Forecast for Sunday, December 6th
Virgo Disseminating Moon

ॐOracular Mantra—creating gold is a god-given gift should you choose to use it…

It is said that when the snow flies, it is Frau Holle shaking out her feather beds and pillows… that is, she shakes her bed and out comes snow from heaven.

The story of Frau Holle was told to teach a moral—in this case, it is that hard work is rewarded and laziness is punished.

Frau Holle folklore epitomizes the zodiacal energies of Virgo.

In the German tale of Frau Holle, shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera offers his version, sharing that “a young maiden lives with her lazy, nasty mother and sister; the mother favors her sister and makes the maiden do all the household chores—this is a familiar tale for moon in Virgo, who may get less favor than more showy or demonstrative types, and can be relegated to doing the work “because you’re so good at it…” the fact that she will generally acquiesce often adds to her being taken advantage of—at any rate, the maiden is told to go draw water from the well, but she accidentally drops the bucket in…”

Continued, “with a Virgo fear of waste, she tries to climb over the edge and find it, but instead falls down the well, which opens at the other end into a strange underworld—this is the land of Frau Holle, who is, after all, and earth goddess like earth sign Virgo, and lives underground. As the maiden travels through this land, she meets various animals and people—dogs, pigs, cats, beggars—all of whom challenge or threaten her. For each one, she discerns that they are actually hungry or hurt or in some other discomfort, which she immediately remedies by giving them help or what food she has in her pockets—this trait shows the best of moon in Virgo, which due to her mercurial objectivity and virginal reserve can often see beyond the hostility that might distract more sensitive souls and note the possible causes… she also selflessly attempts to help each creature, not so much out of compassion as out of realization that something needs to be done, and she has the ability to do it.”

Frau Holle notices this behavior… because the giver of reward is always watching, yes?

Kaldera continues, “when she reaches Frau Holle’s house, the old woman greets her with open arms and tells her “now you are my daughter” and for her beautiful service and cleverness, she is granted a gift: with every word that she speaks, a gold coin will fall from her lips.”

Much like how the snow falls when the work of fluffing is done…

“The girl is then sent home to her family where she demonstrates the new talent by creating a pile of gold coins and assuring her family that they will never starve—this gift reminds us that Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the patron of words, and it suggests that discernment and service, when practice together—and let’s stress the word practice—can bring financial viability; in other words, the ability to discern what is wrong, even when the sufferer can’t or won’t tell you, and do something about it, can literally make one’s words and deeds worth their weight in gold.”

Both sisters, as well as Frau Holle, as Kaldera compares, are “aspects of the moon in Virgo, and the message is clear: merely criticizing rather than helping spreads poison, whereas pitching in breeds gold…”

Moving into Virgo just before noon here on the west coast*, the moon applies a square to Mercury, exact tomorrow morning, suggesting that, much like the maidens lesson of discernment, “a vision without drive is useless… [you must have] the drive, effect, and a positive affirmation to see the vision turn into reality…”

Turning visions into reality—perhaps this is the Virgoan virtue?

From the Tao Te Ching, Richard Rudd explains how the sage Lao Tzu speaks about true virtue “as it impacts society through the ‘superior man’… even though the language may be archaic, the message is pure—the secret of virtue lies in complete surrender to Nature… it was also through this book that a wonderful and oft-quoted saying was born: virtue is its own reward. Therein lies the other great secret of virtue; it lies beyond the need for recognition and beyond the need to be of service… virtue is simply the unimpeded expression of nature through men or women living at their zenith…”

Perhaps virtue is like gold.

*☾♍︎ by 11:47am PST; 12:47pm MST; 1:47pm CST; 2:47pm EST
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