Scorpio Gibbous Moon
—May 14

Today’s Scorpio moon moves without aspecting, somehow influencing its Scorpionic powers that much more intensely, and indirectly…

There might be a looming eeriness in the air, or a very disregarded obviousness loitering in the shadows of the psyche… or maybe it’ll feel more like a haunted awareness toward that which is directly in front of you or within you or in regard of you—penetrating straight into the soft and unsuspecting marrow within your bones.

Also, the Scorpio eclipse is tomorrow… though its lessons and leanings will resonate through the next six months, its deepest intensities will peak tomorrow.

Despite the moon’s strength being bright and growing, today’s moon is darkened, symbolically and metaphorically, and eclipses, after all, define that which is darkened, darkened to the point of elimination… or release.

Further, it is the South Node that is currently moving through Scorpio, and the South Node represents that which is being lost, or needs to be let go… not to mention, simultaneously, representing that which we tend to cling to.

Of course, rather than losing—it is typically best to voluntarily release, surrender, or sacrifice… but always, this choice is yours.

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera speaks of this moon as ‘going under the cloak’, which he explains “mystics and holy people [who] practiced a technique of deep meditation and communion called going under the cloak… in this custom, the mystics who sought to commune with the gods and divine the question to a crucially important problem—perhaps one that would determine the outcome for the future of an entire people—would roll themselves in a great cloak of dark wool to shut out the light and remain there for up to three days…”

They would fully deprive themselves, as if within their own versions of a sensory deprivation tank, and “at the end of it, they would have the answer… sometimes that answer was terrifying, but it was always true.”

Kaldera states that this moon is fully dedicated to shadow work.

This shadow work, and the darknesses being either confronted or battled—or befriended in an effort toward either release or surrender—are directed inward, within, into our own personal Underworld, into the depths of the darknesses… a moon which is, again, as Kaldera calls it, “a moon of patience and courage… a moon in which we go down into our own depths and deal with our monsters.”

Kaldera explains further, that this essence and purpose of this moon’s energies are to love the monsters, the darknesses, the fears, and the depths… that healing these isn’t the point at all, nor should this be the goal—as we are all inherently flawed as equally as we are all divinely imperfect—to love these flaws and imperfections is where the light begins to shine through.

What makes night within us may leave stars.❞
——Victor Hugo

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

Kaldera, R. “Moon Phase Astrology.” Destiny Books; ©2011.


Libra Gibbous Moon
—May 13

Today’s energies and reveries are potentially layered and varied between emotional pangs and pendulum swings…

Through a Libra moon we need to fully and wholly consider Other, be it an/Other or an Other otherwise… either way, there is always always a tendency to lose oneself within the very touchy, emotional and consummating process. Issues of projection and/or repression, then, very easily come into play—if not action. Specifically, the Libra moon, when in its gibbous phase, represents romantic love—as opposed to transpersonal love, familial love, or motherly/paternal love, or, heaven help us all, virtual love…

However, especially with Venus currently moving without aspect, and thereby navigating this temporary flux or pause in desire/desiring—ideas or matters of romantic love, then, too, today, may feel as though they are either paused, muted, out of sync, or otherwise disconnected… and, in other words, possibly without balance.

This kink, seemingly from out of nowhere—is there an underlying patterning to it, if you were to dig deeply and honestly enough?

This kink, then—what, precisely, is it drawing out, or illuminating, for you?

Are you beginning to realize issues related to projection or repression, or outright avoidance—through yourself or from an/Other—more painfully clearly through this current kink?

Further, it is quite often that “we go through our lives without noticing the information that can be gained from looking at small or seemingly insignificant things… the revelation that this experience can change one’s life, if time is taken to stop long enough to really look into it…”

Obviously, if there is pain beneath whatever it is you’re finding, or whatever it is that’s emerging—it’s understandable how you might not want to linger or loiter any longer than necessary… though I’m afraid this kink of pause may take awhile—and when Venus does aspect, its aspects won’t be fluffy.

