Saturnian Structures—2021-2023: Hindsight Really Is 2020

Saturn shifts from the grounded earthiness of Capricorn to flights of airy perspective in Aquarius tomorrow—from authoritarian stances of traditional measures in perpetuated efforts for control to authoritative examples of progressive possibilities, from the gravitational pull of ‘how it’s always been done…’ to the breaking through of the limitations of the past to venture forward into the unknowns of potential.

“Where the cardinal sign (Capricorn) displays intense dynamism and instability, the succeeding fixed sign (Aquarius) must, as it were, arrest this dynamic activity and limit it… this release either expands and glorifies what has been built and focalized in the cardinal sign, or else tends to destroy and transcend it…”¹ (parentheses mine) which would imply, in other words—all that’s been built and secured since December of 2017 is up for a seriously sobering review.

❝The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules but by people following the rules. It’s people who follow orders that drop bombs and massacre villages.❞

It is hard, as they say, to fill a cup that is full… from the proud and selfish, hoarding fullness of Capricornian energies, Aquarian energies volunteer to pour half into the cup of an/Other, and an/Other—much how bread rises, is broken, and continues to be shared, and broken, and shared—in an effort to learn from differences and share: a dream, a vision, an ideal… and to be truly fulfilled.

Historically, Saturn was thought to be the last planet in the solar system, the actual boundary of our heavens, as it is the last planet one can visibly see in the night skies… until Uranus was discovered shortly after the invention of the telescope. Still, Saturn is endlessly associated with boundaries and limitations, with lines drawn, and both laws and rules proclaimed. However, Saturn is strategically placed within the solar system as we now know it, in that Saturn protects the personal and social planets within—knowing full well what is necessary before venturing out, beyond the unknown, beyond all designated boundaries or barriers, into the vastness that is the playground of the transpersonal planets… out toward the transcendence of all space and time as we understand it…

Through Aquarian energies we remember, and celebrate, that “man is greater than the animal, not in strength of body, nor in shrewdness, nor in the power of his senses, nor even in skill and patience; man is superior because he contains within himself the facilities and powers by which he can perceive his true place in a divine order of life… his power lies in his dreams, his visions, and his ideals—if these intangibles are left uncultivated, man is at best but a superior kind of beast, subject to all the ills and vicissitudes of an unenlightened creation…”²

Dreams, visions, and ideals are ready to emerge… to be realized within and among mankind.

Through Capricorn, Saturn was both obliged and perfectly pleased to punch a clock for the Man, to earn a semi-honest living, making less than, following orders and biding time—in Aquarius, Saturn will no longer be so satisfied with that; rather, the Man is no longer welcome in this scenario, and one’s living should be rewarding, and fulfilling, it should provide more than enough… and it should inspire one to feel enlightened.

In Aquarius, defeated and deflated energies of No Longer are uprising…

Through Capricorn, structure was learned, and boundaries were set… to be broken through and improved or repaired in Aquarius.

Through the last three years structure, stability, security, and serious commitment to something were learned, challenged, and truly experienced, for better or worse… all the values rewarded from these experiences will always be valid. Discipline should have a pleasant association; practicality, an advantage. But complacency—never.

❝All limits are self imposed.❞

Saturn, in Aquarius, is rooting for the underdog—not the CEO, from when in Capricorn… and in Aquarius, the CEO will be questioned, if there is failure to rise above and collaborate; otherwise left to be challenged, and inevitably overlooked, rendered no longer necessary, or virtually inferior. Hierarchies will be broken down. Rules and regulations everywhere will be reevaluated. Not immediately—it’ll be a part of the breakdown process throughout the next fifty years… the status quo will ultimately be rendered obtuse, and corrupt…

As Rudhyar explains, that “the Capricornian conservatism is doomed, everyone in his senses knows; but the privileged class and the guardians of religious traditions cannot let go of the keys to an order, the destruction of which obviously must mean their destruction and temporary chaos… Aquarius represents civilization expanding or reforming itself through its inventors, seers and revolutionists… it is fashionable these days to sing the praise of the noble Aquarian; this is understandable because mankind is passing through a period of swift transition and social repolarization… people feel the need for the change, even if their conscious minds resist it desperately.”¹

Boy oh boy, dear known and unknown readers and friends alike—we are in for an AWAKENING… and this socially distanced mandatory time set aside right now is only too perfect for everyone interested to participate in their becoming to reevaluate their realities and begin toward a new action plan, toward an ideal—rather than back toward what’s expected.

