•●♎︎LQ☽ @5°32′

•●♎︎LQ☽ @5°32′

Yesterday’s last quarter moon in Libra asks us to center ourselves—to balance, to realign, and to make space within our inner realities for the overall outer reality we all share.

This is an opportunity to recall or revise or realign with your core purpose(s), and to prepare a space for an eventual placement of manifestation.

What are the ideals you’ve been holding, or waiting for… and which of those need to be made real?

Which of these ideals is most realistic to be made real?—to manifest?

Today is an ideal day to visualize exactly how you will take the necessary actions these ideals are asking of you. Ideals, after all, are ideal precisely because they don’t just happen of themselves… they need to be manifested, which always always demands your participation.

It takes two to Tao.❞ ——Ana Claudia Antunes

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