Leo/Virgo Disseminating Moon
—January 20

If yesterday enlightened ‘the Way’ then today’s energies are bound to offer further awareness toward energy and how it works, the processes thereof and thereabouts, as well as your overall becoming in something of a blurry premonition… as if you are being offered the awareness of, as astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed, ‘an imaging forth’… 

Keep in mind, though, that these offerings will not likely image themselves forth in any way you can see, or feel… but will open to you in a manner of sensory.

New levels of consciousness, in other words, are approaching you—take these up—if you dare! *wink wink*

However sensory they are, and subtle, and silent—please do not misunderstand—they will be strong and intense!; these feelings “may be strong feelings of other levels of awareness happening and these may be growing stronger by the moment… the imagination is showing a clearer path to some understanding, even though, along the way, there may be some confusion—remembering a strong sense of who you are while allowing messages to come through can lead to a heightened feeling of aliveness and an increased awareness of the magic and mystery of life…”

Remember, too, to stay grounded through this process…

Some of you may struggle with this.

Through this process, and perhaps through this new and widening awareness in consciousness, it may come to you now as more appropriate to break out of character, in a way—for those of you living within someone else’s version or mould of who you are, or for those of you catering to a less than animated version of your ideal lifestyle or reality—to break out of these versions of reality, now, to really experience life as you’d rather experience it… these new awarenesses could invite brand new aspirations.

Even if you’re up for it, it could still present its obstacles.

Because these opportunities would be guided by Saturn, you’ll have to really want that new and clarified state of consciousness—you’ll have to decide to surrender to it, and devote your beingness to it.

As I always tell my clients—as they typically book me when it’s come to their new awareness in attention that instead of living their life day to day, they’d rather live their good life, their ideal life—that they’re ready to ‘start living their chart’, and we set to work delineating their personal opportunities…

I also refer to this as ‘walking the red carpet’… when life comes to you and all you need do is live it.


Again. I cannot stress to you enough, dear reader, to remain grounded… because if you’re feeling the ‘imaging forth’ you’ll likely be quite moved, quite giddy really—you’ll need to try your hardest to bob and weave between the hysterics… 

Though I do not mean to disuade you from enjoying the process—enjoy every moment.

And again, knowing who you are—and understanding the power of your unique personality… this is key, this is essential—and, quite probably, this will be the very opening, for you, to new and heightened levels of consciousness within your reality. 

If you are still finding yourself, still becoming—these next eighteen months will support you, if you’re up for the challenges of honesty, vulnerability, and psychoanalysis.

Finally, sometimes a change in perspective—the literal changing of your mind or opening to another point of view—is all it takes to psychically transport/elevate yourself, from your here and now… to your Everywhere and Now.

Other translations for today’s energies are as follows: attunement to unconscious imagery; participatory magic—and the boundaries between the physical and imaginal; connecting odd facts that mark out the borders of one’s reality; getting past hangups; playful examinations of a problem from various angles; taking stock of one’s assets and parlaying them into workout success; finding one’s true voice; self-possession and self-determination.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.❞ ——Albert Einstein

☽in♍︎at 6:02am PST; 7:02am MST; 8:02am CST; 9:02am EST

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Leo Disseminating Moon
—January 19

A ‘Way’, of sorts, has probably made itself known to you…

You’re likely experiencing a gradual realization of opportunities—new ideas; new perspectives; new awareness… things are slowly being revealed to you—and you’re looking to the future; no longer to the past.

Today is ideal for resolutions… toward your personal circumstances, “things may have been sacrificed and there may be a certain emptiness… regardless, you must see the light and move forward—it is now time to stop operating in the dark.”

Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective.

Something more—emphasized, especially, through a Leo moon in its disseminating phase, a phase that ‘receives the call’ so to speak, a phase that has learned a lesson and now most communicate the essence of the lesson to others…

A Leo moon, above all else, wants (and needs!) attention—how does a Leo moon gain an/Other’s attention?

Again, as yesterday taught us, you will gain more positive attention to yourself—particularly toward your personal needs—if you walk your talk and be the example for others to follow… if you’re frustrated with an/Other for failing to go above and beyond, try communicating your needs through example, in leading the way.

Today’s Leo moon needs not only attention, but to feel heard.

How does a Leo moon feel heard among all the cacophony of chatter and bullshit?