Celestially speaking, particularly as the second eclipse is on Sunday, the energies are indicating a need for adjustments… and personal presence, particularly within your own reality.

Further, and finally, there’s an indicative suggestion toward ‘rising through one’s talents’, and ‘living fully within one’s own myths’… which suggests both going above and beyond your current planes of consciousness, intentionally… but also, and in tandem thereof—you are your energy.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed this technique—this technique of human interaction and emotional exchange—makes “a life truly ‘human’… and he referred to this as conscious participation—which is to imply a conscious participation toward and with all things and all energies.

Energies change all the time… and so can you.

On our own, we are marshmallows and dried spaghetti, but together we can become something bigger.❞
——C.B. Cook

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by oaknarrow

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Libra Gibbous Moon
—May 12

First of all, today’s airy moon connects to a now retrograding Mercury through a degree that associates itself with the balancing act between listening and learning… between integrating and keeping sacred.

Further, “information and understanding is coming to you or through you… insight, knowledge, and expertise are available or present, or at least they need to be…” and this should be quite valuable to you.

How are you feeling about your teachings and your lessons?

What needs to be learned on an inner level?

What can be passed on to others so they might learn, and improve their lives?


Today’s moon is governed by Venus, and if you read my recently published Venus Moods for this week, you’ll remember that Venus makes no aspects all week and there is then this place to pause in regard to that which you desire, and that which desires you…

These more paused and seemingly impotent energies could even manage to emerge or erupt, seemingly out of nowhere, repressed and rendered qualm-less.

To quote my post, I wrote that you may find yourself navigating through matters involving “instead of your assertion or challenges, projections or demands—you are being challenged to simply assure yourself… that this is happening (and I would like to add additionally from my original post that it is neither happening to you or for you, but simply just happening…), that this is its own adventure, and that you truly do desire what you desire for yourself and your own livelihood.”

Further, I wrote that “if there is true, authentic potential (within your desire) to be expressed and collaborated… still, with Mars energies being the foundational vibration of things Venusian for these moments (and Mars is more or less currently struggling with issues of impotency) taking a pause, however precious, will likely not be easy, or enjoyed, or even considered…”

Today’s Venusian-ruled moon opposes Venus in Aries through a degree that is associated to ‘claustrophobia; coming into the light; going into dark places; and memories out of the past or out of nowhere…’

And you know what they say about the moon opposing Venus? —just a little astrology 101…

The moon and Venus do not always see eye to eye, contrary to popular belief… particularly when Venus is in Aries—you may be navigating an aggressive tension… further, this tension may be having its way with both your private, inner emotional securities and your external environments and/or relationships… either having its way, or coming in between—neither of which attempt to secure or protect your preferences or your needs… either of which severely upsets a Libran moon.

And likely, none of it’s coming from out of nowhere…

Finding its source would be essential—use these lunarly connections to a retrograded Mercury wisely.

You do not get what you wish for, unless it be known to the source of your desire.❞
——T.F. Hodge

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by scylenedesign

Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004.
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Virgo Gibbous Moon
—May 11

A continued need for order and rationality oozes into today, cluttering and smudging and blurring every surface along the way…

But ‘reading in between the lines’ might be necessary.

Still and however, you’ll likely feel the need to “go forward despite setbacks…” and however toned your “matter-of-fact acceptance of reality” may be—right now, it may be a bit confusing, misunderstood, or misinterpreted.

This could be a better day of pause, at least until you gain your bearings…

In this place between order and rationality oozing into clutter, smudge, and blur… in this place in between is an ending and a beginning—exactly and precisely within the essence of its core.

The energy of the mind is the essence of life.❞

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by dreamgaia

Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004.
Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.


Virgo Gibbous Moon
—May 10

You need order, you need to ration, you need to temper all extremism, you need practicality and common sense and logistical realism, and you need to see a sparkle gleam against every clean surface surrounding you in your most immediate environment…

It is an ever-growing Virgo moon, after all.

Still and however—you may still ‘need’ to navigate disorder, ration with the irrational, attempt to temper all upsets, make sense of impracticality, any severe lack of common sense, or illogical idealism, and finally, notice nothing but clutter or smudge about anything your gaze falls upon.

