★Thursday Forecast

★Thursday Forecast

Cancer Balsamic Moon
—July 8

If you’ve been struggling with taking the time to penetrate a precious pause—today will likely jolt you into submission.

While the moon is in Cancer, and thereby working to pamper and nurture a newly secured stance within this potentially precious place of pause, seeking stability and safety… Venus exacts its square to Uranus through fixed energies and directly threatens any semblance of security, potentially heightening any insecurities within misaligned or inappropriate neediness within relationships.

This awareness, however, should be a celebrated awareness rather than an awkwardly defensive reaction—as the notion of barriers and boundaries are highlighted here…

This could be a really good thing.

It could be at this time that barriers or personal boundaries are lifted, if this exchange has been earned, or prepared… or it could simply offer you the opportunity to readjust the imbalances within a relationship, and possibly even within yourself.

Keep in mind, however, that your own vulnerabilities or those of an/Other could be easily triggered, defensive, sensitive, or simply hurt, and feeling through it in one’s own way…

Still, I think overwhelmingly—those who are humbled—in other words: over oneself, in whatever capacity—are much more equipped to tackle triggers of any kind.

The main focus, now—and always, should be toward one’s limitations, and the boundarilessness these offer.

Only when there are things a man will not do is he capable of doing great things.❞

Image credit— @irie.wata on Instagram

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