Go to the source; go to the essence of the light of the message you are trying to share—and maintain your grounding, while realigning with your flow… there’s no reason, yet, to fix anything or improve it, or even to further understand anything—all you need to do is feel heard when sharing something vital or tender about yourself or your needs.

That’s all.

Say something once—why say it again?

You start a conversation you can’t even finish
You’re talking a lot, but you’re not saying anything
When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed
Say something once, why say it again?
——The Talking Heads

Image credit— @hey.luisa on Instagram

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The North Node in Taurus & South Node in Scorpio

Today the True Nodes move from 0° Gemini/Sagittarius to 29°60′ Taurus/Scorpio, and we will move through these nodal energies until July 17, 2023… at which time the Nodes will move into Aries/Libra, and so on and so on.

Since the Nodes moved into Gemini and Sagittarius, on May 4, 2020—it’s clear that the collective struggled quite a bit through these nodes…

Being confronted with countless opportunities to think for ourselves was a big one with the North Node moving through Gemini—in fact, this one alone was really the only real lesson to learn… though, it feels as though, these days, it’s the one thing no one can muster.

But now—we’ll need to think for ourselves, no excuses; being offended or overwhelmed—be damned.

Speaking ‘our truth’, whatever the hell that really means in the random convenience of any given moment—this has been eagerly embraced, though this is one of those shadowy South Node Sagittarius characteristics, and has been virtuously misinterpreted from the beginning… and will likely be eliminated as quickly as it trended—or we can pray that the actual intention beneath this concept begins to actually be represented: more on this below.

I would imagine that those with Sagittarian sun or rising will be happier to know that for the next eighteen months you’ll more or less go into an emotional hiding or pseudo respite state of sorts to psychically recover from eighteen months of emotional backtracking, psychosomatic reactions to meaninglessness, and repeating lessons you’d thought you’d previously learned… speaking your ‘truth’ will likely be spoken much to yourselves.

We’ve seemingly and collectively lost all ability to rationalize our thoughts or feelings, or, perhaps more intriguingly—the underlying essence or actual relevance of any information… absolutely everything is to promote panic (ie the media); we’ve lost all ability to discern true from false, or fact from fiction, or rational from ridiculous, or offensive from toxic, or momentary from momentous; and have morally molded subjectivity disastrously into objectivity… all in the name of personal accountability?

Another of the features between the nodal Gemini/Sagittarius phase that we were supposed to redefine for ourselves was knowledge versus understanding…

Another—open-mindedness… hmmmm.

Another nodal goal—means versus ends… yikes.

There’s been some severe misinformation afoot, as well as some concerning misunderstandings, thanks to the more shadowy characteristics of a misinformed Gemini North Node and the misrepresentations of a Sagittarius South Node…

All in all, as author and aviator Anne Morrow Lindbergh once said, “we had the experience but missed the meaning…”

The meanings, overall, more maturely defined through lessons arranged by astrologer Tracy Marks, from which we were supposed to have learned new personal meaning toward, through nodal phases between Gemini and Sagittarius, are as follows—

Lesson #1: our philosophy of life, belief system and sense of purpose are given concrete meaning when we consciously and actively apply them in our daily interactions through our communications, behaviors and activities… by living rather than merely preaching our beliefs, we are able to test and refine them, eventually developing a viable belief system and life philosophy which can withstand stress and change.

Lesson #2: we can expand our awareness and sense of meaning in the present moment by remaining aware of our unique purpose and keeping before us our future visions and goals… by doing and expressing what is meaningful to us and keeping a unifying perspective, we are likely to experience deep fulfillment in our everyday activities, as well as to uplift and inspire the people around us.

Lesson #3: when we pursue knowledge for knowledge’s sake, we may accumulate information which is interesting to us but which does not add to the quality of our lives or is not aligned with a purpose in which we believe… knowledge can serve ends which are destructive as well as ends which are constructive—when we pursue philosophy for philosophy’s sake, we may become enamored with the meaning we discover, but may not be able to apply that meaning in our daily interactions… as a result, our consciousness may expand, but our lives may seem barren and meaningless; further, we need to pay attention to the relationship between means and ends—we need to ask ourselves: to what end do we seek knowledge and understanding, and how might we make use of our knowledge and understanding in order to improve the quality of our lives and the lives of others?

Lesson #4: when we are continually seeking outside of ourselves for what is missing, we may become eternal seekers, but never experience being finders… there is no end to our search if we are committed to the search and do not allow ourselves to stop, to fully experience the present moment, ann to FIND—what we are seeking may not be in the distance or in the future, but may rather exist in our present experience; only by committing ourselves to discovering and living the meanings implicit in the present moment can we expand the quality of our present lives and become finders as well as seekers.

