•●★Total Solar Eclipse @12°22’♐︎

•●★Total Solar Eclipse @12°22’♐︎

Sagittarian energies are bewildering…

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states that this moon is “one of the luckiest when it comes to lunarly forces” as Jupiter “lends its luck” to the moon… the Gypsy Moon, as Kaldera has titled it, “is to come into contact with as many different things as possible… to gain experience after experience, and only later to attempt to put them together into a meaningful form.”

Jupiter may provide these energies much of an escape, or saving grace, from many a discomforting predicament, however, “from the outside, that may look like luck, but what it really means is that [there aren’t] many chances to learn how to cope… and then, on the inevitable day that Jupiter’s luck isn’t answering the phone—not knowing how to handle [the uncomfortable predicament].”

So where is Jupiter this very new moon Sagittarius eclipse?

Jupiter is at 26° Aquarius, and not aspecting anything… and therefore likely not answering the phone (unless it’s connecting to something in your personal nativity)… but rather, otherwise, “applying knowledge of natural laws to the solution of everyday problems resulting from life…”¹

There is a need for management… and presence.

Further, there is a need for actual embodiment.

The bewilderment of Sagittarius includes, but is not limited to, the very rarity that those influenced by Sagittarian energies or Jupiterian aspecting are rarely ever classically textbook Sagittarian, or even energetically embodied in true Sagittarian essence… there is typically no embodied presence—no impulse toward song, poem, or plot.

The essence of Sagittarius, of course, is atypical.

It’s typical that those blessed/cursed with Sagittarian influencing are quite proud of the more or less lower frequency vibrations of Sagittarius, which are typically simply Jupiterian characteristically—easy, egoic… missing the point entirely.

But isn’t that the fate of Sagittarius?—the Archer/Centaur missing the target, the point, the plot, the meaning.

The higher octaves of Sagittarian vibrations are rarely ever expressed in everydayness, except, I suppose, in Nature, celebrity, and/or historical notoriety.

In fact, I would argue that society generally discourages natural Sagittarian energies, at least in its everydayness… 

Sagittarian energies are much more easily equipped for moments… for insights, adventures, whims, and ideals…

Sagittarian energies are those that songs and poems are written for… everyone wants the song or the movie or story to be about them, but to truly embody the lyrics, the name or the script, the story line—the essence of a feeling—this isn’t natural… it’s typically reserved for those that are actually, genuinely set apart from the flock.

For many, embodiment is uncomfortable… and avoided.

Much as the energy essence of a Sagittarian new moon alludes—endlessly experiencing the same experience again and again, again and again is similar to death… living a life that looks like everyone else’s life, with milestones occurring in order or at all, working full-time, intentionally having children, or remaining committed to a single person forever—any of society’s pulls or tricks—not a chance… to Sagittarius, these things aren’t how happiness happens, or even where happiness is allowed to occur.

Anything predictable is avoided… even reality, in most cases, is avoided.

All of these examples above have something in common—they all demand an embodiment of presence.

Be here Now.

Sagittarius hardly has the patience for Now. It’s highly possible I’ve already lost some Sagittarians with this post by not getting to my point by now! 

To my point…

For this eclipse—consider any resistances you have toward the concept of (and actuality of practicing) embodiment, and why… or reflect on that which you do spend time embodying, and if it’s time well spent.

Are you comfortable with Now?—are you honestly comfortable with being in the Now, despite what Now is offering?

Ask yourself where it is in your life you need to manage your presence… and, perhaps, how you can better manage your reaction/response to Now.

Where in your life do you need to learn how to cope?—what is it you tend to repeatedly avoid?

Where in your reality are you missing the point?

Where in your life can you ‘apply knowledge of natural laws to the solution of everyday problems resulting from life…’ when Jupiter doesn’t answer the phone?

Where in your life has routine become overwhelming, slowly killing your ideals?—your realistic ideals…

And, possibly least importantly, it’s a good time to ponder opportunities for how lyrics, prose, or plots could be born within your reality… what aspect of your life do you embody in such a genuinely present way that you could imagine a song, poem, or story line being written about it?

I seem to myself, as in a dream, an accidental guest in this dreadful body…❞ ——Anna Akhmatova

*11:42pm PST//12:42am MST; 1:42am CST; 2:42am EST Image credit— @stephen_sheffield_collage on Instagram

Image credit— @stephen_sheffield_collage on Instagram

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