Scorpio/Sagittarius Gibbous Moon—June 2

Today may begin with a little surprise…

If not a surprise, maybe these energies will resemble more of an inconvenience, or perhaps it’ll be something of an opportunity to let go of any inappropriately egoic preferences toward something. Particularly if you are determined to have, hold, gain or enjoy your way, and only your way.

Or, it could be the repercussions of an oversight.

The result of something you had a responsibility for, but failed to hold yourself accountable… or, it could also be a consequence of allowing your irrational emotionality call your shots.

But then, the energies will shift, and ease… or, they may have everything to do with what opens to you next—maybe this will be the surprise?

The moon will move to illuminate Venus and Neptune as they connect by trine, through which the moon will create a triangular ease of energetic motion—an ease of satisfaction.

These energies could inspire you toward your own potentials and personal authority, and thus create new motivations for fresh creative visualizations, envisioning new ways of thinking, feeling, and living… our inner reality in consciousness offers vast expansions—or limits our potentials exponentially. Especially today.

Whatever you are currently experiencing within your personal reality—today may spark an acknowledgement: that you have created this reality and circumstance, for better or worse.

In this notion, through this sentiment—how, then, would you rather be experiencing your reality?

In this notion, through this sentiment–should you be thoroughly living in alignment with your potentials—what more would you like to expand upon?

I could be bond in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space…

—William Shakespeare

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Roche, D. ‘The Sabian Symbols.’ Astrology Classics; ©1998, 2010.
Rudhyar, D. ‘An Astrological Mandala.’ Vintage Books; ©1973.


Scorpio Gibbous Moon—June 1

There are depths within you demanding your attention…

And it may be only through exploring these depths that you will be able to see more clearly, to feel more fully, and to think more effectively.

Solutions to obstacles, dilemmas, conditioned mentalities and/or deeply rooted psychic issues are available only if you are willing to immerse yourself within your own depths and darknesses.

That which you seek is endlessly available within yourself…

Still, your focus should lay, ultimately, upon an effort toward self-improvement—with a real interest on actively pursuing these opportunities.

You may feel inclined to immerse yourself so intensely upon your own self-exploration… which is ideal, though be warned that you will need to dig deeply—but this is where you’ll find your treasures… and your potentials.

Otherwise, you may also stumble upon an invaluable piece of information or insight, or be made awareness of something quite substantial to your overall goals and/or ideals… further, the timing of something may present itself to you today. Being present will become something of personal duty through the month of June—it would behoove you to not force anything, to allow your moments as they come to you.

Changes are upon the surface of these deep-dive depths… and these changes will be more or less impossible to avoid, whether you willingly deep-dive or not—but you’ll gain so much more if you choose to explore yourself, to explore every corner and crevice of yourself…

A tree stands strong not by its fruits or branches, but by the depth of its roots.

—Anthony Liccione

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Roche, D. ‘The Sabian Symbols.’ Astrology Classics; ©1998, 2010.
Rudhyar, D. ‘An Astrological Mandala.’ Vintage Books; ©1973.


Libra/Scorpio Gibbous Moon—May 31

Something that I’m not entirely certain, much less confident, about…

Is whether people understand that we all have, within us, the energies of all the zodiacal forces—I really wonder, considering much of what I hear or see or read or am asked about by clients…

Our nativities include all the signs and all the planets—essentially, within ourselves, we possess the potentials and potentialities of the entire cosmos… it is within our DNA.

So it makes little sense to me when someone exclaims that they ‘can’t stand’ a certain sign, or that a particular sign is so this, or so that, or whatever, to this effect… if anything, I believe it pinpoints more toward its specific zodiacal influence within oneself, and its placement—likely a challenging one—and that one struggles with this, rather, within themselves.

We all have depths within ourselves that we struggle to fully embrace…

Today will illuminate these depths.

Not only does this particular moon fall upon the building fixed t-square Wednesday-peak—this moon further, more penetratingly illuminates this t-square by filling in its void and thereby creating a fixed grand cross…

Which intensifies an already very intense day.

Further, it’s a Scorpio gibbous moon…

Which implies a depth of darkness within ourselves—to be further explored and/or illuminated.

Today will be a day.

Today will be a day that could potentially open you to something heavy, large, huge, and/or unexpectedly powerful… which is that much more powerful as this week holds such celestial opportunities toward that which you’re working toward.