Now. Through a Taurean North Node and a Scorpio South Node—our lessons focus on finding grounding, and calm, patience, and developing actual meaningfulness and actually applying it in our everyday, no if’s and’s or but’s.

While the lessons which weren’t learned will begin to actually bite back, in addition to resentments perpetually being catered to—these will begin to actually sting.

Thereby, personal space and boundaries will become much more protected.

It is now time to leave behind, if you haven’t already, that which is not reciprocal, toxic, too complicated, heavy, weighted, controlling, manipulative, vacant or decaying…

It is time to leave behind that which is dead; the past, no longer.

It is time to leave behind that which holds you down.

Peace or contentment cannot be achieved unless we’re willing to back up how we really feel—to actually speak our truths—and truly walk our talk, and live our truths in our everyday experiences.

For those of you who though the last two years were rough—we’ve seen nothing yet.

It’s time to start actually thinking for ourselves, and living for ourselves, and all the virtue signaling being advertised will need to pay out its due and prove itself. Anyone or anything lacking actual depth or true relevancy will not have a very good experience, and will likely take great offense, indeed… 

Surface, through the next eighteen months, won’t do.

We must work on our self-worth, and self-sufficiency.

We will be learning how to determine our values, and stand firmly by them, no matter how inconvenient or unpopular they might be… and we will be learning more about our personal power—and how to use this to benefit others rather than finding ways to control others, and satisfy only ourselves. And we will be learning what it means to possess ourselves, and everything that goes with that—mainly, learning to open ourselves to others truly.

Thereby, we will be learning what it is to be internally secure, to lose ourselves in the future rather than the past, to surrender ourselves, and to allow ourselves to genuinely experience the deepest levels of personal transformation.

We will learn that others can never fill our own inner void. Nor can they fulfill our esteem, self-respect, or values… or our own inability to possess these within ourselves or toward others.

We will learn how to truly value ourselves and what we actually have to offer—we will finally actually learn ‘our truths’ and we will then be able to finally apply these in our lives to capture deeper meaning and real contentment as if they are sacred… using our own resources, and our unique authenticity, we will then learn the real meaning of worth, and value, relevancy, and self-possession.

This will take time, and patience, and centeredness… but through these, we will learn our personal power.

And we won’t need to seek relevance from others by blasting it onto every social media avenue, status update, billboard sign, church post, meme, yard plaque or bumper sticker—we’ll just know, within ourselves, and it’ll be more than enough… you’ll see.

One thing I can guarantee, is that the world will never change itself because of our weaknesses. In fact, it has ways of actually becoming more dangerous…❞
——J.Z. Colby

Image credit— @takiisbranding on Instagram

Marks, T. “The Astrology of Self-Discovery.” CRCS Publications; ©1985.


Leo Disseminating Moon
—January 18

Today, above all, is a day to model your own expectations, to walk your own talk, essentially—to be the change you wish to see…

Today’s moon illuminates a retrograded Mercury while connecting to Chiron by trine simultaneously, then squaring Uranus, and then later, opposing Saturn… it’s a full day.

In other words—magical machinations are about today, should your mind’s eye be open to recognize the sudden signs and subtle sparks… should you already be preparing a space.

Mercury continues to separate from its recent stationing square with Uranus—you remember that day last week, when all those brilliant ideas continued to form imaginary light bulbs above your head—and today’s moon illuminates, not only this brilliance and how you’ve supported it, but also the source itself, to allow you a better insight into that from which it comes…

As above, so below.

Regardless of whether it was ideas you were forming last week or new goals, new to-do bullets for your ongoing list, or new challenges to personally face within new concepts for seeing your own reality through—today’s brightest light will inspire new inspirations… and maybe even some profound insights as to working out some of the more difficult kinks.

Specifically, by degree, today’s energies will feature the “understanding of the spiritual flow involved…” as well as “the wonderful things that can be done when one has a great depth of understanding of what one wants to achieve.”

This is key… ‘when one has a great depth of understanding of what one wants to achieve…’ as not much can occur, be manifested, be opened to receive, or strategized if you don’t know what you want—much less, if you don’t understand the ways in which what you want needs to be tackled.