Ultimately, trying to relate to that which is seemingly unrelatable—this could be something of a burdened opportunity today.

But as the day darkens, it may turn out, however abrasively, that the opportunity, however uncomfortable, is within the discomfort, within the inconvenient, within the broken and unclean and unrealistic and impractical… the opportunity is absolutely irrational.

Matters will make more ‘practical sense’ soon enough.

Don’t think too much. You’ll create a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place.❞
——Frank Ocean

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown


Leo/Virgo Gibbous Moon
—May 9

The moon remains in Leo, for much of the day, though now it moves within its gibbous phase, expressing the need to acknowledge all/any chaos before the need to find a harmonious order among it all applies itself.

Taking one step at a time today would be best. Slowly and thoroughly. Harmoniously.

Preparations are also a good idea, especially as the moon opposes Saturn… you may feel as though you’re up against something that could take quite a while—like a line at the DMV—so it’s best to come equipped for that, and any other unexpectedness that could arise.

All in all, however, particularly while you’re waiting, or in the meantime—things and matters and circumstances alike are becoming much more clarified for you, more easily understood, and possibly even more appropriately… well, digestible.

Keep an open mind.

One of the fastest ways to improve your health is to eat slowly.
——Mokokoma Mokhonoana

☽♍︎ by 3:53pm PDT; 4:53pm MDT; 5:53pm CDT; 6:53pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by imalkov


Venus through 7°-15° Aries—Part 2 of 5
—May 8-14th

Venus makes no connections by aspect this week.

However. Venus does apply for conjunction to Chiron all week, to be exact on May 15th, the day of the next eclipse, which would suggest an eventual opportunity for either healing, or improvements, depending upon that which you desire.

Further, as Venus moves through Aries, and is thereby governed by Mars—it’s essential to know that Mars is applying an eventual conjunction to Neptune, in Pisces, to be exact May 17th, and applies sextile connections to both Pluto, in Capricorn, and to the annual solar/North Node conjunction, just days earlier…

Allow me to dissect these celestial details.

To digest this, in astrological speak—your desires, or what you thought you desired, is now seemingly challenging you to fight for it, or at the very least, become more motivated for it… you and whatever it is you desire are, in a way, working the other up.

This is just to begin…

Without Venus aspecting anything this week, these somewhat competitive, if not taxing, energies possess a more uninterrupted stage to do just that: exhaust.

Further, Mars—but in Pisces, a most challenging sign for Mars—is moving forward toward a conjunction with Neptune—not the easiest planet for which Mars is to see eye-to-eye… which is to say—no matter how hard to challenge yourself toward your desires, and no matter how motivated you become… you are moving into an environment, a place, or a phase of pause, struggle, or even disillusion.

Last week, the buildup was in exploring your desires more personally, and coming to terms with why you desire what you desire, what specifically your desires are, and how you would set about to realize these desires… and now, it would seem, as though a bit more introspection is being required.

This is not at all to say that your desires do not desire you…

It is to say that you may not be as ready for your desires as you had thought you were, and it is, perhaps, through this temporary phase of pause that will prepare you in a way that nothing else would.

Mars needs to battle through whatever it is, wherever it is, but in Pisces, when nebulousness and trickery, limitlessness and boundarilessness abound—Mars doesn’t know how… in Pisces, the true battle for Mars is surrendering the sword, is forfeiting the fight.

And for Venus, being governed by Mars in Pisces, while in Aries—well, this is quite flummoxing… Venus, too—instead of asserting or challenging, projecting or demanding—is being challenged to simply assure herself, which is to say that you are being challenged to assure yourself… that this is happening for you, that this is its own adventure, and that you truly do desire what you desire for yourself and your own livelihood.

Mars, however, does make aspects to both Pluto and the annual sun/NN conjunction by sextile, which is to say that the current motivations and directionality of your desires are requiring a precious pause in an effort to further drive an immense inner transformational opportunity, and thereby further compelling what you desire closer… though you’re needing to learn to assert an inner strength and confidence for this to occur.