Errors, like straws, upon the surface flow; He who would search for pearls, must dive below.

—John Dryden

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Roche, D. ‘The Sabian Symbols.’ Astrology Classics; ©1998, 2010.
Rudhyar, D. ‘An Astrological Mandala.’ Vintage Books; ©1973.


Libra Gibbous Moon—May 30


Angles are everywhere.

Angles are what construct one’s reality.

Angles can be manipulated.

Angles can be shifted.

Angles can be adjusted to such a degree that even our ideals and measures of personal values and happiness appear in new ways—for better or worse.

Angles can be a matter of setting apart the gold from the glitter…

For example—one should never come to an astrologer with a question other than: when?

One should never come to an astrologer with: should I/we…? or will I/we…? or celestially framed permissions otherwise—because the ‘astrologer’ or ‘psychic’ that answers you this is a fraud, a fortune teller, vacantly angled con.

Many an astrologer is asked: when will I find love?—and yes, this is a when, though it’s not at all what I mean as this question is without actual claim, without authentic ownership, and, not to mention, most ultimately, energetically bankrupt.

I use this as an example because today’s moon is a moon largely regarding love, romantic love, and the blending of two potentials…

An astrologer should never play the role of someone simply telling you what you’re seeking out to hear… that’s gross—not to mention, wildly uninformative and blatantly misleading.

And energetically bankrupt.

There is no first breath in a question—it is thereby unanswerable, or what Hellenistic astrologers would have rendered ‘radical’… further, one mustn’t communicate with the universe in this fashion either, as it’s a backward language the universe isn’t even capable of understanding, much less appropriately translating, as the question is… unanswerable.

This is an angle… toward a more divined view of potentials.

A real and morally uncorrupted astrologer will admit as much, that a seeking-approached question cannot be answered… until you’ve offered it your breath, which is to say that you’ve even so much as softly uttered it into existence, which is to say that you have given it life by proclaiming your question into an actual statement…

Until you’ve claimed it.

And, if you’re unable to lay claim to your question—there’s your answer…

And then, if a claim can be made, the only true and/or worthy question then: is when? or how, exactly…?

Further, by true definition, this is an angle one can utilize—as with all angles, there’s always a sharp turn, curve or bend involved, as its original meaning defined ‘crookedness’, and by which ‘playing the angles’ came to define one doing whatever necessary to achieve one’s goals.

And so, presuming you’ve given life to your own question—an astrologer can then assist you with the strategic planning, time frames, potential highs and lows, as well as overall tone and/or directionality… what to focus most on, and what should be understood, or clarified—much like most of which one would wish to know when planning for a specific event, it’s really quite similar.

Still… we all have our angles. We all desire different anticipations and expectations from our widely varied events…

What are yours?

Do you prefer to simply hear what you want to hear?—or do you seek actual information?—something you can build from…

Are you attracted to actual depths?—or prefer to fill in others vacancies?

In what ways to do harness your potentials?—or do your potentials harness you?

Will you live without bounds through the directions of your natal map?—or will you spend much of your time wondering and questioning and failing to breathe life into anything?

We all possess such endless potentials of personal power it’s almost stupid how underutilized it continues to be… and if you’re struggling to compute this, this is a real problem and it’s clearly not serving you to continue holding this angle on such matters—be it a martyred victim mentality angle, an angle toward perpetual lack, and/or angles otherwise holding you to a very limited scope of what you’re actually capable of.

Today’s moon illuminates potential, and all its angles…

What you aren’t aware of can sometimes inflict pain… and learning to play the angles in an effort to gain awareness of what’s around the corners and sharp angles could prove to be a real benefit as you move forward.

What we are aware of we can choose to either change through will or work with in a way that is more advantageous… and if you need some clarity with the when, or the how—or how to more properly phrase what you’re really wanting to know—I’m here for you.

When we understand the potentials—we hold power.

Authentic prediction reflects free will and personal power, not fate and fortune. It reveals only the next few steps, not the entire staircase.❞

—Anthon St Maarten

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Roche, D. ‘The Sabian Symbols.’ Astrology Classics; ©1998, 2010.
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Virgo/Libra Gibbous Moon—May 29

How do you manage yourself?

How do you manage yourself in relation to yourself?

How do you manage yourself in relation with yourself?

How do you manage yourself in relation with others?

How do you manage yourself in relation with All That Is?

