Virgo Crescent Moon
—July 31

Today’s moon is very much ensconced within potential… particularly—the potential toward new possibilities, possibilities available only through a personally determined discipline.

In other words—today is a wonderfully ideal day to surrender yourself, willingly, toward a new way of being… to begin a new routine (or release an unhealthy routine), to begin a new habit of health (or release an unhealthy habit), to begin a new lifestyle—one which supports health and wellbeing for mind, body, and spirit.

Further, the all-month building of tension between Mars and Uranus moving toward the North Node—today and tomorrow all meet in conjunction—and bam!—the idea of change (as it will be inevitable) will either be embraced willingly—welcoming breakthroughs—or destructively resisted, taunting breakdown.

Today’s moon will illuminate this Taurean stellium phenomena, and this lunarly connection promotes the earthy qualities of potentials… and, despite whatever changes or chaos are either on offer or becoming problematic—keeping a cool, impersonal perspective toward whatever it is, with an ‘uninhibited approach to life…’

Embracing change with a personal willingness, now, would be much better advised than resisting it… though, as always, the choice is forevermore yours.

❝Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.
——Leo Tolstoy

★If anyone would like astrological guidance toward the upcoming celestial phenomenon upon your own charts, I am available, and because I feel these energies are going to be particularly volatile—I am offering my time for only $90 for previous clients, and $125 for new clients (as opposed to my typical $185 fee)

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Leo/Virgo Crescent Moon
—July 30

No aspects today!

Thank goodness, because I didn’t come prepared at all…

But non-aspecting lunarly days—when in Leo—these tend to entertain impulsivity, silliness, and real, in real time, fun.

I don’t typically share anything about myself in any personal regard, but with the current lunarly energies—why not!?—Leo energies, let’s be honest, sort of thrive on that, so—we’ve flown down privately to Tahoe for a little Leo/Virgoan much-needed spontaneity/self-care, and honestly—writing any post has been the last thing on my mind (the last two were pre-written), and I didn’t know how long we’d be—that Leo moon, I tell ya…

What’re y’all doing to utilize these energies?

Whatever it is you’re pulling off, I hope you’re having a ball and not overthinking anything, because August (and its energies) will come in hard, right off the bat, without any warning, with one hell of a slam dunk of some kind, erroneous and erratic, breaking down or breaking through, depending upon where Taurus is in your chart…

Speaking of which—if anyone would like some astrological guidance toward the upcoming celestial phenomenon upon your own charts, I will be available, and because I feel these energies are going to be particularly volatile—I am offering my time for only $90 for previous clients, and $125 for new clients (as opposed to my typical $185 fee)… direct message me and I’ll send you my PayPal link to schedule your reading.

Once, I saw a bee drown in honey, and understood.❞
——Nikos Kazantzakis

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Leo Crescent Moon
—July 29

This last weekend I was reading an essay within which the author wrote that whatever it was that typically offered ‘ordinarily sanguinary predilections…’ I thought to myself nearly immediately, as I was rereading it to experience it again and again, the flow of those words… this sounds appropriate for next weekend—which is today.

What would typically feel ordinarily sanguinary via a Leo moon kinda day, when the sun is joined in Leo… may today feel a bit off.

A Leo crescent moon doesn’t really thrill to the thought of taking too much too seriously, it’s true—but there may be a smidge of seriousness to contend with nevertheless.

The ongoing, continued building of tensions between the fixed energies of Taurus and Leo are coming to a potentially harsh head—to be at its peak July 31 and August 1—which will inevitably result in dramatic breakdowns or cathartic breakthroughs… either of which will be as metaphorically painful as they will be symbolically relieving.

Meanwhile, Venus in Cancer is applying a square to Chiron in Aries. Ugh. This square, too, will also be exact on July 31. Ugh.

So, what would ordinarily offer a sanguinary predilection—today offers more of a palpable perniciousness. Ugh.

Further, and somewhat ironically, in looking up the degrees through which these squares occur—these degrees read happily, and quite Leo-esquely really, though, when considering the planetary players involved specifically, the sanguinary predilection turns pernicious.

