Since mid-June, a natural ease of life has been harnessed, reeled back in—welded back down and unnecessarily complicated… does this feel familiar within your personal reality, too?

It was training. Whether you signed on or up for it, or not—it was boot camp training toward inner strength and resilience.

Think back to this summer, and reconsider all of your circumstances through a new lens—through the perspective that it was even the most subtle of training programs… does this effect or alter your mindset or feelings about it?

And further still… try reconsidering that all this training was actually arranged by your own request—that your inner energies were being reflected back at you.


Attitude truly is everything, yeah?

Now that Jupiter is stationing, and will be henceforth moving forwardly—try adjusting your attitude accordingly, in an effort to truly train your inner energies toward the actual value of the lessons you’ve been learning.

He who conquers himself is the mightiest…


♃ SD at 22°♒︎

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—Synthesis of October 15-20th

An awakening or a quickening, or even a burgeoning, is occurring through these next handful of days, and it’s occurring within you—but also, it’s occurring all around you.

Particularly through an/Other.

These days are precious. And these days are beyond you.

Careful what you focus upon, careful what you’re spending/wasting your time with—I would recommend putting your efforts and energies into your ideal, rather than exhausting yourself with what is, what can never be, or what isn’t… 

Whether you feel you are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ about anything at all—consider first, and much more importantly, that these feelings are projections… that it really doesn’t matter, unless someone has actually asked you of your thoughts. And even then, rightness and wrongness isn’t the point—but rather, the personal experience which was experienced, and that is all.

Try to remember that everyone around you—and everyone everywhere—is simply doing their best; try to allow them this benefit of the doubt… and granted, their ‘best’ may be experiencing a bad day—send love anyway… send compassion, and forgiveness, patience, and maybe even some energetic boundaries, so that it need not fluster you as much.

Not even leading—but rather, inspiring—through example is all there is to be done at this time.

Symbols speaking or signs sounding—what is needed now is beyond words, in a way, despite so much elemental air abound… or, should words be necessary—choose them wisely.

The lesson through these days will involve opportunities to open while also boundary-ing; these lessons will both teach and inspire a cautious optimism for both self and other; the outcome, of course, depends on how you participate via demonstrative example.

Reality checks continue to startle—be prepared to be quite honest with yourself these days… though, we also have much more opportunity to consider beyond ourselves, willingly—even genuinely. Despite the ugliness that sometimes exists within truths, these days are attempting to hold space for a sort of collateral beauty, toward self and other, and in truth. There is a defining balance to be sought after… or, it may very well simply come to you, should you be open to receive.

The signs need not be so much about direction, but also in validation, that everything within this realm of consciousness is relative, and utterly meaningless—until we inspire meaning to these… these signs, experiences, and truths.

There’s an energy of transmutation, and surrender… and ultimately—personal empowerment, or, depending upon your participation, personal demolition and egoic confrontation.

Always, your choice.

This said, there could be a building of conflicting feelings or viewpoints, this is highly likely… remember to honestly put effort into understanding the other side, be it personally or collectively, or otherwise—because you should wish this effort from your own oppositions. There is no right or wrong, only relative understanding and subjective experience.

You know, that ancient golden rule…

Perhaps this awakening that is occurring within you and all around you is simply a new understanding, manifesting, toward the universal law that inspires one to look outward with trust and openness—trust and openness is then understood, received, and offered in return.

This is quite an empowering manifestation, indeed.

None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith.

——Paulo Coelho

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☿Rx/D☍⚷@11°; ♎︎☉/♂»□♇@25°; gibbous☽♒︎☌♃,♓︎☌♆,♈︎☌⚷

•●♑︎ 1stQ☽ at 20°01′ on Tuesday★

What, may I ask, are you doing with your un-ease?

What confrontations have introduced the raw and un-ignorable need for repair?

These recent and current energies we’re navigating, as astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed, “bring to us vividly the realization that whatever [you] build in order to be able to venture away from solidly individualized and conscious bases of operation is likely to be damaged by as yet unfamiliar cosmic forces.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if some sort of cosmic sign or spiritual symbolism hasn’t been occurring to you through this last week… though, you may simply not want to take to heart its meanings—ahh, the interplays of choosey ignorance.

Is your spirituality established through convenience?

It’s one thing to obliterate or eradicate all the historical events and reminders that trigger unwanted emotions or fears, although eliminating the reminder serves us not… it’s quite another, when it comes to dealing with oneself, ultimately—what shall be removed in this circumstance?

