot, which associates itself with virtue… you know—by definition: moral excellence; righteousness.

He shares that “all virtues and vices are habits… [which, eventually] come to define not only [one’s] character, but the interaction of the character with the world around it.”


If the majority of the population was honest with itself about its collective character—98.9% of us wouldn’t have the moxie to put a sign of any kind in our yard, or a bumper sticker of any kind on our car, or a meme of any kind on our threads unless it stated, ever so simply and desperately: I’m doing the best I can today to be a good human, and I appreciate your kindness, and by the way—as you are more or less captively seeing—your opinion of me really does matter, or I wouldn’t broadcast this message to you.

Allow me to leave you, after quite the ramble… with one last thought; there are those sayings, like in fortune cookies or koans or whatnot, such as: the way you do anything is how you do everything… it might be time to deep dive into that, at the very least—and if you don’t love what you find… change.

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.❞
——Oscar Wilde

Image credit— @itspeteski on Instagram

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Aries Crescent Moon
—January 8

Today’s lunarly conjunction to Chiron connecting to Mercury in Aquarius could augur a need for interpretation.

Interpretation is everything today… and, it’s likely that these interpretations and even more likely misinterpretations have a rather heavy potential for being a direct source of vulnerability and confliction.

Also of note, as well as something that could stir and provoke any lunarly influencing—today’s lunarly ruler Mars begins applying a square to Neptune, to be exact on Tuesday—January 11—and this aspect combination, between the likes of Mars and Neptune, is a tricky one at best, perhaps explicitly…   

Only adding to the inner workings of essential interpretation… meaning: the distilling interpretation of the essence of something.

In fact, the degree upon which this connection is met associates itself to “difficulties in understanding one another.”

Further, it could be pondered, that “someone is pretending to be more in control or smarter than they are… whatever the situation, this can work to make a consciousness shift—you can create new understandings of your dreams, or understanding of how life can be, and it can help you to grow into it…”

And Mercury, commodore of communications, celestially conveniently, as always—is moving through a degree of Aquarius that associates itself with ‘walking your talk’. This’ll be fun.

Back to Mars, now moving in Sagittarius, needs to venture, to voyage, to vex the very foundations of why one believes what one believes… and as the square inherently implies an active tension or obstacle—this tenuous tension or obstacle, then, begins to reveal itself, underneath it all, as a sort of internal contradiction.

Maybe something you’ve always believed to be true will no longer be true, or believable, though this will be somewhat difficult to swallow… or an affront of sorts could occur, and so you feel you need to shift your stance now, in reaction, or hold more rigidly to it.

Obviously, knowing what houses Mars and Neptune is transiting in your nativity would further translate this square for you… wherever Mars is transiting in your chart—you typically feel it.

Further, however high your intentions may be, or your desires, or your goals, or ideals… these could be thwarted, by even yourself, and despite it all—you or an/Other could somehow lower the bar in reaction…  taking the low road to achieve the highest purpose, either for you or seemingly against you, or just because—much like Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to feed the poor and incapable—is not always well received by either frequency… and true martyrdom, in its finest light, can easily become a reactive result.

More mundane, everyday martyrdom looks like unnecessary proclamations such as these: I have to be true to myself; I have to speak my Truth; I have to stand in my Light—blah blah blah… as though this is validation for nearly any behavior of reaction. This everyday martyrdom has been trending for awhile now as ‘virtue signaling’, especially when it passive-aggressively, or even outwardly and abrasively, projects the inadequacy or wrong-doing of something else… for decades, however, virtue signaling has been obvious in the most simple of martyred demonstrations—as tacky bumper stickers.

›stepping off my soapbox and taking a breath‹

My point being—don’t be desperate with your intentions or ideals, as it’ll likely be even more exaggeratedly misinterpreted or misunderstood, furthering any inherent confliction within itself, or with others.

See, both Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by Jupiter, and so immediately one can presume that the essence, then, of whatever the matter might be—is egoic.

Not to mention, Zeus always had to be right—and so does Sagittarius—its most shadowy characteristic being dogmatic insistence… whereas Pisces doesn’t even try to be right… if anything, Pisces seriously believes that everything and anything is right in its most shadowy vibration.

Either, or.

Remember, too—the base deduction of all things, especially those of either, or… comes down to either Love, or Fear.

Egoic matters are always matters of fear… so, naturally, ideals should have no business here—ideals shouldn’t be a forum for control, or virtue signaling, for that matter.