However, creative-cum-catastrophic release is absolutely synonymous with the actual planetary aspectual energies abound, though this sentimental sensation of release may, again, go one of two ways—or simultaneously, I suppose anything is possible—either toward a breakdown or a breakthrough…

Perhaps the building Venus/Chiron square could inspire a softer side to the harshly hard edges of the fixed grand square?—though this softness may not be exactly the kind of soft that’s conducive to these types of energies, as Venus in Cancer is highly and largely at risk of offense, and is tremendously vulnerable to hurts of all levels without so much as a flinch of physical proof… it can be very trying, then, to navigate already choppy waters upon waters of ultimated feelings of subjectivity—it’s a no win.

When I suggest that this energy duo could help I mean to pinpoint, specifically, the Venus in Cancer/Chiron ability to empathize on a heightened wavelength and to both embrace and demand loyalty…

Particularly, a loyalty to Self—though, at this point, a severe lack of seriousness overall, feelings be damned—a loyalty to Self now is really what needs to be focused on as we embark upon the upcoming peak of energies.

You cannot live when you are untouchable. Life is vulnerability.”❞
——Édouard Bouba

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by handleofiron


Leo New Moon at 5°39′
—July 28

The sun is shining its brightest, metaphorically—its truest, symbolically…

It is upon the Leo new moon that “we concentrate on creativity in any endeavor…” according to shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera.

Through today’s energies, “self-expression, self-confidence, self-esteem—these things come easily…” and a ‘confident embodiment of new styles of expression…’ exist most confidently, and though there is a particular charisma present, both within and without… astrologer Austin Coppock writes that the word ‘persona’ describes these Leonine energies in that “the persona does not describe the entire geography of the soul, instead, it describes the social role played by the person—[that] the personality thus contains modes of expression and action which predispose one to playing a particular role, whether that part be villain, savior, or victim…” boldly, without apology.

Most certainly, however, through the degree this new moon occurs, there’s an emboldened concentration toward new ideas being challenged.

What are these challenges?

What are you learning through these challenges?

What needs a bit of renovation?

In fact, “you may find yourself faced with a choice between tried-and-true established ways and the modern or innovative… it is most likely that the best qualities of both attitudes is the proper compromise—there may be a need to be mindful of other people’s mindsets and generational differences…”



Remember, too, that Leo energies are energies focused specifically within a heart-centeredness… which is to extend oneself beyond oneself toward others, intentionally, with selfless purpose, regardless of deserving or worthiness…

To be entirely self-possessed—not with ego or pride, but simply with self-possession and personal sovereignty, demands a complete selflessness… to go beyond, despite whatever emotions may exist or occur or impinge—after all, as the recently late Ivana Trump once said, “don’t get mad, darling—get everything…” which requires a firm and impersonal centeredness of character, indeed.

Astrologer Austin Coppock expresses that through this first decan of Leo, “to be able to direct the spotlight is a potent power… there are are spotlights waiting for us at certain crossroads, stages set up and awaiting our performance—there are times where it is one’s performance and decisions that are utterly determinant of the state of not only our life but other lives… these rays are cast down not by our decisions, but by Life itself.”

Further, Coppock states that “many fear the beams, as they should…”

There are opportunities, these days, to ‘get in step with a new beat… for harmonious progression…’ to personally evolve beyond all previous growth or actual lesson.

And now we are very much within the thick of the still -building grand cross between the Taurean stellium between Mars, Uranus and the North Node (with the South Node in Scorpio), Saturn in Aquarius, and currently—Mercury in Leo… and this new moon only magnifies and illuminates the Leonine presence.

The end of July will very much describe the ways in which we express our heart-centeredness—which will also provide an individuated outlet for loving inspiration and empowerment, outwardly, beyond Self…

To him whose elastic and vigorous thought keeps pace with the sun, the day is a perpetual morning…
——Henry David Thoreau

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by frankmoth

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Cancer Balsamic Moon
—July 27

Something tells me you willingly participated in yesterday’s deconditioning and efforts in forgiveness… (—I truly hope so…)

If not—today offers Round 2. Or 3. Or wherever you left off.

Three days of heavy heavy Cancer moon amidst the lightened, brightened liberation of a Leo sun!—so what fresh hell is this?!—let’s find a way to genuinely forgive and move forward!

However, we’re on day three of a heavy heavy Cancer moon moving into an opposition with Pluto amidst the lightened, brightened liberation of a Leo sun—and so, essentially, your darkest inner fears are being confronted while a sense of security is also being potentially threatened, or maybe it’s the other way around… and your darkest inner fears are feeling threatened while a sense of security is simultaneously being confronted, or tested.

