Libra 1st Quarter Moon at 14°59′
—July 6

Quite late! Apologies—traveling again—I appreciate your patience.

This first quarter Libran moon absolutely resonates with the skipping of the record, in that the record plays round and round and round… in skipping this conditioning, this patterning—that we can actually learn from the past, from our mistakes, feel from before…

Today’s energies would be best utilized in ‘realizing mistakes and learning from them, consolidating, remembering, and appreciating the experiences and learning what you have gained on your way to where you are now…’ further, ‘deciding what needs attention and what can be allowed to slide…’

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed this degree of Libra to that of ‘circular paths’, in that we live our lives quite circularly, continually coming back around to previous origins when a more evolving option is not taken… in which case, however familiar and comforting this may be—also a real waste of time and potential.

If you’re feeling somewhat familiar toward something within your reality now, but not familiar in a quaint or comforting way, it’s likely because you are—for whatever reason you’re back to a past point in time, now in real time, likely to rise above… in an effort of resolution—to take the higher road, to resist making the previous mistakes, to navigate it altogether differently, whatever makes most sense for you.

Whatever you’re reviewing or remembering, or actually replaying in real time—is likely a point of contention, of anger, or outright aggressiveness… as harmoniously inclined as Libran energies are, and can be, it’s as though this moon, upon its first quartered phase, becomes somewhat argumentative—albeit in the spirit and effort toward achieving what’s right, just, fair, or balanced…

This first quartered moon is occurring through the second decan of Libra, a decan that represents something of a double-edged sword, as well as representing 3 of Swords in the tarot… the second decan describes a scenario of binding obligations, contracts, vows, and commitments—all of which could absolutely be, or become, somewhat circularly inclined, which is to say monotonous and eventually meaningless… as in Libra, forever balancing, it is truly one’s choice in how these promises are nurtured and nourished, tended to and kept. As Saturn governs the second decan, these promises are somewhat tainted with a more somberly and struggling likelihood.

In other words—for reasons both personal and emotional, in both sickness and in health—sometimes obligations, contracts, vows, and commitments, even familial bonds or impractical expectations, need to be discontinued, broken, or otherwise severed.

The 3 of Swords can be a harsh card… one which suggests the harshnesses of the more difficult emotions—further still, it is this card that typically indicates, rather simply, that our largest emotional obstacles to process tend to arrive in threes. With this, it is also its own detail, that the moon will move on to oppose Chiron before entirely separating from the sun, creating a very harshly cardinal t-square alignment to navigate through…

These harsher emotions, when in threes, tarot writer Jessica Dore writes that “the one we’re most comfortable with takes the lead, shielding is from those we have a tougher time processing—the leading emotion is different for everyone—for some, anger takes the lead and creates a shield from deep sadness; it isn’t that sadness is inherently tougher to feel or process than anger, but perhaps that it is coupled with a third feeling, shame…”

Psychologist Edward Teyber says that “change becomes possible when we’re able to come to grips with each feeling in the triad—the anger, the sadness, and the guilt or shame—making way for each to be safely expressed… though it doesn’t necessarily need to be expressed right then and there, but the idea is to bring those feelings from the underground to the surface.”

Dore suggests that, since you’ve “been defending against these scariest emotions for a reason, learning to feel them will require discernment, patience, and compassion for yourself.”

Take your time… whatever is surfacing for you within your circular reality will need time to unravel itself for you to fully understand it as it needs understood, and emotions have cycles within themselves… however, the Swords in the tarot represents the mind, and our thoughts, and the cycles of our thoughts, so the understanding part over the processing part is really what’s being illuminated… and as Dore writes, “our minds are so powerful, known to wield swords to defend against feelings that are too tough to bear, and so our work is to notice the ways in which we haven’t made space and create that so that emotions do not become lodged in the heart, in turn keeping us stuck in old thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that betray our growth and well-being.”

Keeping us stuck living within the same circular patterns…

A man is deficient in understanding until he perceives that there is a whole cycle of evolution possible within himself: repeating endlessly, offering opportunities for personal development.❞
——Idries Shah

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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Virgo/Libra Crescent Moon
—July 5

First off—this may be worthwhile, however incredibly random: today is either tremendously and memorably unwise or an outrageously and strategically planned day to do anything extreme with your hair…

I would want to know.

Beyond that…

Head space, in general, in that logically-minded Virgoan way—be it via hair or, more probably, through simply what you’re thinking about: expect these to be somewhat overpowered or bombarded—beyond even what Virgoan skills can categorize or reasonably make sense thereof… this bombardment or overpowering, of course, could be quite awe-inducing or incommunicably uncomfortable…

But either way, it’ll likely be unignorable.

