★Monday Forecast

★Monday Forecast

Leo Crescent Moon
—May 17

Today’s Leo moon is ruled by the Taurean sun, which is connecting to Pluto by trine, magnifying a penetrative stance toward adaptations, dynamics of power, matters of dignity, and ‘puncturing through complicated pseudo-explanations’… even political radicalism.³

However fixed these energies may feel, it’s an opportunity in warmth, however disguised, to revised what needs revision, to restore what might be lacking, and to revive what could be in need of some additional nourishment.

Mars continues to separate from its recent quincunx with Saturn, continuing to reverberate either throughout any adjustments made, or toward the need to make a necessary sacrifice… refer back to my previous post regarding Mars and the resounding necessity toward openness, open-heartedness, and being open for vulnerability, and being open to receive.

What adjustments have you made?

Have you opened yourself to yourself?

Have you opened to your own vulnerability, or another’s?

On this note—this note of vulnerability—it may need to be examined… both the moon and Venus and mingling with Chiron, separately and simultaneously—which would imply a vulnerability that is both personal and rather squishy.

A Leo moon mindset, however, can be proud… be wary of this.

A Leo moon, most truly, wants only to experience love and connection, and authentic union—try not to allow past pain or anything you might consider to be a weakness to come between yourself and such a united connection… an openness to receive is perhaps what today’s focus might be.

We are at our most powerful the moment we no longer need to be powerful.❞
——Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Image credit— @surrealing.you.in on Instagram

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