If there is true, authentic potential to be expressed and collaborated, the sun/NN conjunction should draw this out… and this conjunction occurs through a degree that, ultimately, supports this precious pause, as well as your desire, a degree that associates itself to ‘seeing life from an odd but curiously insightful angle; distinguishing real from false; letting the lovelight of the heart provide the unifying focus of the personality; merchandising one’s talents without forgetting which parts of oneself are nonnegotiable; and planting the seeds for love…’

Still. With Mars energies being the foundational vibration of all things Venusian for these moments—taking a pause, however precious, will likely not be easy, or enjoyed, or even considered…

And then there’s the Mars-ruled lunar eclipse… and that’s another post in and of itself.

A pause; it endured horribly.❞
——F. Scott Fitzgerald

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by textsfromyourexistentialist

Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004.


Leo 1st Quarter Moon at 18°23′
—May 8

On today’s first quarter Leo moon—much needs to be delicately disassembled…

To begin, shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states that it is upon this moon that “we meditate on what we give up for the approval and applause of other people, including people we don’t even know…”

Kaldera suggests changing it up a bit, because quarter moons tend to indicate adjustments necessary, or potential pivots in navigating your goals or ideals.

Secondly, just before the moon exacts its square to the sun it exacts one to Uranus through a degree associated with ‘being a participant or an observer’, and can also manifest as ‘disruptive behaviors; problems with people; and barriers between people…’ and this Uranian component could very much speak to these potentials, exponentially so, and thereby somewhat exploiting a need to break free of a cycle, an individual, or a pattern, to retreat, or revaluate more delicately how you’re actually portraying yourself to others.

Remember, too, that Leo energies, specifically for the moon, are very much needing to experience expression… and so this can easily associate itself toward concepts of acting, as in personally embodying a role of character that is very intimately not your own.

These energies, then, could feel somewhat bewildering—either for you or an/Other—to exactly size up or appropriately understand any portrayals or behaviors or roles that feel or seem different, eccentric, or erratic.

But it’s important to remember, nevertheless, that these energies are disrupting in an effort to be more deeply understood, however different or threatening or crazy these disruptions may be.

Moving on, the degree through which the actual quarter moon occurs, squaring itself back to a Taurean sun, associates with ‘trapping people into ideals; feeling unmoored; feeling trapped; choppy seas; no one at the wheel; springing a leak; wanting to bail out; and tipping the boat…’ however, if these sideswipes or out of nowhere changes are leaning more advantageously for you, these energies can be very uplifting and freeing…

Either way, essentially, a centeredness needs to be found… either through role, or individuated will or response, and this centeredness then should try to explore new possibilities, and thereby enjoy new perspectives, angles, or illuminations. Further, this centeredness, essentially, speaks to your balancing abilities between response and reaction, between directed realism and misdirected ideals, and between confidence and fear.

Are you currently directing your life and/or livelihood with determined direction and confidence?

What role, within your life, are you currently portraying?—and how does this role or portrayal require tweaking?

Is your current ‘role’ restrictive or destructive in any way to your ultimate goals or direction?

Are you exploiting or prostituting your real Self through role, however in line with your goals the role may be?

Moving on further, the second decan of Leo is represented by the 6 of Wands in the tarot, a card which associates itself to acknowledgement… tarot writer Jessica Dore writes that “the Greek story of Icarus gives us clues into what happens when we don’t stop to check in with why we’re doing what we’re doing, and how the things were achieving make us feel deep down inside…”

Continued, “the winged man flies up and up and up for no discernible reason other than because he can, only to come crashing down; I can’t tell you how many people I’ve worked with who have what appear to be fantastic jobs, beautiful families, and picturesque homes, yet feel chronically threatened (7 of Wands), uncertain (8 of Wands), exhausted (9 of Wands), directionless and utterly diminished (10 of Wands).”

