★Tuesday Forecast

★Tuesday Forecast

Gemini Balsamic Moon
—July 6

As the moon connects to the North Node again through the eleventh degree (last here on June 9th) Venus opposes Saturn, connects to Chiron by trine, and applies a square to Uranus, suggesting that the mentality, or even actuality, of new potentials could demand some quiet time—or should you be so inclined—a much-needed respite or retreat.

A Gemini moon prefers to share and communicate, however this Gemini moon is somewhat exhausted, balsamic, and thereby needing to communicate more inwardly, in reflection or meditation… or in focusing more closely and intimately inward in some regard.

This might even feel like something of an obligation now—to go inward, or to actually acquire and protect the quiet time, or down time, time for self, or recovery time to simply take the breather you’ve been needing to take now for awhile.

Just slow things down and it becomes more beautiful.❞
——David Lynch

Image credit— @frankmoth on Instagram

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