Pisces Crescent Moon
—January 7

This is seemingly an astrologically insignificant day… perhaps some symbolism or subliminality or subconsciousness will emerge?

Otherwise—it’s a day to go inward: all in or don’t bother.

All in all, it may be a bit of a lazy day or a slow-motion type of day—a day to envision.

However, around 9:30pm on the west coast the moon shifts into Aries, offering a most different and somewhat oppositional imbalance from several days of lunarly Pisces zombification/meditative focusing…

Other than the moon’s recent square to Mars—what could be a slow-moving and somewhat sleepy day could end on a potentially hyped up note.

And all of a sudden!—you’re drawn outside of yourself…

Life can be sudden…❞ ——Iris Murdoch

*9:26pm PST; 10:26pm MST; 11:26pm CST; 12:26am EST 1/8

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