Further, and finally, Dore concludes that “if we find that we always need to be right, become intensely distressed at the slightest hint of criticism, refuse to engage with anything that might be a challenge, or feel hollow inside despite being viewed by others as excessively fortunate or lucky, it may be time to ask questions about how we define success, where that definition came from, and how we might revise it to make it more true.”

Stay in the center, and you will be ready to move in any direction.❞
——Alan W. Watts

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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Cancer/Leo Crescent Moon
—May 7

This month we are graced with our first Leo crescent moon of the year, a moon shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states is the Clown’s Moon, a moon when we “try not to take ourselves too seriously…”

The energies have been a bit heavy, and for some, somewhat severely altering… it might be enjoyable to feel a lighter vibration.

Today’s moon, very early in the morning on the west coast, connects to Jupiter upon the last degree of Pisces, the last lunarly connection to Jupiter before Jupiter moves into Aries…

Obviously, Jupiter moving into Aries demands its own post, which is on its way—but today’s early early morning lunarly Cancer/Pisces trine suggests sentimental compassions and nurturing ideals, and newly initiated adjustments toward a greater, more meaningful interconnectedness.

These lunarly connections, of course, will speak toward and touch upon a bigger picture, and will initiate its own reverberations…

The other exact lunarly connection today’s newly Leo moon brings is a lovely trine to Venus, through a degree that associates itself to ‘the bigger picture’, and the highlighted humor and tenderness of heart are both illuminated and projected toward personal perspectives.

There’s time to separate and categorize the details into an order that makes more sense to you, or toward that which is involved—but for today it’s more essential to focus your attention on the overall, the heart’s centeredness, the possibility of possibilities… and, you know, the bigger picture of it all.

One of the simplest rituals you can participate in to surrender all the seriousness, and all the personal revolutions of egoic importance or otherwise—is to go outside each night and look up at all the stars… to look up at the cosmos, all those light years away, and literally watch the bigger picture play itself out for you each night, all of the daily changes occurring within such vast permanence…

What a wonder, what a sight—and what a nightly treat, if you should but partake.

A person should contemplate the workings of the universe with reverence and introspection. In this way expression is given to the effects of these laws upon his own person. This is the source of a hidden power.❞
——I Ching

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by morysetta

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Cancer Crescent Moon
—May 6

Sensitive feelings continue to throb and percolate within territories of both privilege and plentitude, and could begin to peak upon particulars of positivity…

However, decisions need to be made.

Today the energies concentrate more on the essence of plenty and plentitudes alike, as these both require will to exist—a personal will that is either bound in positivity, or bound by negativity… either way, this is what astrologer Dane Rudhyar referred to as a ‘mantle of power’ as its grace is integrated through both spiritual forces and one’s “positive imagination in facing life problems…” and it is also through personal will that decisions are determined and initiated.

Either way, today is a day for you to accept your personal responsibilities and personal authority, to give it away to an/Other, or, when abused or misused, one’s authority, control or responsibility can be taken or removed.

Ultimately, these ‘gifts’ of responsibility, control, and authority—and essentially, power—are to be embraced…

Still. You may feel as though you are being somewhat pressed into a decision… “the elements of your judgement are likely to be, in many ways, very similar—the choices are confusing because they essentially lead to the same result; the situation is probably brand new—it may be that the answer lies in taking all intuitive guess, or perhaps you need to wait for more information for the solutions to become more clear cut…”

A matter that could be presenting an obstacle may lie within the concepts of reality, and the concepts of ideals.

Are you considering the issue from the best perspective?

It is time to honestly look over the pros and cons of your circumstances… as well as the realistic alternatives.

You may actually need to stand up for your personal ideals or goals… though, this may feel somewhat radical—or perhaps is, inherently, radical… the more bound you are by social conditioning, the more radical it may feel, whether it really is or not.

Are your ideals or goals worth fighting for?—standing up for?

Finally, there is an enormousness of compassion occurring now, underneath it all, especially toward your own ideals—now is the time to become something entirely new, fresh, revived, or reborn.

To be radical is to grasp things by the root.❞
——Karl Marx

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by for.better.days

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