However close you felt toward forgiving—may be pinched back now.

And the sun made its annual opposition to Pluto back on July 19th, a day when the moon was in Aries, conjunct Chiron—ouch!

Anything still feeling pinched from that day?—because the moon moving through this point next will illuminate the heavy squish of it all… if you feel that “everything is too confusing and complicated, you should go somewhere that allows for quiet times and informed reflection…” you know, like under a rock—the way a crab would.

Truly, Kaldera’s advice toward actively feeling through forgiveness, however harshly it pinches, is sharply apropos today.

Still, despite whatever barriers or burdens you’re navigating, however laterally—persevere… (and forgive) you’ll be stronger for it.

As those wanton with woe will muse: this, too, shall pass.

To err is human, to forgive, divine.❞
——Alexander Pope

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Cancer Balsamic Moon
—July 26

Continued memories to delineate and decriminalize—and continued need for very actively participating forgiveness… the kind of forgiveness you really feel.

Into the great wide openness of your personal abilities—open-mindedness toward another, toward anything!, could truly be the salve to any past/previous bruising, as well as any reminding open wounds of resentment—either literally or figuratively.

Should you be able to embrace an honest open-mindedness toward particular circumstances—even further, being able to discern, as well as understanding and utilizing objectivity—these could all help to decondition your typical more egoically primitive instincts of reaction…

An unexpected response, then, if you’re up for it—humor.

There are two kinds of celestial crustacean—there’s the Cancer that takes everything quite seriously, however unnecessarily, and is often typically unhappy, disappointed, hurt, or emotionally tortured—because everything is taken personally… and then there’s the Cancer that has no time for any of that at all, but would rather find the humor within the pain, or disappointment, the tragedy, or the ironic meaning of it all—and this Cancer lets it all go, are happier for it, and can identify the humor without being so personally involved.


Which Cancerian vibration would you rather condition (or decondition)? If anything—humor can be distracting, and shared. It can be quite cathartic, if the connection remains connected.

Later, the moon moves on to square back to Chiron through a degree that represents growth—though, as this is a square, a square between the likes of the moon, the Cancer moon no less, and Chiron, in Aries—whatever growth you’re needing to endure now is harsh, and likely complicated… this growth will inevitably—should you be willing to fully and actively endure through participation—regard a new layer, in real time, within your ongoing processing of self-actualization.

Self-actualization can be tremendously enlightening… or tragically daunting or stagnated—encore une fois, ainsi va la vie.

Either way—sometimes you may need to forgive yourself, for living in a manner that was necessary at another time, or for misunderstanding something essential, or for just not being present for a moment in your life that might have mattered.

For today—just try to find the humor in your conditioning, within your growth, within all your quirks and flaws, and forgive… and if you’re unable or unwilling—try watching stand-up. Maybe Anthony Jesselnik’s ‘Thoughts & Prayers’ could jolt you from your self-endorsed cocoon of egoic comfort.

If you want to see the brave, look to those who can forgive.❞
——the Bhagavad Gita (thank you Annee—so timely)

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by itspeteski

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Gemini/Cancer Balsamic Moon
—July 25

Today’s Gemini moon meditatively informs itself in radiance through until late morning here on the west coast—through early afternoon on the east coast—before ceasing its lunarly rationality for Cancerian-inspired lunarly irrational emotionality…

Perhaps its lunarly balsamic phasing will support a more privately expressed inwardly swirling inner rage… reminiscing and remembering, though highly emotionally-driven, and thereby inaccurately remembering—all that was encompassed or navigated, however laterally, through late June into July.

In fact, shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states that this is the moon of the Keeper of Memories… and “the danger of [this moon] is getting stuck in a past that never was and insisting that it is of more value than the present… when the present is painful, the past can be a solace —when the past is painful, too, the Keeper of Memories may decide that it deserves a rewrite, especially when the point is to hold it up a some kind of ideal against which the present utterly fails.”