However, in knowing this and aligning yourself to this concept—either Sagittarius or Pisces energies largely translate to matters of personal philosophy, beliefs, ideologies, and personal ideals—and concepts of limitlessness… and when a square, for insurance, puts one’s own ideals and belief systems up against those of the collective, those the status quo have ‘approved’ and ‘allowed’—then both inner and outer senses of confliction have a boxing ring to knock around within… because, ultimately, there is no being right when limitlessness is held in such high regard.

So, all in all, unfortunately, this upcoming Mars/Neptune square could trigger an amped up version of virtue signaling, in even the most inconspicuous of ways…

Bringing it all back around—to lunarly Aries energies, and I mean quite seriously, energies—such tremendous energy will likely be available today (and not so much by tomorrow), and how you utilize these energies will be key, truly… with Aries, in contrast to Sagittarius or Pisces, Aries energies know exactly what is being offered up to interpretation—and much more, these interpretations, ultimately, will need to be worthy of the highest standards… 

And this, of course, could present an even more complicated obstacle… or—eliminate the need for one at the beginning.

Should whatever is being offered up for interpretation today be less than worthy of response, or should any beliefs or ideals not hold their weight in the most recent gut check or fact check—Aries energies simply don’t have the time, and may this be your first response in any obstacles before you…

Finally, and much more simply… shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests, of this moon, that “this is a time to ask oneself, ‘what do I really still believe in?’ and if there isn’t a good answer—it’s time to go looking…”

The man who strikes first admits that his ideas have given out.❞
——Chinese proverb

Image credit— @deardross on Instagram

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Pisces Crescent Moon
—January 7

This is seemingly an astrologically insignificant day… perhaps some symbolism or subliminality or subconsciousness will emerge?

Otherwise—it’s a day to go inward: all in or don’t bother.

All in all, it may be a bit of a lazy day or a slow-motion type of day—a day to envision.

However, around 9:30pm on the west coast the moon shifts into Aries, offering a most different and somewhat oppositional imbalance from several days of lunarly Pisces zombification/meditative focusing…

Other than the moon’s recent square to Mars—what could be a slow-moving and somewhat sleepy day could end on a potentially hyped up note.

And all of a sudden!—you’re drawn outside of yourself…

Life can be sudden…❞ ——Iris Murdoch

*9:26pm PST; 10:26pm MST; 11:26pm CST; 12:26am EST 1/8


Pisces Crescent Moon
—January 6

It’s a real toss up today—typically, upon seeing that the moon is moving directly toward a conjunction with Neptune—much more, in Pisces—and just after midnight, I would presume that if you didn’t get some really good and lovely sleep last night, by golly you would tonight.


Today’s lunarly application to Neptune—the original astrological Sandman—is interceded by a lunarly square back to Mars in Sagittarius…

Sure, it’s a mutable square—mutability is typically pretty flexible…

Sure, they’re both ruled by Jupiter and thereby, it’s more or less to your advantage, either way… until it isn’t.

Further than ‘until it isn’t’… it’s Mars.

Even when in Sagittarius, and governed by Jupiter—it’s Mars.

Mars doesn’t sleep, and most assuredly doesn’t dream… Mars stings.

Mars separates, and destroys, and otherwise provokes or irritates or damages—Mars, in a fire sign, is pleasantly restless with motive toward any of these.

Further, the moon also applies to retrograded Venus moving back to an inferior conjunction with the sun… not that this should do much to taint any attempt to sleep—but rather, I’m considering potential emotional frazzles, those pesky emotional feelings that linger and still sting… and how these can sometimes muddle themselves into one’s subconscious, and inevitably keep one up.

And if it isn’t sleep—Mars might find a way to divide you from your patience, at the very least… further still, this upcoming weekend holds heavy potential for several frazzling opportunities for impatience.

The unusual thing about quiet is that when you seek it, it is almost impossible to achieve. When you strive for quiet, you become impatient, and impatience is itself a noiseless noise. You can block every superficial sound, but, with each new layer extinguished, a next rises up, finer and more entrapping, until you arrive at last in the infinite attitude of your own riotous mind. Inside is where all the memories last like wells, and the unspoken wishes like golden buds, and the pain that you keep, lingering and implicit, staying inside, nesting inside, articulating, articulating, through to the day you die.❞ ——Hilary Thayer Hamann

Image credit— @limitlessmindgames on Instagram


Venus Rx in Capricorn—Part 2
Into the Underworld

Over the holiday a retrograded Venus made its second of three conjunctions to Pluto upon a degree which associates itself to potential, and what astrologer Dane Rudhyar, much as psychologist Abraham Maslow, explained as ‘peak experiences’.