Your true calling is calling to you… it may not be what you planned—in fact, it might be anything beyond what you planned—and it may not be your preference—but it’s yours, and you’re likely spiritually bound… and it will reward you sevenfold, should you honor it.

This awakening will include the metaphorical planting of trees with the essence of intention being found in the shade the leaves will provide for our children, and their children, rather than for ourselves, as it’s been wisely said—tuning back in to the collective for what’s needed, and no longer living for ourselves and our own egoic desires or fears… community will be highlighted, as well as ideals of inclusivity in regard to those who have been oppressed and/or marginalized. The goal of interconnectedness through genuine brotherhood of humanity will be reintroduced, and rewarded. Those with less than will rise, and be given the means to do so. Nature will once again become a main character in our story, as well as the advising of universal law, and real connections with others…

❝Results are nothing; the energies which produce them and which again spring from them are everything.❞
——Wilhelm Von Humboldt

Author Manly P Hall writes, “centuries ago, one of the secret masters of the Quest wrote: the Eternal Good reveals its will and pleasure through the body of Nature and the motions of Universal Law. Within the body of Nature and Law there is a soul which must be discovered by great thoughtfulness. And within that soul of Nature and Law there is a spirit which must be sought with great understanding; for verily I say unto you, my brothers, that it is this spirit concealed from the profane but revealed to the thoughtful, which giveth life… this, then, is the design of our foundations: that men shall abide together in peace and shall devote their energies to the common cause of discovery…”²

To depend upon ‘how it’s always been done…’ will become a joke, an immediate red flag, and ‘good ole boy’ boomers will be put in their place.

But changes must be made, and it’ll be up to the people to make them… We, the People—an individual transpersonal responsibility.

And these changes must benefit us all… not just the few, the chosen, the elite, the majority, and the ones who can afford it. Everyone. Humanity.

Humanitarian issues will re-emerge with full force. Universal issues. And progressive stances upon anything…

“When humanity willfully ignores the Universal Law which govern its destiny, Nature has devious ways of pressing home its lessons. Civilization after civilization had been built up by human courage and destroyed by human ignorance. We stand again on the threshold of a great decision. Once more the workings of time have revealed the weaknesses of our social structures. Once more we have come to a day of reckoning.”²

“In the name of “going back” to the “law of Nature”, through vegetarianism, raw-foodism, nudism, etc., or to the “law of individualistic Democracy”, such as anarchistic ideologies of one type or another, or to the “law of Universal Brotherhood”, by spiritual or esoteric groups, the “citified” man seeks to revivify the Sagittarian vision which Capricornian metropoles and Capricornian power-groups have betrayed… thus the Aquarian’s yearning for the unfamiliar and the foreign, for the newest fads or for the movements which are supposed to revive and restore the “true” foundation of Democracy and human freedom.”¹

May we remember that, as mere humans, we are not at the “top” of any chain in Nature, that we are but guests at this tea party in Wonderland we call Life… and we should once again begin acting like it, and honoring the gift of its invitation. We would save more bees with honey, as they say… may we remember who we are, and that we’re all in this together.

A reckoning and a revolution are emerging… an uprising to be recognized.

This is why it is imperative to own your authenticity, because there is work to be done and a huge universal mess to clean up, and it no longer matters who made the mess, for the love of everything holy—it simply needs dealt with. All of these Aquarian ideals and energies will eventually move on into Pisces… and the disconnectedness we have felt for so long, through the obligations of Aquarius, will finally resolve itself and true healing will finally be experienced on a universal scale—if we devote our individual authenticity toward a collective ideal.