Is your self-worth and personal evolutionary progress convenient?

What behaviors, attitudes, and mindsets from within need, first, to be dealt with if you are to move forward?

As Jung would recommend: anything that so triggers you beyond yourself is actually occurring within yourself… which brings us back to (trans)personal accountability—oh so conveniently, as Pluto and Saturn station direct through this week, and Mercury and Jupiter will station direct next week, inspiring further hints and nudges. Sure, maybe there’s strength in numbers for all of these obscure movements occurring… but these groups of collaborative complaint are only as strong as their weakest link, essentially—all revolutionary work in the name of progress will forever need to be strategized and conquered from within first.

You’ve been given the hunch, the sign, the hint—whether it was the one you wanted or not… so take your triggers, your woes, and your collective complaints—take a long hard look within, at yourself, “in all ways to Tuesday… and fix it,” as my dad used to say, regardless of what day it was, “damnit man.”

The cosmos has your back, as well as all your ideals, it does—but you’ve got to do the real work from within yourself first: it’s your transpersonal responsibility…

I know, the actualizing and adulting required of Saturn in Aquarius is exhausting—but all your demands, rational or not, require the critical course-corrections… and these begin with you—and it doesn’t matter a bit how much of the outer or microscopic world you try to destroy or eradicate along the way.

You’ve still got the work to do. Saturn will wait.

So what, may I ask, are you planning to do about your un-ease/dis-ease?

If you have bad luck at dawn, you had bad luck. If you keep having bad luck all day, you are the bad luck.❞

——Amit Kalantri

*1stQ October 12 at 8:24pm PDT; 9:24pm MDT; 10:24pm CDT; 11:24pm EDT

•●♎︎ NM at 13°25′

Typically Libran new moons are quite lovely, and your average astrological cookbook definition would likely concur, ever so conveniently and agreeably…

Not this one.

There will be an obvious challenge, quite directly and very possibly personally, to all things lovely, and toward all things Venusian, indeed… toward all things so blindly and thoughtlessly agreeable.

You might feel an un-ease, actually—or dis-ease. A disorientation.

If I were you I would question it, especially if questioning it would go against your ‘natural’ grain in any way.

However, and unfortunately, simply privately questioning anything will likely go much further… and be much louder than the sounds of your own personal conscience—these energies are likely potential to stir protests and riots of unrest, at the very most, collectively or even on a personal level between yourself and an/Other… it seems that everyone is either clinging to a sense of false relevancy or seeking out meaning in an overall that isn’t even their own personal experience—it’s as though much of society, if one were to believe what they’re being told, is putting tomato into a fruit salad.

Further, I presume the almighty righteous virtue signaling will wave its martyred flag in its finest silks, and for its most unbecoming reasonings… as it has since spring of 2020—and look where it’s gotten us: incredibly uneasy… (the ultimate result of giving everyone a trophy for simply showing up for the last twenty years.)

Yet, the opportunity awaits those who can think and thrive for themselves—as we continue to reward the broken and triggered—and for those who actively find balance in the imbalances.

Where is the un-ease or dis-ease in your reality?

Something needs to change… but what?—it’s gotta begin with you, though… this new moon is all about you you you.

Do you prefer to be told what to do?

Do you prefer to make your own decisions?

Does it make you uncomfortable to not have control?

Does it create un-ease to consider that everything you thought was secure is… no longer so secure, in any stretch of the imagination you may lie to yourself through?

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.❞
——Miles Kingston

*4:05am PDT; 5:05am MDT; 6:05am CDT; 7:05am EDT

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The first week of October begins with a wealth of potential —however painfully available… it is an eye-opener week, if you will; a week to ask yourself: what has the universe been asking me to release?

Further, what plans have you been clinging to that are simply no longer relevant, these plans no longer fit, they no longer feel true?

Not unlike this time of year —what memories have you been romanticizing?—memories that may need to be let go for their cold and crippling inaccuracy…

The photo I chose is a drone’s perspective, from above, of an aircraft boneyard in southern California, where many models of aircraft that have been rendered irrelevant, for whatever reason, are stored, to be stripped for parts for models that remain relevant and vital… kept in the dry and unforgiving desert, these parts manage to resist rust and decay, and are thereby still valuable.

There is a wealth of potential to be found and honored in this first week of October, should you be brutally honest with yourself —should you wish to take your power back into your own hands and prepare to move forward… should you choose to raise your frequency and tune into the vitality amidst all the death and dying, victimhood and fragility… amidst all of the varying irrelevancy.