Meanwhile, any of the squishy stuff you were navigating from the last several days—these matters are quite vulnerable still, and it is important now how you go about caring for these, rather than simply disregarding them for all these new insights…

Sure, these new insights are easier and much more fun. I get it. But the squish will need to be properly handled—forgiven, resolved, addressed, or conquered… and however strange or odd or peculiar this may read: it may be through your new insights that your struggling squish can be properly handled… obviously, this would make much more sense if you look to see what houses in your chart these matters are emerging through.

Either way, however, it is through the essential structuralism of your squish that is important to understand now.

If you’re willing to dig a little deeper beneath your own surfaces to further understand the reasoning, however irrational, for your squish, and why your squish remains, continues, or perpetuates itself… it’s likely you’ll more deeply understand why you want what you do, and why you don’t want anything less—or, why you’d be willing to settle, if that’s something you’re willing to take responsibility thereof.

All of the brilliant answers you seek, essentially, are already within yourself… you likely just need to become more receptive to the motivation—which can only occur if you’ve been open and honest with yourself about the original motivations for your squish.

Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods.❞
——Ralph Waldo Emerson

Image credit— @in.white.rooms_ on Instagram
Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.


Cancer Full Moon at 27°51′
—January 17

Oh, the Cancer full moon… a moon I would imagine that all the gobble-dee-google-dee-woo-woo-goo would particularly orchestrate as nurturing and motherly, secured, and such a lovely balancing of yada yada blah blah blah…


Emotional emotionality, ya ya ya… emotional investments, gag gag gag.


C’mon. Really? Is it really that easy?—much more, should it really be that predictable?


If this is what you need from this moon, to each their own—you be you in your truth, yada yada blah blah—go ahead and Google this event and follow those bullshit astrologers and headliner links… 

But if you’re wanting more—keep reading.

(Whoa!—that was so Cancer catty of me!!!)

Not to disappoint you, but this Cancer full moon might be a bit… disappointing—particularly against all the bullshit you’ll likely read through all the headliner woo woo astrology magazine links.

This moon, this time, actually, is all about excess, and excesses, and what you do with these… additionally, this moon is also about the ponderance of where, exactly, any lack of scarcity may exist.

But most importantly and significantly—this moon is asking for the opportunity to inspire, for you, the space to consider what it is you do with your excess.

Additionally—do you view yourself as someone who receives, or as someone who is lacking? Don’t get me wrong… but this is huge.

See… typically full moon’s are a time, indeed, to peak, to complete, and to bloom… however, this specific full moon, because it opposes Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, associates itself, this time, more toward inner transformation—but I mean inner, as in really inner, inner, within the squishiest of the squish—the stuff no one wants to acknowledge; there will likely be more closure and endings with this full moon rather than ‘nurturing initiatory blooming’.

This is very much a time of transition—within major transformations… as in, the transitions within the transformations, within the lining of the digestive system.

Even further, this lunar event falls upon the third decan of Cancer, and so—as grateful as one need to be, simply, to bask in the light of the moon—this event associates itself, as astrologer Austin Coppock attributes, to ‘blended pleasures’.

Coppock asks the reader to consider what luxury is, and more, he asks the reader to ponder what the difference is between luxury and sufficiency…

This decan, then, is associated to the four of cups in the tarot—a card that historically depicts three cups beneath a tree, with the fourth being offered as if from the heavens, though the figure within the card appears seemingly reluctant to receive; ascetic, humble, prudent. 

What would you do?

Should the typically ‘nurturing’ detail of Cancerian energies bespeak itself—with the oppositional Pluto detail—I ask of you: how are you nurturing your excess?, how are you nurturing your lack?, how are you nurturing that which you receive?

Coppock shares, “though many of the figures found here may get lost in the process of obtaining luxury, much less beyond acquisition… therefore this decan not only points its residents to the struggle between luxury and scarcity, it also poses a question: what does one do with the excess one accumulates?”

Further, because this lunarly event is so tightly and closely connected to Pluto, the sun separating from yesterday’s annual solar conjunction… this lunar event would also suggest, then, something of an Underworldly perspective, as if this hasn’t been as obvious thus far… but, really, more specifically, this event suggests something of a ‘this-for-that’ mentality, and so this would further beg you the question: whatever excesses you either benefit from, or are simply a receiver of, would you be willing to share with those who go without?… or, in what ways are you opening a space to realistically and rationally receive more?