It’s a fine line between self and other, in all ways—in keeping a firm and healthy persona of self while also, sometimes simultaneously, blending and bending into connection and/or collaboration with others… and sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly where or how that fine line exists, from one relationship to the next.

For example, if you’re struggling to venture beyond your comfort zones and/or attempt to improve your status in some way—but continue to fall short or fail entirely—then it’s directly in relation to how you connect with yourself, how you think of yourself, how you speak to yourself, and how you nurture yourself.

It’s really that simple—one receives from beyond themselves precisely what one creates for oneself.

Or, for a further example, if your relationships, both with women and with men, all tend to follow a similar pattern… whether it’s working for you or not—it’s clear that you behave directly in accordance to your own needs.

These are just basic understandings…

These basic understandings largely structure an overall personality, however zodiacally orchestrated.

Today is a day to consider these (mis)understandings—misunderstandings that occur all the time, even when we actually understand these concepts.

Obviously, some relationships require—if not demand!—more, depending upon specific dynamics within and thereof. Though, should there be no specific dynamics—other than narcissism or egoic insecurities otherwise—these relational requirements should never be pampered so thoughtfully.

You should never feel depleted or exhausted after conversing in exchange with another…

The power of personality is being illuminated today…

As well as the building, ever-experiencing self-mastery of the personality, and all of its demands and quirks, preferences, and challenges.

If you’ve been contemplating newness and/or embracing a new outlook, perspective, and/or purpose or mantra—then it’s imperative to surrender previous personality quirks for new ones… to take on healthier, strengthened personality traits.

Something is emerging… what is it for you?

Further, it’s imperative for you to better understand—or understand at all—this new outlook, perspective and/or purpose: this potentially new lifestyle…

It is at this time, through this gibbous week, that you will need to acclimate yourself and begin to more personally integrate yourself… through relearning how to get along in relationship with others, as well as relearning how to be in better relationship with yourself, appropriately and accordingly.

You’ve entirely new problems to solve…

And you’ll need help.

No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.

—Alice Walker

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Roche, D. ‘The Sabian Symbols.’ Astrology Classics; ©1998, 2010.


Virgo Gibbous Moon—May 28

As the moon now begins to pucker and plump, and prepare for the thickness of inevitable fullness as the upcoming full moon begins to percolate all its puzzling ponderances…

There is clearly much left along the seams and underneath the foundations—clearly much left to consider.

Regarding nearly every little thing…

From here a new week begins within its gibbous phase, through the zodiacal energies of Virgo, Libra, into Scorpio, and a quick peaking through Sagittarius before the moon claims its fullness next Saturday within Sagittarius.

In other words, this coming week, within its gibbous phase, is a week to be steadfastly introspective, strategizing next moves, and to become more fully and clearly and honestly understanding toward your own motivations—those typical to you, as well as those you’ve only recently embraced in an effort to embrace a new way of living… a new way of feeling alive.

These introspections, strategizing, and all understanding—these will be much more demanding of your focus, and your know-how, and will require social cooperation, unrelenting motivations, and a fully envisioned idealization… indeed, through this week, through this phase, there is much to be considered—every little detail.

Today, however—now that you’re more aware of what the overall week has in mind for you should you be open and aware, and of course, cooperative—may be a day to take a decision seriously, and to finally choose…

Perhaps it’s not even a decision—maybe it’s some type of ordeal within the situation or circumstance requiring your assistance or support, or something within it all needing rescued, or taken over, or more direct intervention in some way otherwise.

No matter, whatever it is, it’s up to you to take the lead in some way—to more appropriately understand the power within the circumstance, and knowing how to more properly guide this.

Especially if you’re/it’s at a boiling point…

For example, doing something sooner would’ve likely prevented the boiling point.

The default, here, unfortunately, may involve something resembling groupthink—or peer pressures—or an otherwise collective majority overriding what ought to be decided… and this could become somewhat sticky today.

Either continuing to go it alone on this one and to firmly stand your ground in your own personally-willed decision… or to do what you’re able to delineate the very best person for the assignment, whatever that may be—these might be the decisions needing made.

Further, the ways in which you navigate all of these choices and decisions is key, it is beyond key—which is to say that your personal powers need to be in proper alignment with whatever it is requiring forward movement.

Becoming too pushy or failing to be ‘pushy’ enough will present a very fine balance—too many demands, or potentially: demands in general, may prove to be too much at this time.