And then the moon moves into Libra…

And this lunarly shift, in this particular way today, suggests a threshold—in that What Was and What Is is no longer connected.

Maybe it’s through the chaos of the last several days—maybe it’s through actual decisive implementation toward change… but something has changed, in a very big and heavy way, and you’ve (hopefully) thereby upgraded your consciousness because of it—through participating in it…

If you’ve struggled against it or refused it—probably not.

Disconnections, however harsh or unexpected, will ultimately open you to new and improved, and much more ambitious opportunities for new alignments in aspirations… and any rearranging that has occurred recently will likely offer you more evolving and workable collaborations toward change… change that is in your interests. Though, I get it—it might not exactly feel so full of potential yet… you’ll see.

That Which Was is simply no longer What Is—and this is good.

For those of you working with these energies, yours will be rewarded with inherited blessings and the wisdoms only granted to those who are courageous at heart…

For those of you fighting these energies… it may only become harsher—but the choice was yours (upon how, exactly, to navigate these new twists and turns, according to your preferences), even if it wasn’t.

Obviously—finding a balance will become the current challenge.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change…
——Charles Darwin

☽♎︎ by 3:25pm PDT; 4:25pm MDT; 5:25pm CDT; 6:25pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by ___intheafterglow___ and 1rstoftheroll


Virgo Crescent Moon
—July 4

Did you ever play the Ouija board when you were young?—and you were given an incredibly, laughably vague and cryptic answer?—this is similar to today’s lunarly energies…

You’re probably wanting answers, or direction, or guidance, or assurance…


You’re likely to create your own answers anyway… just as you did with the Ouija board back in the day—nothing I recommend will do any good.

So really, ultimately, today’s energies regard one of the two—your immediate (and likely egoic) impulse, or an actual genuine ability to recognize the actual reality of something and the ability to actually manifest what you truly need on your own… the choice is yours.

You must pray carefully and for the very essence of your desire or you will be caught up in many musings of things you may not want for your own experience…
——Ouija message

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown


Virgo Crescent Moon
—July 3

The entire heavens are without traditional (or non-traditional) aspect all day… which would imply that nothing lasting or reliable is occurring—that nothing of substance is being animated or manifested, that anything initiated now will not come to anything.

Many of the planetary alignments from Thursday, Friday and Saturday are now separating, the heaviness and weight and all potential misunderstandings, though, likely still being very fiercely felt—with the moon now growing through Virgo, without any lunarly aspecting, it would largely (and traditionally) suggest necessary cleanups, follow through’s, and any fixing or tidying up… yada yada yada—but I think that’s a little too easy…

Ultimately, whether you’ve made messes or been dragged into another’s mess—whatever your circumstances are, and wherever things have recently been disrupted, interrupted, rearranged, or turned inside out—it’s possibly most important, now, to try to simply process, understand—from all views, and learn more about, exactly what is actually occurring… and why.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.❞
——Carl Gustav Jung

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by prue_stent & honeylong via ___intheafterglow___


Leo Crescent Moon
—July 2

Yesterday’s lighter energies were, perhaps, a calm before… not so much a storm, exactly, but something more personally and intensely entwined from within, though potentially manifesting all around you… or, at the very least, growing louder and louder within.

You may get well be, however in your own way within your own unique personal parameters, testing boundaries, discovering new levels of consciousness, and/or disconnecting from that which no longer serves… and this can feel very unfamiliar, unsettling, and unknown—but the thrill of something new, beginning a new pattern, behavior, or breaking a toxic cycle, and the ultimate empowerment involved in relinquishing the old scripts or roles that kept you locked in place…

Only you can decide whether or not that strange and perplexing feeling of guilt swirled with relief within your gut is worth the price of a new freedom you’ve never experienced… sometimes personal growth feels funny, and sometimes—it pisses other people off.

If you are experiencing something as intense or similar to that which I’ve described, go slow… there’s no hurry—though it may feel like you need to rip that old festering bandaid right off without shame or apology—take it all one day at a time, if needed. Or not… Self-control is everything now. Depending upon just how unknown your circumstances are to you might depend on just how much you need to endure, and thrive, within these new environments.

Ultimately, navigating your reality in an effort to claim what you need—that is what these energies are about… though what you really need may in fact be a disconnection, dissolution, or divorce from something—these are no easy feats, or simple resolutions… strategies of the heart are best, though these may also require some truly hardened and protective boundaries to fortify your new demands/needs.