This said, however… actually, because Pluto is involved—this is not one of those moon’s when gifts fall from the sky…  

Still. This is one of those grave opportunities for you to consider how, should you be given the opportunity, you would nurture the space to receive.

Most of us never even rationally, much more—realistically, prepare the space necessary to actually receive… and then, should you receive—most of us never prepare for how to appropriately, realistically, give back.

And this is what today’s full moon is about—the giving back, whether you’ve been given, or not… it’s about the receiving—but in the light of spacing, not need.

Luckily, the degree through which this lunarly event occurs associates itself to ‘seeing the turning point of an issue; pressing one’s advantages; decisiveness at life’s crossroads, and dramatic swings of fortune; and seeing the larger patterns…’

In conclusion, if you were wanting this post to be about motherhood, or nurturing, or bonding, or selfless attachments that we’re conditioned to believe aren’t selfishly enabling—any of those Cancerian surfacey buzz words… there is absolutely opportunity for these unhealthy, however popular, clickbait buzz trends to surface—though these would all be quite shadowy, indeed. 

Perhaps most significantly, as it was Hades (Pluto) that bargained with Ceres (all mothering and seemingly nurturing instincts) for the livelihood of Persephone, and thereby, the seasons… would this lunarly event, then, represent something of a bargaining?—between that which you love most, or can’t live without… and that which are beyond your understanding or comprehension?

Security-oriented, this moon is not.

A Cancer moon loves a guarantee… though there is no guarantee.

What are you willing to share?

What are you willing to give?

What are you willing to open to?

What are you willing to honestly receive?—honestly…

Do you have hidden motives?

Are you making realistic space to receive?—space that tends to take something from you before giving to you…

And finally, how willing are you to orchestrate strategies within your reality that offer you absolutely no guarantee?

To fight with demons, your intent must be pure. And even then, there’s no guarantee you’ll win.
——Simon R. Green

Image credit— shop.micahulrich.com

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Cancer Gibbous Moon
—January 16

Today’s moon illuminates the squish, I’m afraid… the muscle memory of a previous fear or hurts…

All of the feelings and limitations we would rather not feel through come to be emotionally processed—quickened, and birthed, however metaphorically… in the effort of having a new, and more evolved, sentiment through which to remember an old memory.

Today’s energies will illuminate these for you to more appropriately retrain these memories of muscle-grooves… through honest awareness, your commitment to a new goal, and deliberateness to follow through into new grooves.

We’re fully within the moon’s domain now, though vulnerable and hypersensitive… tomorrow, around 3:49pm PST, the moon will achieve exact fullness at 27°51′ Cancer—though, for now, the moon is giving its life, most symbolically, to its own efforts and interests.


These efforts and interests may be, or become, a bit too self-indulgent to reasonably sustain, much more—retrain… feelings and limitations, however transmuted, could glitch and default, revert, and grow resentful or greedy—thereby ‘birthing’ new feelings of threat, and fears of scarcity of all kinds.

Be wary of overdoing anything today—overspending, overheating, overeating, oversleeping, overlooking, overloading, overflowing, or overtaking…

Balance will be your buoyancy.

In the highest vibration, try to feel deeper into whatever indulgence you wish to pursue, and ponder the why… what is the essential need, here within the indulgence, that you’re feeling you need to fulfill or overfill?

And, perhaps most importantly—consider the why as to why you feel you don’t have enough of whatever it is.

Truly, as today’s moon opposes a retrograded Venus in Capricorn, and then illuminates an opposition to the sun connecting to Pluto in conjunction… this illumination, alone, but definitely with all the additional fanfare, however retrograded, absolutely influences an inner need so voracious—to feel fulfilled through new understanding, benevolence, and new meaning.

Are you looking for a deeper meaning?

Are you seeking to create something larger than yourself?

Are you needing to know yourself in a new light?

This annual solar conjunction to Pluto—expressed through Capricorn since 2009—inspires yearly advances in ambitious gumption, tenacious personal moxie, and empowered capacity to rise to the nearly impossible force of one’s highest goals or ideals…

Seize this.

These energies are—as my dad would exclaim for something really and truly important and irrevocably one’s own responsibility to address or achieve—a big damn deal.

If you’re looking to find (new) grounding, now is the time.

If you’re looking for an instinct or intuition to kick in, now is when it will if it’s going to.

If you’re looking to begin something entirely new, and something a little scary, now is the time to buckle up and put it in drive.

If you’re looking for additional motivation to remind you why you previously embarked upon a mission, now is when you’ll begin to feel recharged.

