Aries Crescent Moon
—January 8

Today’s lunarly conjunction to Chiron connecting to Mercury in Aquarius could augur a need for interpretation.

Interpretation is everything today… and, it’s likely that these interpretations and even more likely misinterpretations have a rather heavy potential for being a direct source of vulnerability and confliction.

Also of note, as well as something that could stir and provoke any lunarly influencing—today’s lunarly ruler Mars begins applying a square to Neptune, to be exact on Tuesday—January 11—and this aspect combination, between the likes of Mars and Neptune, is a tricky one at best, perhaps explicitly…   

Only adding to the inner workings of essential interpretation… meaning: the distilling interpretation of the essence of something.

In fact, the degree upon which this connection is met associates itself to “difficulties in understanding one another.”

Further, it could be pondered, that “someone is pretending to be more in control or smarter than they are… whatever the situation, this can work to make a consciousness shift—you can create new understandings of your dreams, or understanding of how life can be, and it can help you to grow into it…”

And Mercury, commodore of communications, celestially conveniently, as always—is moving through a degree of Aquarius that associates itself with ‘walking your talk’. This’ll be fun.

Back to Mars, now moving in Sagittarius, needs to venture, to voyage, to vex the very foundations of why one believes what one believes… and as the square inherently implies an active tension or obstacle—this tenuous tension or obstacle, then, begins to reveal itself, underneath it all, as a sort of internal contradiction.

Maybe something you’ve always believed to be true will no longer be true, or believable, though this will be somewhat difficult to swallow… or an affront of sorts could occur, and so you feel you need to shift your stance now, in reaction, or hold more rigidly to it.

Obviously, knowing what houses Mars and Neptune is transiting in your nativity would further translate this square for you… wherever Mars is transiting in your chart—you typically feel it.

Further, however high your intentions may be, or your desires, or your goals, or ideals… these could be thwarted, by even yourself, and despite it all—you or an/Other could somehow lower the bar in reaction…  taking the low road to achieve the highest purpose, either for you or seemingly against you, or just because—much like Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to feed the poor and incapable—is not always well received by either frequency… and true martyrdom, in its finest light, can easily become a reactive result.

More mundane, everyday martyrdom looks like unnecessary proclamations such as these: I have to be true to myself; I have to speak my Truth; I have to stand in my Light—blah blah blah… as though this is validation for nearly any behavior of reaction. This everyday martyrdom has been trending for awhile now as ‘virtue signaling’, especially when it passive-aggressively, or even outwardly and abrasively, projects the inadequacy or wrong-doing of something else… for decades, however, virtue signaling has been obvious in the most simple of martyred demonstrations—as tacky bumper stickers.

›stepping off my soapbox and taking a breath‹

My point being—don’t be desperate with your intentions or ideals, as it’ll likely be even more exaggeratedly misinterpreted or misunderstood, furthering any inherent confliction within itself, or with others.

See, both Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by Jupiter, and so immediately one can presume that the essence, then, of whatever the matter might be—is egoic.

Not to mention, Zeus always had to be right—and so does Sagittarius—its most shadowy characteristic being dogmatic insistence… whereas Pisces doesn’t even try to be right… if anything, Pisces seriously believes that everything and anything is right in its most shadowy vibration.

Either, or.

Remember, too—the base deduction of all things, especially those of either, or… comes down to either Love, or Fear.

Egoic matters are always matters of fear… so, naturally, ideals should have no business here—ideals shouldn’t be a forum for control, or virtue signaling, for that matter.

However, in knowing this and aligning yourself to this concept—either Sagittarius or Pisces energies largely translate to matters of personal philosophy, beliefs, ideologies, and personal ideals—and concepts of limitlessness… and when a square, for insurance, puts one’s own ideals and belief systems up against those of the collective, those the status quo have ‘approved’ and ‘allowed’—then both inner and outer senses of confliction have a boxing ring to knock around within… because, ultimately, there is no being right when limitlessness is held in such high regard.

So, all in all, unfortunately, this upcoming Mars/Neptune square could trigger an amped up version of virtue signaling, in even the most inconspicuous of ways…

Bringing it all back around—to lunarly Aries energies, and I mean quite seriously, energies—such tremendous energy will likely be available today (and not so much by tomorrow), and how you utilize these energies will be key, truly… with Aries, in contrast to Sagittarius or Pisces, Aries energies know exactly what is being offered up to interpretation—and much more, these interpretations, ultimately, will need to be worthy of the highest standards… 

And this, of course, could present an even more complicated obstacle… or—eliminate the need for one at the beginning.

Should whatever is being offered up for interpretation today be less than worthy of response, or should any beliefs or ideals not hold their weight in the most recent gut check or fact check—Aries energies simply don’t have the time, and may this be your first response in any obstacles before you…

Finally, and much more simply… shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests, of this moon, that “this is a time to ask oneself, ‘what do I really still believe in?’ and if there isn’t a good answer—it’s time to go looking…”

The man who strikes first admits that his ideas have given out.❞
——Chinese proverb

Image credit— @deardross on Instagram

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