The North Node in Taurus & South Node in Scorpio

Today the True Nodes move from 0° Gemini/Sagittarius to 29°60′ Taurus/Scorpio, and we will move through these nodal energies until July 17, 2023… at which time the Nodes will move into Aries/Libra, and so on and so on.

Since the Nodes moved into Gemini and Sagittarius, on May 4, 2020—it’s clear that the collective struggled quite a bit through these nodes…

Being confronted with countless opportunities to think for ourselves was a big one with the North Node moving through Gemini—in fact, this one alone was really the only real lesson to learn… though, it feels as though, these days, it’s the one thing no one can muster.

But now—we’ll need to think for ourselves, no excuses; being offended or overwhelmed—be damned.

Speaking ‘our truth’, whatever the hell that really means in the random convenience of any given moment—this has been eagerly embraced, though this is one of those shadowy South Node Sagittarius characteristics, and has been virtuously misinterpreted from the beginning… and will likely be eliminated as quickly as it trended—or we can pray that the actual intention beneath this concept begins to actually be represented: more on this below.

I would imagine that those with Sagittarian sun or rising will be happier to know that for the next eighteen months you’ll more or less go into an emotional hiding or pseudo respite state of sorts to psychically recover from eighteen months of emotional backtracking, psychosomatic reactions to meaninglessness, and repeating lessons you’d thought you’d previously learned… speaking your ‘truth’ will likely be spoken much to yourselves.

We’ve seemingly and collectively lost all ability to rationalize our thoughts or feelings, or, perhaps more intriguingly—the underlying essence or actual relevance of any information… absolutely everything is to promote panic (ie the media); we’ve lost all ability to discern true from false, or fact from fiction, or rational from ridiculous, or offensive from toxic, or momentary from momentous; and have morally molded subjectivity disastrously into objectivity… all in the name of personal accountability?

Another of the features between the nodal Gemini/Sagittarius phase that we were supposed to redefine for ourselves was knowledge versus understanding…

Another—open-mindedness… hmmmm.

Another nodal goal—means versus ends… yikes.

There’s been some severe misinformation afoot, as well as some concerning misunderstandings, thanks to the more shadowy characteristics of a misinformed Gemini North Node and the misrepresentations of a Sagittarius South Node…

All in all, as author and aviator Anne Morrow Lindbergh once said, “we had the experience but missed the meaning…”

The meanings, overall, more maturely defined through lessons arranged by astrologer Tracy Marks, from which we were supposed to have learned new personal meaning toward, through nodal phases between Gemini and Sagittarius, are as follows—

Lesson #1: our philosophy of life, belief system and sense of purpose are given concrete meaning when we consciously and actively apply them in our daily interactions through our communications, behaviors and activities… by living rather than merely preaching our beliefs, we are able to test and refine them, eventually developing a viable belief system and life philosophy which can withstand stress and change.

Lesson #2: we can expand our awareness and sense of meaning in the present moment by remaining aware of our unique purpose and keeping before us our future visions and goals… by doing and expressing what is meaningful to us and keeping a unifying perspective, we are likely to experience deep fulfillment in our everyday activities, as well as to uplift and inspire the people around us.

Lesson #3: when we pursue knowledge for knowledge’s sake, we may accumulate information which is interesting to us but which does not add to the quality of our lives or is not aligned with a purpose in which we believe… knowledge can serve ends which are destructive as well as ends which are constructive—when we pursue philosophy for philosophy’s sake, we may become enamored with the meaning we discover, but may not be able to apply that meaning in our daily interactions… as a result, our consciousness may expand, but our lives may seem barren and meaningless; further, we need to pay attention to the relationship between means and ends—we need to ask ourselves: to what end do we seek knowledge and understanding, and how might we make use of our knowledge and understanding in order to improve the quality of our lives and the lives of others?

Lesson #4: when we are continually seeking outside of ourselves for what is missing, we may become eternal seekers, but never experience being finders… there is no end to our search if we are committed to the search and do not allow ourselves to stop, to fully experience the present moment, ann to FIND—what we are seeking may not be in the distance or in the future, but may rather exist in our present experience; only by committing ourselves to discovering and living the meanings implicit in the present moment can we expand the quality of our present lives and become finders as well as seekers.

Now. Through a Taurean North Node and a Scorpio South Node—our lessons focus on finding grounding, and calm, patience, and developing actual meaningfulness and actually applying it in our everyday, no if’s and’s or but’s.

While the lessons which weren’t learned will begin to actually bite back, in addition to resentments perpetually being catered to—these will begin to actually sting.

Thereby, personal space and boundaries will become much more protected.

It is now time to leave behind, if you haven’t already, that which is not reciprocal, toxic, too complicated, heavy, weighted, controlling, manipulative, vacant or decaying…

It is time to leave behind that which is dead; the past, no longer.

It is time to leave behind that which holds you down.

Peace or contentment cannot be achieved unless we’re willing to back up how we really feel—to actually speak our truths—and truly walk our talk, and live our truths in our everyday experiences.

For those of you who though the last two years were rough—we’ve seen nothing yet.

It’s time to start actually thinking for ourselves, and living for ourselves, and all the virtue signaling being advertised will need to pay out its due and prove itself. Anyone or anything lacking actual depth or true relevancy will not have a very good experience, and will likely take great offense, indeed… 

Surface, through the next eighteen months, won’t do.

We must work on our self-worth, and self-sufficiency.

We will be learning how to determine our values, and stand firmly by them, no matter how inconvenient or unpopular they might be… and we will be learning more about our personal power—and how to use this to benefit others rather than finding ways to control others, and satisfy only ourselves. And we will be learning what it means to possess ourselves, and everything that goes with that—mainly, learning to open ourselves to others truly.

Thereby, we will be learning what it is to be internally secure, to lose ourselves in the future rather than the past, to surrender ourselves, and to allow ourselves to genuinely experience the deepest levels of personal transformation.

We will learn that others can never fill our own inner void. Nor can they fulfill our esteem, self-respect, or values… or our own inability to possess these within ourselves or toward others.

We will learn how to truly value ourselves and what we actually have to offer—we will finally actually learn ‘our truths’ and we will then be able to finally apply these in our lives to capture deeper meaning and real contentment as if they are sacred… using our own resources, and our unique authenticity, we will then learn the real meaning of worth, and value, relevancy, and self-possession.

This will take time, and patience, and centeredness… but through these, we will learn our personal power.

And we won’t need to seek relevance from others by blasting it onto every social media avenue, status update, billboard sign, church post, meme, yard plaque or bumper sticker—we’ll just know, within ourselves, and it’ll be more than enough… you’ll see.

One thing I can guarantee, is that the world will never change itself because of our weaknesses. In fact, it has ways of actually becoming more dangerous…❞
——J.Z. Colby

Image credit— @takiisbranding on Instagram

Marks, T. “The Astrology of Self-Discovery.” CRCS Publications; ©1985.

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