★Tuesday Forecast

★Tuesday Forecast

Pisces Disseminating Moon
—July 27

Responsibility is a largely misunderstood word.

When taken apart, we find the words ‘response’ and ‘ability’, which would be to suggest one’s ability to respond, which is to imply a response over a reaction, which should further imply reasonability rather than emotionality, which then assumes a stance of maturity over a juvenile mindset or close-minded ignorance.

Yesterday was harsh… and my personal ability to respond to the energies I was navigating wasn’t my best—hence, no post, and I apologize.

Today’s energies—and this entire week!—are rather challenging, as well, and so I have decided that my daily posts/automated emails, finally, as forewarned months ago, will become a bit more random and not so daily… and I greatly appreciate your support and patience with me on this detail.

I want to give both myself and you my best, and to do that effectively—I need this time to spiritually and energetically recharge… it is my responsibility to you.

Further, I would recommend that love and tenderness—and real responsibility—be taken toward your own shadow work matters… as well as a real, deep, and mindful reflection upon your Now, and upon your Not Yet.

How would you measure your ability to respond, these days, under these more literally sourced definitions?

Is there a response you would prefer to have over whatever response or reaction feels more knee-jerk or instinctual to you?—what shadow work are you willing to work through to achieve this preferred, and likely evolved, response?

To say you have no choice is to relieve yourself of responsibility.
——Patrick Ness 

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