If you are harboring resentments at this point—the point and underlying essence of this moon is to forgive… Kaldera adds that “forgiveness is more than just letting the memory fade until there isn’t much to it anymore—true forgiveness is not a passive act—it is actively forgiving someone, letting yourself feel the willed act of opening the clenched fists and letting the resentment go, feeling the salt wind blow clean across those empty palms… active forgiveness is what really purifies the memories and allows pain to be given its full respect, thus giving respect also to the strength that survived that pain.”

And, as the shrinking Cancer moon moves to connect to an ever-expansive Jupiter in Aries, which is currently stationing and thereby much more potently influential—the moon connects by square and begins to further illuminate toward Venus in conjunction, exact tomorrow, through a degree which Venus is already squaring Jupiter exactly…

These illusional memories could very well take over your emotional imbalances today…

Beware overly imbalanced anything—try to find a balance of centeredness, if possible… if not—like a good crustacean—move laterally to avoid anything you can’t reasonably take on.

A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen.❞
——Edward de Bono

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🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by romanticappeal

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Gemini Balsamic Moon
—July 24

Today’s energies might conjure thoughts or feelings toward universal connectedness…

Now, typically, a Gemini moon needs to be social, by nature, possessing a wide variety of thoughts and ideas—a Gemini moon needs to communicate, share, connect… but when a Gemini moon is balsamic—a Gemini moon needs to communicate and connect from within; ultimately, with oneself.

I know… it’s a little unnatural. However. With the sun in Leo now, this more inward Gemini moon becomes almost embodied—or, immersed rather—within a sort of etherically illuminated radiance… like levitating!

As though angels from on high are singing!

If, of course, these energies are utilized appropriately.

Otherwise—well, there’s something of a disconnect… a missed opportunity. As though the angels are distracted, self-focused, longing, dizzied within a self-created busyness that never seems to become anything.


Should today’s energies be utilized appropriately, this inward meditation, if you will, or maybe I should call it a flow, or a rhythm… whatever it is—it’s a cosmic binding, a connectedness. Still, it requires something of a skill, indeed.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar advised the innate demand toward self-discipline and described this ‘skill’ as a facing of “the totality of our individual selfhood as it is projected in the many-hued dome of our sky-flung consciousness… after every successfully met crisis, the revelation of worth comes to us, and with it comes the promise of success, if only we do our part.”

Our part… and for you, specifically—your part.

What is your part?

Are you disciplined?

Have you ever felt levitated?—and no, I do not mean to say elevated, that’s entirely different…

Ultimately, are you able to experience this etherically illuminated radiance?—likely not on the daily, but please tell me you’re allowing yourself as much on a weekly/monthly basis… this might seem unnatural, but it is most certainly not unnatural, but absolutely natural.

It’s likely that so many things and thoughts are running rapidly through your mind, charged, and inspired—yet, you don’t have the words… not yet.

Even more, a Gemini moon struggles beyond thoughts… yet, there are emotions to contend with. Emotional responses or reactions may not be understood—but maybe, for today, they need not be entirely understood… or understood at all—but sometimes talking to oneself out loud can be so informative, so soothing, so reassuring.

So inspiring…

Further yet, you may also be facing or confronting—or being confronted by—some various component of reality, or otherwise life changing reality circumstance… and the best way to ‘get through’ whatever it is you’re navigating is to simply make the most of them.

Your boundaries may be tested.

And you may really have much to say out loud to yourself…

Try to become more intimately conscious of your personal boundaries—and furthermore, your actual, if you will, physical-cum-etheric, center of gravity—as this is where your ability to consciously levitate resides…

This is where your connectivity between mind and consciousness and universal connectedness binds… sparks, and vibrates.

Today is a good day to ponder all these things considered…

I never even thought about whether or not they understand what I’m doing… the emotional reaction is all that matters, as long as there’s some feeling of communication, it isn’t necessary that it be understood.❞
——John Coltrane

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by dreamingincollages

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Gemini Balsamic Moon
—July 23

Hallelujah!—the sun shines upon us!

>deep exhalation<

The strategically selfish saturations of Cancerian waters evaporate almost immediately beneath the brightest, boldest rays of Leonine sunshine, the pessimistic wetness naturally drains back into the sandy shadows and underneath the oceanic bric-a-brac—wholly sucked back with the tide… while the hopeful, confident vibrations of the Leo sun shines on, warming all lingering chilly sea breezes.

