Forecast for June 11th
Pisces Disseminating Moon

According to, Joan of Arc—her real name was Jeanne d’Arc—would have been diagnosed by modern psychiatry with several disorders, such as bipolar disorder, epilepsy and schizophrenia—just to name a few off the top, due to her most erratic behaviors when following through with instructions given to her by hearing voices and experiencing visions—visions she most intuitively believed were signs from God.

These voices and visions began initially when Joan was as young as twelve and continued throughout her very short life—she was burned at the stake when she was only nineteen.

❝I am not afraid… I was born to do this.❞
——Joan of Arc

Joan described seeing a very bright light that occurred simultaneously to the visions, and the voices she would hear would become much more distinguished, oddly, when bells were sounding… modern theories have also conjectured that she may have contracted tuberculosis from drinking unpasteurized milk, as this would have been quite common at this time, lending, also, quite conveniently, to what theorists have considered her visions and voices to be a result of seizures and a festering dementia.

Ultimately, it was her voices and visions that ‘welcomed’ her trials and troubles, as this was her humbled reasoning for her instructions to deliver France from the invading English and compassionately assist in the establishment of Charles VII as rightful king.

❝Children say that people are hanged sometimes for speaking the truth.❞
——Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc embodies, both energetically and archetypally, the illuminations and shadows of Mars in Pisces applying Neptune in Pisces, which is what has been building, celestially, all week… it’s almost uncanny—and today’s Piscean moon is further illuminating these manifestations, however metaphorically.

Today may offer something similar to intuited voices and visions—without such severe consequences <fingers crossed>

Today would be an ideal day to tune in, to meditate, and to visualize.

Today may offer opportunities for you to try to flow with the collective currents and frequencies today, allowing yourself to fully tune in, to feel, and to more truly align yourself with the currents and frequencies of All That Is.

Through all the Piscean energy between the moon applying Mars applying Neptune, exact tomorrow, and the Geminian sun squaring Neptune exactly today—the Piscean moon also connects to Uranus, suggesting much confusion, the mind mingling with the imagination and effortlessly conjuring confounding confusions that inspire feelings of unsettled provocations…

Now, these displaced and disordered ‘distractions’ could be unexpectedly delightful for those of you needing a new outlook or a little excitement, a little otherworldly inspiration… though, for those of you trying to maintain a semblance of normality, balance, familiarity or security—today may disturb this balancing act.

❝Act, and God will act.❞
——Joan of Arc

As my Muse is always reminding me: one’s reality exists—and is directly reflected—through the perspective one chooses to see it through… and the choice is always yours—how you choose to perpetuate your perspectives.

Meaning: anything that arises today could, however unexpectedly, indeed, be a blessing in divine disguise—especially if you are open to this possibility through your perspectives… any intuited voices or visions, however metaphorical or actual these may be for you, could inspire entirely new ways of considering something—new ways of considering reality itself.

Today’s Geminian energies are suggesting an open-mindedness while the Piscean pulse is ever so compassionately compelled toward a universal open-heartedness.

Like bells sounding in the background, or through the collective—today offers clarifying cosmic connections to intuit new and actual truths, soul instructions, and inspirations uncovered through the surrendering to something bigger… toward something your soul really believes in.

❝One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.❞
——Joan of Arc

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