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ॐOracular Mantra—when the only way around anything is through, through becomes a bit more complicated, and thereby a bit more individualized…

Things, beliefs, and ideas alike exist notoriously, whether they make sense, or very easily do not: like the bible, or chapstick… nevertheless, folks cling to them without any logical reasoning to speak of.

Magical thinking is everywhere.

Comedian Mike Birbiglia has several comedy specials to stream at your leisure, all of which are impeccably and sentimentally hilarious… and throughout all of these Birbiglia speaks of his wife Jen, whom he eventually, and naturally, refers to as Flo.

In one of his first specials, “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend”, he introduces you to Jen—the woman he’d been dating at the time, who is now his wife—that they argue and debate endlessly, and that Jen settles, and is perfectly satisfied, by ending any argument with the statement: that’s just how I feel.

❝I used to think I was a little unstable, and then I met every girl I’ve ever dated.❞
——Mike Birbiglia

Birbiglia expresses his frustration with this testamentary truth… claiming that it’s irrational and based in emotionality—and perhaps his argument is based on logic, and perhaps this reasons much airy rationality, and perhaps this is all around and sideways quite commonsensical… and perhaps this is the true and climactic paradox within the Aquarian essence?

The honest, and authentic—however irrational and obtuse—clarification of reason.

Sometimes personal accountability claims no accountability… it’s like the magically presumptuous causal link between one’s inner, personal experience and the external physical world.

But sometimes, this is what we’re working with.

❝What you create in a 30-seat, hole-in-the-wall improv theater in Phoenix can be far more meaningful than a mediocre sitcom being half-watched by seven million people. America doesn’t need more stuff. We need more great stuff. You could make that.❞
——Mike Birbiglia

It might help you, today, to further support your efforts, to clarify your intentions, your reasons, your arguments, and your motivations.

Because these are the things of eventual manifestations…

It might be both your duty, and a duty done in your favor, today, to state, much like Jen, that whatever your intentions, reasons, arguments, or motivations are—that these testimonial truths, however momentary, are just how you feel… and see where this takes you—especially if this strategy isn’t the way you would typically navigate the matter.

And regardless of the rationality of this, you will be clarifying your reasoning, so that anyone within a differing context or even the same conversation with you will know why you stand where you do, and that one can never argue with a feeling… and this is logically understood.

❝A joke without comedic timing is a statement of pure insanity.❞
——Mike Birbiglia

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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