Whatever house in your personal nativity chart that is governed by Cancer is likely the sector of your life that is somewhat shuttered, strategically and selfishly saturated… while the house thereafter, where Leo is in your chart, offers opportunity, and warm openness.

Today’s sun shines back at the moon by sextile through a degree that associates itself to the concept of conflagration, which, by definition, refers to ‘a destructive, and usually extensive, fire’, whereas, more metaphorically speaking—this degree suggests the proverbial spark, as well as lightning, or to inspire the inner flame.

Negatively, then, ‘to burn up’ and mindlessly expire all potentials and/or resources thoughtlessly or recklessly would be inferred… astrologer Dane Rudhyar even references this in comparison to the energies of your rudimentary Sagittarius frequencies, in that within its very essence is an inner friction and/or confliction to itself, in which navigation through needs to be exhaustively learned…

Symbolically, for today, as the sun moves into Leo—the moon moves into Gemini to connect—think of this as a dark Cancerian cloud moving out of the way, and it’s been such a long time since you’ve seen and felt the sun… it’s witnessed and experienced as that much brighter—but as pleasant as this feels, you’ll burn just as quickly, just the same… ‘the sun can destroy as well as vivify’.

Rudhyar refers to apoplexy, which is a fun word the Victorians used to use (somewhat exhaustively, ironically—cautioning from becoming potentially apoplectic) to refer to physical excitation, to the point of convulsion.

Combustion is another word choice of Rudhyar’s.

Then the moon moves on, moving into an exact midpoint in between Jupiter in Aries and Mercury in Leo by sextiles, through a degree that refers to creative intensity…

And this is when it becomes even more intense… or, potentially apoplectic—because Mercury in Leo, and, you know, Jupiter in general.

Rudhyar describes this degree as “the breath represents the power of the spirit, animator of all living manifestations… because the glass blower uses his breath to shape the glass vessels, he is a fitting symbol of how deeply any creative individual has to involve his total being in his creation—he is also using the fire of the spirit—transpersonal inspiration—or, in another sense, the fire of deeply felt emotions… any creative activity which does not involve both the ‘breath’ and the ‘fire’ cannot transform into beautiful artworks—or indeed into any new form of order—the raw materials, remains of the past…”

Perhaps, as the moon weakens ever more within its midpoint aspecting, and surrenders toward the inevitable upcoming new moon, the now exalted sun is preparing the moon (for its newness next week), in turn, for an inevitable lunarly combustion… an inevitable lunarly outburst of inner creativity surging forth, outward, to be shared generously and enjoyed most thoroughly…

Passion is the spark that put you on fire for combustion and propel the wheels of productivity that brings your ultimate success.❞
——Lord Robin

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by takiisbranding

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Taurus/Gemini Balsamic Moon
—July 22

Ouch. Definitely not an ideal day… and possibly not even a very good one.

So that lunarly square to Saturn occurring this morning—here on the west coast—that I mentioned yesterday… it could suggest very real potential toward harshness.

The degree through which this square occurs speaks of deep-seated emotions, aggressiveness, and instincts… and through Taurean energies, these could be quite harshly prolonged, or otherwise made to be more brutally influenced or more deeply afflicted—more severely impacted.

Typically, wherever the dreamy subtleties and emotional niceties of the moon are squared up against the harsh hardnesses and sobering, even depressive, reality-checks of Saturn—ouch, it hurts. If the moon represents our mood and our needs, when up against Saturn our mood naturally turns blue, if not outright down, and our needs become that much more complicated to meet, for whatever reason… and when this square occurs within elemental fixity—the reason is typically circumstantial, or otherwise non-negotiable.

And Taurean energies typically do not take much lightly…

Much, much later in the day—again, here in the west coast—the moon moves into Gemini, and a little late night reprieve could be possible?—but more likely in the light of day tomorrow… the moon moving in Gemini should lighten the load a bit, if not just emotionally—not to mention, the sun will now be shining from the higher consciousness of Leo…

Tomorrow’s more lunarly constructive alignments could offer a new opportunity to more thoroughly and honestly communicate needs and preferences, and likely, these will be coming from an entirely new place, with entirely different perspectives.

Try to keep in mind and heart that tomorrow is truly a new day.

Be patient, calm, compassionate. Know that existence is fleeting.❞
——Ettore Sottsass

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🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by itspeteski