In what ways can you take responsibility for your own chosen outcomes?—for your own ideal?

What expectations do you need to release?

Is there a blind spot you’ve been avoiding?

What are you committed to changing?

When, and in what ways, do you feel most alive?

The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses.❞
——Edith Södergran

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I tend to notice struggle…

Unnecessary struggle screams. Real struggle whispers.

These days it’s screaming. And I feel compelled to write this…

I see struggle, these days, in most directions, in nearly all ways… systems are broken, vacant, vacuous, corrupt, and completely breaking and securities we always believed were a given, guaranteed, or granted in reward are failing… everything is a mess.

Change is being demanded, unapologetically—it’s come to this point.

We are being asked to change, transform, innovate or reform.

Hope and prayers, love, and belief will not be enough.

Specifically, I feel the resounding struggling—the largely unnecessary struggling—due, essentially, through massive confusion.

Confused alienation and anxiety. Almost an obligated confusion. Confused beliefs, directives.

Even the origin of this word, struggle, is formed on a base of ‘obscure origin’… which begs the question: why!?—why, and how, and in what ways can this be navigated?

But if what you’re currently doing isn’t working, the obscurity becomes quickly defined and tangible… especially when taking personally gentle accountability.

I recognize struggle because I used to be all too familiar, and even convivial, with its mechanisms and effects—cuddly with its mindlessness—the trickery of its illogical tomfoolery is truly chilling; struggle is egoic, simply put, and will therefore cling to its endless validation.

No more. And it’s made all the difference for me.

We tend to think that to struggle is to care, or to put forth an effort, or to be recognized as heroic (a term recently and presently being grossly exaggerated and mistranslated), or concerned, devoted, or determined… however, we are not here to struggle—and if you feel as though you are, or that it’s supposed to be that way, you’re doing something wrong… and these current times are offering you an opportunity to change your ways.

The thing is—our natal charts blatantly boast a clear pathway for us each, individually, to avoid struggle… just waiting to be translated.

Please understand—much of today’s woo woo astrology inspires one to use astrology as an excuse to remain comfortable and content within familiar miseries (i.e. I’m an Aries so I’m naturally bossy and aggressively demanding—which happens to be exactly what you might be here to work through, to find enlightenment through; planetary placements indicate potential challenges within our psyche, not an expertise or hall pass thereof, by the way)… whereas actionable astrology uses astrology as a tool to evolve, and to consciously make changes within your reality to be supported through actual cellular responses within yourself, to truly change your reality into an ideal made available just for you… you chose them specifically for this lifetime—why not use them!?

In most cases, as simply put as is possible to put it: if you’re struggling, you’re navigating your chart in the wrong direction, or celebrating your challenges in a way that further complicate your issues, and the universe is now alerting you to this through actual events of struggle, typically by aspect to a personal planet—either actually or psychically… you get the idea—either way, you’re feeling it, you’re living it, it’s wildly uncomfortable, and your personality in no way resembles the individuated self you always identified with from within or resonated toward.

These days are punching us with a much stronger need to be that much more powerfully conscious in our personal accountability than we’ve felt in a long while, if ever…

So, it’s your move, it’s on you and no one but you.

If you’re thinking to yourself how challenging 2020 and 2021 have been—you’ve seen nothing yet… many are literally standing in line like cattle for the ride we’ll eventually call 2022 (sorry not sorry for this visual, and please know that this forewarning comes from a place of love, not fear) and there’s no way to prepare anyone for what lies ahead in one broad stroke… each of you holds your own solution.

No one is coming to save you, you must save yourself despite your struggles… these are the energies we’re working with now, unlearning the old and exploring the new, with an open mind.

Your struggles will not reward you, however convincing your ego may make this seem to you… unless you truly are here in this lifetime to experience struggle, though I would argue that none of us are—you wouldn’t consider it struggling… I suppose it’s what we’d refer to as a soul obligation (not to be mistaken by the man-made obligations we mindlessly create and excuse our behaviors or limitations through).

You are not here to struggle.

All of you are here to thrive.

And your natal chart will show you the way—your way.

I will no longer be providing single readings—personal accountability begins with an honest investment in yourself, an investment toward change, consciousness, and personal evolution… should you be interested in creating a reality that resembles your ideal, this would be a process that would require real soul work that deserves much more than a merely ninety minutes and an overload of new information… so, really, the term ‘reading’ no longer holds much relevance.

