★Tuesday Forecast

Pisces Disseminating Moon
—June 29

Temperatures—and, potentially, tempers—are truly beginning to rise, especially underneath it all, building to a boil, as malefic Mars moves to apply both an opposition to a retrograded malefic Saturn (exact July 1st at 12°22′) and a square to erratic Uranus (exact July 3rd at 13°55′)…

This week will be memorable, for better or worse.

And an all-absorbing, all-embodying, all-inclusive Piscean moon may be feeling it all along the way…

The opportunity here lies within the inner and personally authentic understanding toward that which is seemingly liberating and that which is seemingly secure, and the (re)aligning of natural balance thereof and thereby.

Ultimately—what are the best, and most constructive, ways for pent up energies to be released?

In what ways is your reality reflecting your ideals? Or not…

In what ways are you participating in the giving and receiving necessary to manifest your ideals into your reality?

The boiling point of water is straightfoward, but the boiling point of societies is mysterious.❞
——Rebecca Solnit

Image credit— @takiisbranding on Instagram

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