If you’re looking for the securities of support from others… this is not the time through which you’ll experience any cheers or acknowledgement, praise or kudos from an/Other.

It’s all you. And that’s always enough. It has to be.

Perhaps today’s moon needs to birth, nurture and to provide, and, particularly today, to consume or overindulge or overdo—filling a sense of void, essentially, in either version—in a fearfully burdened effort to feel less alone?

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states that water, which represents today’s elemental associations, “conquers through surrender and absorption—when you strike water, it yields and then closes on your hand; it is unhurt and you are impotent—even boiling it and turning it into steam merely culminates in its cooling, recongealing, and falling on your head as rain… we are three quarters water the way that we are three quarters emotion—sometimes a Cancer moon gets itself in situations where they are martyred to an extent that other signs would not tolerate, but those same people will often get through life untouched by other trials than their chosen martyrdom…”

A Cancer moon needs love, and to be loved, and for Cancer this is endlessly, and however helplessly, non-negotiable… this fulfillment, however indulgent, is similar to breathing for survival… “it’s not easy to face the fact that you cannot function alone, in a crab’s shell—yet it is through the opening of the ocean of feeling that we bring mercy into the world again and again.”

Today you might feel needy, and even somewhat helpless. And, if you’re struggling to love yourself—no amount of supposed love for an/Other will render itself valid, or ever enough…

Still… if there was ever a time to feel graced with the blessings of mercy raining down upon you—today is the day, dear reader and unknown friend—and it’s a really big damn deal indeed.

Indulge in your own uniquely divine inner strengths—don’t dwell in your humanly brokenness.

Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look.❞
——Marcus Aurelius

Image credit— @midnightmoonvisuals on Instagram

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Gemini/Cancer Gibbous Moon
— January 15

Political communications consultant Frank Luntz said that “it’s not what you say, it’s what people hear…”

The moon moves into Cancer as early as 8:11am PST, as late as 11:11am EST, and into the afternoon across the pond—for those of you being exposed to that much more Geminian moon influence, these words of suggestion may come on handy, especially as, regardless of where you are, the day will end with the moon in touchy, touchy Cancer.

What you hear will be much more pronounced, as well as how whatever you hear makes you feel—for better or worse, especially as the Cancer moon will connect with the endless inflations of Jupiter in Pisces.

Long ago were the days of saying your thoughts and feelings and ideas out loud!—the instinct, now, will be keeping them safe and protected.

This connection, by degree, associates itself to ‘a cat arguing with a mouse’, sizing up “an attempt at self-justification…” where “one argues with oneself, hoping to convince oneself that the old impulses are still legitimate…”

Further, “along with bullying, these energies can show bickering, which ultimately is time consuming and often doesn’t lead to anything… trying to influence another’s thoughts by constantly repeating or going over things is not acceptable, especially if it feels like harassment…”

Further still, “grab any opportunity you can to turn the situation to your advantage… however, no matter which side you are on, whether you’re the cat or the mouse, there are probably no true winners in this predicament”.

Also, these energies can involve a lot of “arguing going on inside your own mind, which can lead to feeling disempowered.”

Being very clear with yourself toward the facts and reality of, well, anything could greatly serve you and save you precious time… restlessness or desire, today, are both quite justifiable, though will only lead you astray from your goals, or best intentions—this would imply anything, but I’m particularly looking at new year’s resolutions and falling off whatever wagon you claimed to climb into to better yourself.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed the result of this degree as “attempting rationalizations…”

And then, the moon moves on to apply a square to Chiron for the remainder of the day, through the night, to exact its degree overnight, implying sleep that does not fulfill… unless, of course, you fall asleep purely, or to say: naturally; from a days worth of restless exhaustion.

Should whatever you hear today bother you, or provoke you—do try to find the emotional growth within the upset… or, at the very least, a more honest emotional understanding of the interaction in its entirety. Though, inevitably, the day’s energies will likely swallow whole, seducing feelings or thoughts more problematically, and “fishing for the ‘truth’ and finding only one piece of it”.

All there is to do, then… is to try to find the humor in it all.

And where the love of it all intersects.

Perhaps you notice how the denial is so often the preface to the justification…❞
——Christopher Hitchens

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Gemini Gibbous Moon
—January 14

Words and expressions, definitions and communications of all kind today could become a bit frazzled, or blurred—but either way: confused.