Remember, potential isn’t always an open opportunity for wonderful… 

Potential can also refer to probability, and just as easily imply the likely, reasonable, and realistic probability of something not-so-pleasant.

Part of the problem with the word ‘disabilities’ is that it immediately suggests an inability to see or hear or walk or do other things that many of us take for granted. But what of people who can’t feel? Or talk about their feelings? Or manage their feelings in constructive ways? What of people who aren’t able to form close and strong relationships? And people who cannot find fulfillment in their lives, or those who have lost hope, who live in disappointment and bitterness and find in life no joy, no love? These, it seems to me, are the real disabilities.❞ ——Fred Rogers

This upreaching, then, as Rudhyar described it, be it wonderful, painful, transformational, or otherwise, if I understand it appropriately, refers to the rising up and rising above to apply oneself up and above the ever-so-easy probability for something shadowy, lazy, and void of real effort… and on toward the probability for something more enlightened: the higher frequency or vibrational essence of the energy.

And please keep in mind—Venusian matters regard both love and finances; personal relationships, investments, and anything that feels good.

From here, next up came Mercury—December 29th—and Mercury connected with Venus, retrograded, at 24°26′ Capricorn while Pluto remained very very close at 25°51′ Capricorn, and “not taking somebody/something seriously… [could’ve proved extremely] alienating for all concerned…” and furthermore, and perhaps a smidge more importantly, this degree associated itself with “feel[ing] the need to reassess one’s real attitudes and ideals.”

Naturally, this mixture between Mercury, Venus, and Pluto would allude to the needing or wanting—or possibly even obsessing—to sharing and communicating these reassessments with others, particularly with loved ones, or those within your smaller circle.

With those who matter, who hold value.

And this is where this Venus Rx/Pluto narrative started to get interesting…

Remember, too, that Venus at this time is well within the depths of her retrograde, into the Underworld—as we were working our way through the darkest nights in the Northern Hemisphere—working closely with Pluto, and with Mercury as, worst case, paparazzi… and best case, as a carrier pigeon with a meaningful, and mind-changing message…

When Venus is retrograde, deep within the Underworld, Venusian matters begin to wane and require a bit of exhaustive nurturing and demanding maintenance—and when retrograde in Capricorn, much is to be honored, released, and mourned at this time… and therefore, it’s ideal to surrender to this process in your own space, with privacy and time, and love.

You can reduce your anxiety somewhat by facing the fact that there isn’t a mechanic alive who doesn’t louse up a job once in a while. The main difference between you and the commercial mechanics is that when they do it you don’t hear about it—just pay for it, in additional costs prorated through all your bills. When you make the mistakes yourself, you at least get the benefit of some education.❞
——Robert M. Pirsig

These conjunctions had everything to do with traditions—honoring those which still hold meaning, have value, and have been rendered useful while honoring the space to release and mourn those no longer meaningful, valuable, or useful.

Shortly after this conjunction, Mercury quickly moved into Aquarius on January 2nd, and bam!—thoughts most certainly began vibrating… these new thoughts were likely supercharged—like lightning, appropriately—however audacious, and as Jupiter simultaneously moved into Pisces from Aquarius, and gave us an ethereal green light to dream… these thoughts were never more worthy of our attention.

Still… nothing much had evolved yet for Venus, retrograded back in Capricorn—and as of today we’re still sort of feeling many things out; harsh things, touchy things, squishy things, and things that we’d really rather not feel through.

Mercury’s buzzing about could prove to be distractive.

But then again, Mercury’s role here may very well be one of cooperative cohesion in matters of the heart being strengthened and supported through the muck of the mind… perhaps our past patterning conditioned particular thoughts and thought-processing that, in turn, attempted to protect our emotions and egos… and these patterns of thought simply no longer serve our highest good?

Try to stay present with your Venusian matters. Within your heart. Try to stay out of your mind.

On January 8th, Venus will move retrograde back into a conjunction with the sun at 18°43′ Capricorn—a degree Venus moved through slowly, though directly, back on November 27/28/29th… this degree associates itself to ‘a child of about five carrying a huge shopping bag filled with groceries…’; this inferior conjunction could influence (further or additional) feelings of weight, or burden, or having to carry some type of heavier responsibility—one, particularly, that is beyond your scope or skill in some way. 