What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.❞
——Antoine de Saint Exupéry

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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Leo Crescent Moon
—July 1

The need to reorganize and differentiate components of change within your personal reality may be necessary…

But other than that ‘slight’ adjustment—I don’t want to bombard you with the whole spectrum of astrological symbolisms—just try to enjoy the lighter energies, these creative and inspiring energies, and try to enjoy yourselves.

Simply. Honestly. Genuinely.

If you prepare to be yourself today, and completely authentic to your selfhood, it should be a pretty interesting day, indeed.

But do try not to take yourself so seriously…

In the real dark night of the soul it is always three o’clock in the morning…
——F Scott Fitzgerald

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by cult.class


Cancer/Leo Crescent Moon
—June 30

And BAM!—it’s all coming at you, for better or worse…

Two potentially harsh lunarly connections while the moon continues moving through Cancer, and thereby harsher yet as this is definitely the moon’s more vulnerable squishy side—possibly the dark side—through the section of the sky that carries weight.

It’s an interesting vibration—a newly crescent moon, experiencing such a dive, such a hit…

Whatever is either piquing or plunging, being provoked or perturbed within your reality right now—you’ll likely confront it, or be confronted by it, somewhat laterally.

Any of the woo woo astrology articles telling you to set all these intentions toward romantically swerved ideals of love, or bonding—that it was all about cuddling… ouch!—because this new moon was all about beginning new routines or rituals that nurture your needs toward healing from/through, and reconnecting with, previous wounding through a new behavior response and/or egoic reaction.

This is no quick fix.

This will be a slow process, an emotional process, but an empowering process—a process which should be sustained through the rest of the year…

On December 23rd the Capricorn new moon will occur at 1°33′, regarding degrees which associate with both authority and destructiveness and then on March 24th, 2023 Pluto will move into Aquarius—and this is significant because monthly Cancer moons will no longer inevitably oppose Pluto, Leo moons will…

I bring this to your attention now because this squishy vulnerable inner healing and boundary breaking, embracing new behavior responses and empowering potentials of reconnection—which has been a building, evolving moon/Pluto opposition detail since Pluto moved into Capricorn, only illuminated more confrontationally four times a year—occurring through Cancer is a much different dynamic than experiencing and expressing all of this personal transformation through the likes of Leo, indeed!

Not to mention, Pluto in Aquarius!—we’ve seen nothing yet…

When planets move through Cancer they’re being given the opportunity to nurture, through feeling, a thicker skin toward that which we cannot control, toward that which is potentially debilitating or insecure, toward that which requires—if not demands!—a more deliberately delicate and loving approach and/or embrace… toward that which forevermore remains vulnerable, toward that which needs.

When planets move through Leo they’re being given the opportunity to authentically express love, and gratitude, and will… to express itself through an individuated manner, to express itself in light, in strength, in confidence, in motivation, and in power… there is, inherently, an opportunity to shine.

When monthly Leo moons begin to oppose Pluto, Pluto will begin to provoke and bully your very personal selfhood—your core character.

Pluto is very harsh on the moon, especially a Cancer moon…

I realize it may sound a little strange to think that this oppositional dynamic has been continually triggered upon a monthly basis through the sign of Cancer since 2008—but it’s true—please refer to the Cancer/Capricorn sectors of your nativity… what houses are these sectors animating in your life?

It goes to show you that the planets are the real players in astrology, not the signs—‘what sign are you?’ is so 1973…


Things are beginning to feel heavy.

It’s best to rise to the occasion each month directly… not laterally.

But maybe—wait a day?

You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships every day. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.❞
——Barbara De Angelis

☽♌︎ by 5:40pm PDT; 6:40pm MDT; 7:40pm CDT; 8:40pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown


Cancer Crescent Moon
—June 29

Jean-Paul Sartre expressed that “freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you…”


Though I beg of you to reread that…

If you choose to do unto others precisely what’s been done unto you—this is not freedom, this is conditioned insanity.

As you’re likely still considering your trigger points and investigating their depths, today’s moon squares Chiron through a degree that represents growth, what astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed as ‘the life urge to actualize one’s potential’.

I would argue, that in many ways, one’s potential includes—or inherently involves—the extensions beyond what one is given or gifted, and beyond that which one may find easy or natural… potential is what is offered and rewarded when one goes out of one’s ways, genuinely, authentically—potential, then, is something, most naturally, that we birth, and grow, and thereby bleed through and toil toward… it is not to ever be taken lightly as just another buzz word.