Aquarius is governed by both Saturn and Uranus, and so Aquarius, essentially, is the common ground welcoming two radically opposing perspectives to mingle and merge as One, despite the differences… these opposing and potentially conflicting views, of course, representing moral responsibility and conservatism, and personal responsibility and forward-thinking. Still, Aquarian energies will always point toward a collective majority—be very careful in the authorship of what this majority becomes.

❝Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.❞

As Saturn moves through Aquarius, it is essential to you to remember that you are “learning how to be both responsible and independent at the same time; wanting to be a free, innovative spirit, and still be accepted by the world—it’s going to force you into finding practical ways of expressing your uniqueness… until you find a responsible way for expressing your independence, you will experience problems in your relationships, [as] your independent streak will pop up at inappropriate times, such as not following through with agreements… your challenge lies in accepting your uniqueness, rather than fighting for it, and then finding a way of demonstrating that in the world by aligning with a social cause or purpose that you believe in—once you learn the secret of fulfilling responsibilities joyously, you will feel the freedom that you long for… dare to be you, the «true» you, and then find a disciplined way of expressing this responsibly in the world.”³

Understand, as well, that “there are two types of Saturn in Aquarius [perspectives]: reformers (Saturn perspectives) and rebels (Uranus perspectives)… the first [perspective is] the responsible social visionary, the consummate humanitarianism [finding] ways to contribute to improving life for others… and the nonconformist [perspective which] expresses uniqueness by constantly rebelling against any type of conventionality… both types are highly individualistic [and the higher types of perspective of either] are responsible social activist perspectives… it is part of [one’s] responsibility to assist society in its evolution—[with] an eye for the future and the consideration of the ramifications of current social policies on future generations… motivating the examination of current life paths in light of larger universal perspectives…”³ (parentheses mine)

❝The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things.❞
——Rainer Maria Rilke

Saturn has not been in Aquarius since 1994—much has changed since then… and a large preoccupation of its energies since then have become what we now know and understand of: the internet.

The internet, as we understand it and are familiar with it, became and largely unfolded into what it is today from the early nineties—an extreme example of how actual boundaries and laws mandated for the physical world were challenged and surpassed, reevaluated and assigned in the virtual world. Charmingly, the internet is experiencing its first Saturn return—and so it’s experiencing a phase of checks and balances, to be held responsible, through new understandings of boundaries, and renewed assessments of limitations, to innovatively break through… in time.

❝Mind over matter represents the triumph of will over physical hindrance. Our thoughts are our weapon against the world.❞
——David Adam

Expect the internet to surpass its effectiveness, and uniqueness, as we know and understand it today—to become, through this new decade, something even bolder than it has already proven to be.

“Thus the Aquarian symbolism of the Water-Bearer, who carries on his shoulder an “urn” whence flows down to the earth a stream of water. This urn is a symbol of the mystic seed-bag, releasing the substance of a new humanity… it is also a symbol of the storm-cloud, laden with bountiful rain which will water the expectant crop, and releasing the lightning… the lightning is not only a destructive force, it is the means for the precipitation out of the air of precious nitrogen necessary to living processes…”¹

Rudhyar continues, that “power flows always from a higher to a lower potential, from the fulfilled to the yet incomplete or the expectant. Power in Aquarius can be, perhaps more truly than in any other fixed sign of the Zodiac, the Power of God—thus the Divine Manifestation for the “Aquarian Age” is expected by some to be the most powerful outpouring of creative Spirit. Perhaps that outpouring is even now flooding the human realms… this is the promise of Aquarius, whose “living waters” flow from celestial heights to impregnate the human kingdom as a totality for a new birth of Personality—for the birthing of the “Man of Plenitude” in our children and our children’s children…”¹

¹Rudhyar, D. “The Pulse of Life: New Dynamics in Astrology.” Shambala Publications; ©1970
²Hall, Manly P. “The Secret Destiny of America.” Penguin Group; ©1944; revised in 2008.
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*You are approaching your first Saturn return if you were born between February of 1991-January of 1994, with a potential exception through June & July of 1994, when Saturn retrograded back into Capricorn… or a second Saturn return if you were born between January of 1962-March of 1964; and September-December of 1964

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