How about I refer to an exchange with you as, appropriately by definition—a disquisition.

And so I will offer you a flexibility in disquisitions—as some of you may be new to concepts of investment, I get it, it’s a lot—considering each individual circumstance, I will offer/recommend disquisitions of durations of either three months, six months, nine months, or twelve months, in which we would connect in incrementally designated times, and a fee will vary appropriately.

Let me show you how to use astrology without learning it, in real speak… because even knowing where your moon was when you were born doesn’t do you much for you without the larger context of it all, in relation to all of everything else, believe me—much less, knowing when Mercury retrograde is occurring… which is, sadly for my heart, how little I continue to see people ‘utilize’ astrology—but if simply knowing that you’re a Sagittarius rising is helping you create your dreams, that’s incredible for you, truly; like anything, until you really understand things (anything!) in their right context—such as what, specifically, a neuron really is and how it works… it’s useless information…

❝Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.❞
——Miles Kingston

I’m here if you need some help, or if you want to begin investing in your ideal—message me directly or e-mail me.

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❝We’re built of contradictions, all of us. It’s those opposing forces that give us strength, like an arch, each block pressing the next. Give me a man whose parts are all aligned in agreement and I’ll show you madness. We walk a narrow path, insanity to each side. A man without contradictions to balance him will soon veer off.❞

——Mark Lawrence

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If there’s one thing for certain…

Leo season makes an absolute mess of everything and all things, in all directions —every year, but particularly this year…

Perhaps specifically, and even a little poetically, for Virgo season to swoop in and clean it all up and put it all back together again.

Holy holy hallelujah —let the clean up and reality checks begin.

★Wednesday Forecast

Gemini/Cancer Balsamic Moon
—August 4

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar would say of today, “the show is over—now comes the hour of decision…”

However, as the moon moves somewhat laterally into Cancer this afternoon, there’s potential for the sentimentality of our mistakes and preferences to quite supremely, still laughably irrationally, take over—there’s potential, though, to attempt a shameless justification of e) all of the above… whatever might make you feel better, for now.

Of course this makes little actual sense…

Nor will this self-serving justification prove beneficial to you.

Be wary of the martyred motherly smothering inclinations that excuse ‘love’ from selfishness, or codependency.

Be wary of feeling as though ultra-sensitivity is some sort of superpower or virtue. It’ll crush you today.

Be wary of any preference toward victimhood… the universe doesn’t exactly care if you’re comfortable—we’re here to experience all of it… and move on, and forward—we’re not supposed to cling or linger or dwell.

Be wary, also, of excuses and emotion-based ‘reasoning’, as these will delight your ego, sure, but only guide you backward, or, with any luck—sideways.

If you’re already living your ideals—what is sideways offering you? Maybe a moment of reflection, or to experience sheer presence…

If you’re still struggling—you’re doing something wrong, and sideways will only keep you there… and, it’s likely your preferences that have perpetuated you struggle. Just a thought.

These new experiences you’re needing to experience—these will require more than your participation, they will demand your flexibility… and your willingness to reorient and realign yourself toward the silouette of this newer version of You.

Rudhyar would suggest, here, that “one argues with oneself, hoping to convince oneself that the old impulses are still legitimate.”

Further, “hesitancy and conflicting motives are still inevitable—the mind is very clever at not facing the consequences which follow from desires or even from restlessness… attempts at rationalization are experienced and should be understood.”

Crying is all right in its way while it lasts. But you have to stop sooner or later, and then you still have to decide what to do.❞
——C.S. Lewis

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★Tuesday Forecast

Gemini Balsamic Moon
—August 3

So, whatever ways of thinking about yourself or the world at large you motivated yourself to throw out from yesterday—you’ll want to talk about it today… but don’t expect anyone to take you too seriously.

Whatever your thoughts or feelings are—these will need to be quite convincing… as astrologer Dane Rudhyar would say, “its inertial resistance to change has to be overcome.”

Maybe try talking less about these new experiences you need to be experiencing and—directly experience them.

Unaccustomed to direct experience, we can come to fear it. We don’t want to read a book or see a museum show until we’ve read the reviews so that we know what to think. We lose the confidence to perceive ourselves. We want to know the meaning of an experience before we have it. We become frightened of direct experience, and we will go to elaborate lengths to avoid it.❞
——Michael Crichton

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