Perhaps the most important detail today, and really—in general, is “to realize that something of value has the opportunity to develop, but will need nurturing, attention, fertilization, care, and hope…” and regardless of where you are on your ‘journey’ in self-evolution—to remember that Nature isn’t too keen on shortcuts… take your time—as time is truly the only real value we’ve left—don’t disgrace this.

Ultimately, something new is occurring—whether it is expanding your own limited conditioning or not—it is similar to a sensation of freedom… try not to hold yourself prisoner to the past.

The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder.❞
——Jim Morrison

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by varona73

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Cancer New Moon at 7°23′
—June 28

Cancerian energies are about nurturing, and always always regarding needs. Needs imply baseline foundational requirements—requirements needing fulfilled. And so for something to represent Needs it thereby immediately represents lack, that which is without… it represents an energy requiring sustenance.

This is a sensitive space, a touchy reality, and it’s extremely vulnerable stuff—stuff many of us are typically defensive toward, only making it worse…

And when we feel defensive we easily begin to project.

An underbelly shadowy side of Cancerian energies—either in real time, amidst celestial forecasting or within our personal nativities—is often where we tend to project both our ideals and our fears… and most of all, our needs—perhaps moreso, our expectations toward these needs.

This goes back to the last full moon—the full moon in Sagittarius on June 14—and our trigger points, ignorances, and ‘flawless’ opinions. The astrology cookbooks won’t tell you so bluntly—but Cancerian energies are largely about ego. However, unlike Sagittarian energies, Cancerian energies do possess depth—depths of the stuff… though, very unlike Sagittarian energies, Cancerian energies aren’t too keen on openly sharing it with anyone… they both, however uncannily, do plenty of projecting their depths and lacks thereof onto, well, anyone.

Projections, mind you, can be subtle… stupifyingly subtle. Sneaky.

Projections are typically entirely unconscious.

So, projections, needs, fears, egoic impulses, needs, trigger points, needs, expectations, defenses, needs and nurturing, and feelings of lack—all of these have at least one thing in common: wounding.

The degree through which today’s new moon occurs associates to ‘attempting to overcome barriers’, ‘showing up phoniness and pretense’, ‘serious social criticisms’ and ‘penetrating soliloquies’… to excelling expectations, refusing being pigeonholed.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed this degree to symbolize ‘a group of rabbits dressed in clothes’, which is to describe those “who may be trying to be more, or act like they are more, than they really are…[to] disguise who we truly are and what we really feel about ourselves.”

This full moon event is occurring within the first decan of Cancer very much represents the ultimate beginning, as well as the dynamics and bond between Mother and Child, as well as the dynamics and bond between Self and Other… and healing the spaces and distances in between.

Another thing about the depths of depths that Cancerian energies—they feel…

Cancerian energies feel nearly everything, though can’t seem to put these feelings anywhere but further within… this lunarly event is asking you to feel, to nurture yourself and your needs, and to resist pushing it further within—this lunarly event asking you to be vulnerably, genuinely, and unconditionally present with yourself.

With the good, the bad, the complicated, the messy, the triggered, the needy, the sensitive, the ignorant, the egoic, and the very ugly.

Without apology.

Because, see, projections, really, are merely mirrors—albeit really pesky, passive-aggressive ornery mirrors—and even though an/Others’ projections may not have anything to do with you (as your projections likely have nothing to do with whomever you are projecting them toward)… they do, though, as in: they relate to you… what’s more important—is how they relate to you, and why?—what, exactly, lies beneath the trigger point?

And that’s what today’s vibrations are resonating… remember, this will be a hefty process, with depth—this will not be quick, or simple.

Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others.❞
——Fyodor Dostoevsky

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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Gemini Balsamic Moon
—June 27

Where can you cut back?

In what ways can you trim around the edges without losing the essence?

How could you go about learning more toward simplifying your daily reality, routine, and environment in ways that could literally and metaphorically expand your horizons beyond your comprehension?

Today is a day to think about these things…

There is so much more to be found when we prune back the excess and the waste and all the frequencies of noise.

There is no true loss in authentic growth, only the natural process of letting go, outgrowing, pruning. The call of the next level requires it. Those who resist the connective opportunities that life brings to grow to their next level, never reach the mental maturity height to acquire it… even when they think they are on the path, their gap in understanding leaves them stuck where they left off, usually on a deadmilled-treadmill.❞
Tracey Bond

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by f.greenleaf