Also, it’s essential to remember that this is a Virgo moon—regardless of what the matter, issue, or circumstance may be—it’s a moon to utilize your mental abilities, your logical reasoning, your spacial organizing, and your strategic envisioning…

It’s not a time to clutter anything up with feelings.

Egoic overpowering will be a major buzzkill on these energies, as these energies are loaded with potential for solutions—as there’s so much that needs done!—it is a place where ego tends to be less than cooperative.

Should you experience any hiccups through this today—tomorrow is not only a new day, it’s a day offering an early morning lunar shift into Libra, and thereby offering an unexpectedly much-needed ease on an early Monday morning…

No, none of this is about—or shouldn’t be about—feelings, but, more appropriately, about facts and fictions and an honest sense of discernment to recognize the differences.

Intensely selfish people are always very decided as to what they wish. They do not waste their energies in considering the good of others.


🖋 by Jamie James
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Roche, D. ‘The Sabian Symbols.’ Astrology Classics; ©1998, 2010.
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Virgo 1st Quarter Moon at 6°06’—May 27

Now is a time when you might want to retreat and/or regroup—to think and to contemplate and to ponder and to daydream and to meditate and to consider—to restrain yourself back into a more appropriately personalized routine, or into the discipline of your goals and/or ideals, into the commitment you’ve previously made with yourself regarding your personal values…

And restraint may be the emphasis now.

Maybe you feel held back… or maybe you feel restricted in some other way, otherwise.

I only hope that on this extended weekend, here in the states, you’re able to have some much-needed time.

Time, as a resource—a much-needed resource—this much-needed resource of the heart, is so precious to you at this time… and perhaps this is where the restraint is most fully felt. There’s simply never enough time, is there?

This will still be, regardless of it all, a time to slow, pause, and/or stop to come back to reality, to realign, and to reconsider needs, finances, resources and priorities—and to take it all quite seriously…

Your very uniquely personalized potentials are worth a look.

What are you willing to give up in order to gain an advantage?

You may also be in a particular mindfulness, to the point that you are quite unwilling to acknowledge limitations… though it’s important to acknowledge these, if only in an effort to more fully and appropriately understand and prioritize your strategies moving forward—identifying what you can do, and then preparing to do it.

As emotional transformations are absolutely piqued.

This first quarter moon occurs within the first decan of Virgo, which is represented by the 8 of pentacles within the tarot, and governed by the sun…

The 8 of Pentacles is a card that represents progress.

Progress and growth—particularly in the little things.

Tarot writer TS Chang writes of this card that its role to ‘harvest your own light…’

What skills and talents so you have to offer the world?

What can you do to perfect these?

Chang writes that ‘no detail is too small for your attention…’

Remember that this is a moon that shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera puts in charge of all accounts—solitary, joyful, and emotionally fulfilling work that is healing to the heart… though, when anything is free of chaos it also implies that it is free of ‘art, spirit, nature and other people… a sterilized space where nothing ever needs to change except for the work…’

Kaldera writes that “for some people, acknowledging their own faults is a way to empathize with the faults of others…”

Though, within all the measuring of our accounts—there is actually no measurement that is appropriate to the real actuality of whatever it is we think is problematic to our overall.

And that’s not really what it’s about anyway.

It’s about the quality of time we allow ourselves to simply soak it all in: imperfections and all…

Faults are thick where love is thin.

—James Howell

🖋 by Jamie James
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Leo Crescent Moon—May 25

Some days offer embedded magical potentials… most do not.

Embedded, which is to say: by plan, within the ephemeral clockworks…

Otherwise, we must be flexible.

Truthfully, however discouraging or disappointing it may be, there are only a handful of truly auspicious days in each year by way of planetary aspects and alignments—it’s really no wonder when things unravel or fade, end abruptly or fail to endure.

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Cancer/Leo Crescent Moon—May 24

At the risk of sounding ignorant or ridiculous—I would like to suggest that beginning today through Friday it might do you well to not take yourself so seriously…

Regardless of personal circumstances.


I know.

Today may indeed be one of those heavier days—as the moon moves to illuminate Mars in conjunction (and in combination with the now-peaking t-square), lending your needs to feel that much more enhanced, aggressive and/or conflicted, whether you’re being given a metaphorical ‘green light’ or not—whether you’re the one confronting or the one being confronted…

It might be a heavier day.

Maybe watch some standup?

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