Despite the words we choose, to mean specifically one thing—when really, in actuality, they mean another thing entirely… in an effort to disallow further potentials for confusions, please allow me to provide actual definitions for today’s translations *wink wink*

To begin, for instance, the degree through which today’s lunarly square to Neptune occurs associates itself to tumult, which is to imply a growing, blurry tumultuous-ness… 

By definition, the root of tumultuous—tumult—defines a ‘violent and noisy commotion or disturbance, or other disorder; an uproar, outbreak, riot, or uprising… highly distressing agitation of mind or feeling…’ and the origins of this word, being Latin, ‘tumēre’, translate ‘to swell’.


This square, then, and its influencing, should it be setting the stage for a tumultuous process to unfold or emerge, which, in its most positive vibration, could lead to disturbances or irritations such as new approaches to old problems… however, in its most shadowy vibrations, could provoke  “repressed or oppressed instincts [to] stage an emotional outburst, claiming their due…”

Though, not so much to right a previous wrong… these energies would be more about simply making a mess and causing a stir…

To be heard. Loudly. Though, not so clearly…

Consequently, such spontaneously stirring actions could spur equally spontaneous responses, which may demand reactionary or accusatory questions, such as “[what is the actual] willing[ness], ab[ility] and read[iness] to assume” more and better, or something else entirely—or, much less, such an absolute mess?

Further, today’s opinionated and ever so expressional Gemini moon opposes Mars…

In Sagittarius.


Everyone’s ignorant opinion will be spoken as if it’s factual gospel at your front door through the excitations of an uninvited guest.

Should a solution or resolution toward old problems be found, or utilized, or administered, or simply clarified or announced through all of this raucous—it’ll likely be aggressive, or aggressively communicated… but, it might still be worth curiosity or pursuing more clarification for understanding.

Should a mess or drama occur—oh, holy hell indeed.

There’s much division today, as truly, Mars represents separations… it’s an either/or kind of day—either one can take the high road, or the ditch… it’s a day to rise, entirely.

It’s a day to open to more, to better… to something else entirely.

As the moon moves to square Neptune and oppose Mars, while Mars is simultaneously applying its square to Neptune, these aspects, then, create a t-square, which always represents tension—tension which needs to be released… the void of this would-be cardinal cross falls in Virgo, inferring then that to counter or more appropriately navigate through these rising tensions—Virgoan measures, almost literally, must be taken.

Allow me to once more direct your attention to the question posed above: [what is the actual] willing[ness], ab[ility] and read[iness] to assume” more and better—or, much less, such an absolute mess? This is the Virgoan stance of reasoning—answer this and you’ll likely have an opening for such turbulence to navigate itself… Virgoan energies wish to improve upon or better understand that which is disconnected, or separated, agitated or offended… in an effort to reunite, despite it all.

Awareness and understanding, after all, is literally an opening in consciousness…

I would imagine, that even in the most inconspicuous or perniciously insidious and camouflaged ways—any way that can work to separate… you against an/Other, or this between that, whatever—be quite wary of this; union of any kind is the strongest form of defense through these energies, not elimination.

For united we stand…
Divided we fall—
And if our backs should ever be against the wall
We’ll be together…
Together, you and I…
——Brotherhood of Man

And, again, once more for good Virgoan measure—to question what the actual willingness, ability and readiness to assume is…

Ever so conveniently, Mercury, today’s lunarly governance—as well as ruler of Virgo—is stationing retrograde upon the eleventh degree of Aquarius, a degree which associates itself to overshadowing…. “what is implied here is the essential value of keeping open to spiritual or soul forces, especially when a new period of individual activity is about to begin…”

Perhaps, then, the willingness, ability and readiness to assume the value inherently involved within the situation, or circumstances, you’re currently navigating, and what this value means and implies and deserves and demands?—as these are ripe with forces beyond yourself…

Further, and perhaps most importantly, “[you] should not depend mainly on outer circumstances and on tradition—and in a sense external—incentives… there is a creative power within, a power that can be tapped, or rather that should be allowed to flow into the brain-consciousness or the hands which write or fashion materials into original forms…”

What you do with this force that is beyond you is everything.

And much more—what is this force, or power, exactly?

I think it’s actual consciousness in union with All That Is… inner knowing.

Another translation upon this degree describes “getting away from it all” in an effort, specifically, to “reassess your life and goals… that new inspiration will be received.”