Again, try to be present with whatever manifests for you here.

Venus won’t catch up to the sun again for a superior conjunction until October 22nd, meeting at 29°26′ Libra—and so the inferior conjunction and it’s influencing, as through this inferior time before October Venus will become a morning star once again, it could indicate a phase that, despite an unexpected necessity to mature somewhat quickly and possibly abrasively, it could be a time of great resilience… that you’ll strive to learn the skill or broaden your scope—there is also, within this degree, an accelerated calling… a rising (to the occasion), as well as a renewed sense of faith.

However detached this renewal may be for the time.

Either way, January 8th, then, looks to hold a certain prominence… 

It is easy to tell the toiler
How best he can carry his pack
But no one can rate a burden’s weight
Until it has been on his back…❞
——Ella Wheeler Wilcox

On January 16th the sun will connect to Pluto in conjunction at 26°26′ Capricorn… a very powerful degree, this conjunction will associate its energies to ‘ascensions in consciousness, striving, missions, grounding, ambitions, and highest ventures’… this is also the annual meeting between symbolic day and night—between the Light and the darkness.

This, too, will be a prominent day in this narrative.

At this time, mind you, both Mercury and Venus are moving in retrogradation, while Mercury moves back into Capricorn on January 26th—but not before meeting its own inferior conjunction with the sun on January 23rd at 3°23′ Aquarius… meaning, basically, that all matters—mercurial and venusian—are still very much undergoing transitioning and pause.

Mercury’s inferior conjunction is an entirely separate story from this Venusian narrative, but I’ll just say that it conjures the sentiments of healing—if you’re focusing on the appropriate matters or details… this is key.

Human freedom involves our capacity to pause between the stimulus and response and, in that pause, to choose the one response toward which we wish to throw our weight. The capacity to create ourselves, based upon this freedom, is inseparable from consciousness or self-awareness.❞
——Rollo May

Venus stations direct on January 29th at 11°05′ Capricorn, a degree which describes ‘a student of Nature lecturing, revealing little-known aspects of life…’; this type of energy could very well ‘blow a whistle’ of sorts… “revealing the truth of something can lead to wonder and awe, but it can also lead to disbelief—it really depends on how the message is received.”

This, again, can be where the potential will matter… and how the rising and upreaching could better support you. Furthermore, given your direct experience with the Underworld—if you’ve been honest with yourself and truly surrendered to this phase in your Venusian cycling—you should be able to discern between supposed or unanimous fact and manipulated fiction, informally or emotionally.

January 29th also sees MercuryRx connect once more to Pluto, this time at 26°52′ Capricorn (the first time was on December 30th at 25°53′ and the final conjunction will occur February 11th at 27°17′ Capricorn), which again, is something of a peak moment—adding to Venus stationing…

This day should prove to become its own sort of prominence, as well.

In fact, in my notes for January 29th, I have transcribed a message of overall rejuvenation…

(February’s narrative will involve revival.)

(In March we will experience a complete renewal.)

(These are posts to come…)

For now, I’ll leave you to navigate this narrative within your own direct experience, with your mind and heart set upon rejuvenation—a word that defines itself to the ‘restoring to a formal state; to make fresh or new again…’ 

Conveniently, the physical geographical definition goes further: to renew the activity by uplift, or by the removal of a barrier… hmmm—how unexpectedly explicit.

It is my astrological guidance, for this Venusian retrograde narrative, that any uplift occurring will ultimately occur only through the honorable release and removal of a barrier which is no longer meaningful, valuable, or useful.

But always, it’s up to you how you honor your needs.

We must throw out the old, fear-based thought-forms and evolve, and begin to live as higher beings of compassion.❞
——Bryant McGill

Image credit— @dreamingincollages on Instagram

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Pisces Crescent Moon—January 5

Today the moon meets its peak through a conjunction to Jupiter, simultaneously illuminating the very recent, and now separating, t-square from Jupiter to the Nodes, which occurred at 29°45′ Aquarius, just before Jupiter moved into Pisces on December 27th… 

I believe that this is Jupiter’s first lunarly connection since its ingress into Pisces, and so today may offer some—however subliminal—symbolisms or otherwise toward what its second journey swimming with the fish foretells. 