When Mercury is stationed it is literally paused, which is, yet again, so celestially convenient… to take this time, to rise above the noise and problems, all the distractions and all the clutter, the mess and the harshness, and simply breathe—unite with Source, unite with your inner knowing, with that inner spark within yourself that never goes out… and open.

Instead of shutting off or down or out… open.

The word ‘overshadow’, by the way, defines that which is ‘to be more important or significant by comparison’, ‘to shelter or protect’ or ‘to cast a shadow over; cover with shadows, or darkness; to obscure’… so, it would seem as though these somewhat contradicting energies will be yours to… manipulate, to work with, or to work through.

Or rise through.

To open to.

And finally, Mercury stationing retrograde through this specific degree squares Uranus exactly, which would suggest much idealistic-realistic notions within sparking, sudden insights toward how you go about nurturing and nourishing this force that is beyond yourself… remember, though Uranus may enjoy provocation and be the absolute master of contradiction, its efforts are yielded most nurturingly through those united—not divided—as this is when its efforts become more or less triggering, provoking, and just plain alienating.

As always, these choices are up to you…

But above all, it’s a day to open to more, to better… to something else entirely, to unite, and keep on.

Those who are never wrong hide behind a towering wall of insecurity. This need to be right all the time overshadows any attempt to just be happy. Thus, anyone who tries to chip away at this blockade will instantly be discarded.❞
——Christine E. Szymanski

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Gemini Gibbous Moon
—January 13

Today’s chattier moon isn’t as much interested in talking for the sake of hearing its own voice, as a Gemini moon typically rationalizes… but rather, for better or worse, to feel heard.

However… what you say, exactly, or express or proclaim or hint at—this is what will vary, and this is what will matter.

You might actually know what you’re talking about… or, maybe you don’t.

It’s been somewhat obvious, through the last several years, that many people actually believe their own feelings about—well, anything!—is actual fact.

To Gemini, as shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states, “it’s what you know, not what you sense or intuit, that sets you above the dull and ignorant crowd… even mysterious lunar information, like feelings and intuition, can—must—somehow be contained within words or symbols that can be spoken, read, passed on; the idea that there are some things that cannot be spoken, cannot be put into words, infuriates and terrifies a Gemini moon.”

It could, very well, be one of those days when you just need to say things out loud—to yourself, to another, to anyone who will listen, or to anyone within earshot… as your feelings or inner thoughts may make more sense to you if said aloud, or if they were repeated to you from another—or perhaps, maybe not more sense, but rather, this process could allow for more understanding, or a sense of empowerment, or clarification, or perhaps, simply a feeling of ease… or embarrassment.

Though, I think the greater vibration today could be found within the understanding or clarification of our words… a new awareness, either way, for better or worse, will be established through the process of hearing them said aloud.

With lunarly connections to a rather ripely righteous Jupiter in Pisces, a stationing Mercury in Aquarius, and to Saturn in Aquarius—which may as well be referred to (in real time, archetypally) as a millennial Karen from the Human Relations Department or OSHA, or the CDC… it will be something of an exercise in authenticity to embrace opposing views upon a single point or issue while keeping your cool and your head—and your tongue!—about it along the way.

How would a Gemini moon tackle this challenge?

By wholeheartedly siding with both sides of course…

You’ll likely learn something new and shocking about yourself—or an/Other—or about something—especially if you really think you know what you’re talking about.

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function. One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise. This philosophy fitted on to my early adult life, when I saw the improbable, the implausible, often the “impossible,” come true.❞ ——F. Scott Fitzgerald

Image credit— @the.collagetheque on Instagram

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Taurus Gibbous Moon
—January 12

You know why trees smell the way they do?


Author Frances O’Roark Dowell wrote that “trees breathe in starlight year after year, and it goes deep into their bones—so when you cut a tree open, you smell a hundred years worth of light, ancient starlight that took millions of years to reach earth… that’s why trees smell so beautiful and old.”

I think that today might offer some inner light illumination, if you will—however metaphorically—and this could, in turn, though likely inevitably, provide you a very necessary opportunity for your own inhalation, as in: inner transformation, or even psychic metamorphosis, should your nativity placements be in alignment for such phenomena…

So I pose a question to you, dear reader…

Do you know why you radiate the way you do?


—This is what you’ll learn.

The more we are illuminated, the more we want others to experience that also. We can’t help but be generous and giving, because self and other is one, and the nature of self and the nature of other is one; it is true nature giving itself to itself.❞ ——A.H. Almaas