Somewhat subliminally in and of itself, and ever so celestially conveniently, this crescent Piscean moon is what shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera refers to as the Mermaid Moon, and as it illuminates Jupiter at 1°34′ Pisces—that first fortuitous degree of this recent ingress—a moon that refers to “explor[ing] our internal fantasies…” you may literally be “hiding yourself away…” 

Indeed, taking this literally could cause missed opportunities, or expose unnecessary reservations… 

Still, it might be healthy to take some time for yourself.

As you can see below, the times of this exact conjunction are later in the evening here in the States, and so this would imply that the entire day could feel as a building up of however this energy is manifesting for you—feelings of insecurity, cautiousness, protectiveness, or simply withdrawn or emotionally exhausted…

Do try to achieve a considerable amount of sleep, though this degree of Pisces does associate itself with sleeplessness—not only to take the edgy blur away, but also to dream…

There’s likely an enormous amount of mental chatter on and in your mind these days… new information, new ideas, new theories, new prospects, new projects and planning—new new new!—you’re likely vibrating with potentials and possibilities.

If you are able to convince the Sandman to take you for the night—this lunarly conjunction to Jupiter could either absolutely honor your slumber with the finest, most delicious dreams… or purloin even your natural ability to relax.

May you dream… and may they be the sweetest of dreams.

You’ve much to unravel for yourself.

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.❞ ——Roy T. Bennett

★6:56pm PST; 7:56pm MST; 8:56pm CST; 9:56pm EST

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Aquarius Crescent Moon—January 4

A lunarly conjunction with Saturn, in Aquarius—a saturnian governed energy, offers a more seriously toned kind of day.

Upon the degree these two diametrically opposing planetary influences meet in conjunction is associated with ‘staying ahead of the weather…’ through meaningful preparations, or cautious feelings of very sobering potentials or repercussions… or, somewhat exponentially, you could feel these influences through a mixture of needing to secure more securing securities in some more securable way.

Yeah… good luck with that *wink* …nothing is ever guaranteed.

But that’s what you’re likely looking for—a guarantee of sorts.

Trust your gut.

These associations suggest that “you may feel the need to plan for future action and to know what to expect or at least anticipate… you will find in your own sensitivity to the environment, and to the people around you, the very instrument that can sense how [one’s] feeling or what’s coming up next—watching, waiting and feeling out the atmosphere before taking any action will lead to the best answer.”

Something that may further support your efforts today could include the “observing [of] others’ reactions…”

All in all, Saturn appreciates a detached pause, as well as discernment. 

Something entertaining—or incredibly irritating!—about an Aquarian moon is the provocation it tends to… well, provoke.

Psychological insights are probable today, as well as ‘winkling out other people’s games’… as well as “perceiving a situation’s positive and negative possibilities and changing [your] course accordingly.”

And finally, as shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests, today’s lunarly influences support “mov[ing] toward achieving our goals… ”


Go get’em.

The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order.❞ ——Alfred North Whitehead

Image credit— @serg_nehaev on Instagram

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Capricorn/Aquarius Crescent Moon—January 3

Today’s renewed moon moves through the last degrees of Capricorn and into the first degree of Aquarius, essentially moving from a conjunction to a retrograded Venus—just after midnight, to a conjunction with Pluto—just after 8am, and on toward a conjunction with Mercury, now in Aquarius, by 6:30pm tonight—all time references for the west coast… 

This feels like a heavier day… depending upon how the Venus/Pluto narrative is unfolding for you—otherwise, should you be working with this narrative rather than resisting its lessons, today could look and feel much brighter indeed.

As the moon moves into Aquarius, from the barriers and boundaries of Capricorn, it might behoove you too embrace new information, new ideas, new concepts, and/or new ways of doing something—after all, our minds and outlooks are currently somewhat cautiously optimistic: for the new year, and for new ventures otherwise, as long as there is a sense of endurance and determinism involved… and with Mercury now moving through the currents of Aquarius, currents being literal or not, the sky is virtually the limit with what you could be open to receive.

This said—Venus is only fifteen days into her forty day retrograde, in Capricorn… ways of old and the value these hold or promise remain something of an obligation in some capacity, particularly in regard to the house this is occurring through within your nativity.

Otherwise, you may be blindsided with a pavement of good intentions for this new year, a quick-change of resolutions, and an explosion of new theories; a wrangle of new philosophies, a blizzard of new quotes for inspiration or motivation, and a brainstorm of new ideas… do try to jot them down, as Mercury, when in Aquarius, can be as momentous as a strike of lightning.

Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.❞ ——Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.