Leo/Virgo Disseminating Moon
—January 20

If yesterday enlightened ‘the Way’ then today’s energies are bound to offer further awareness toward energy and how it works, the processes thereof and thereabouts, as well as your overall becoming in something of a blurry premonition… as if you are being offered the awareness of, as astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed, ‘an imaging forth’… 

Keep in mind, though, that these offerings will not likely image themselves forth in any way you can see, or feel… but will open to you in a manner of sensory.

New levels of consciousness, in other words, are approaching you—take these up—if you dare! *wink wink*

However sensory they are, and subtle, and silent—please do not misunderstand—they will be strong and intense!; these feelings “may be strong feelings of other levels of awareness happening and these may be growing stronger by the moment… the imagination is showing a clearer path to some understanding, even though, along the way, there may be some confusion—remembering a strong sense of who you are while allowing messages to come through can lead to a heightened feeling of aliveness and an increased awareness of the magic and mystery of life…”

Remember, too, to stay grounded through this process…

Some of you may struggle with this.

Through this process, and perhaps through this new and widening awareness in consciousness, it may come to you now as more appropriate to break out of character, in a way—for those of you living within someone else’s version or mould of who you are, or for those of you catering to a less than animated version of your ideal lifestyle or reality—to break out of these versions of reality, now, to really experience life as you’d rather experience it… these new awarenesses could invite brand new aspirations.

Even if you’re up for it, it could still present its obstacles.

Because these opportunities would be guided by Saturn, you’ll have to really want that new and clarified state of consciousness—you’ll have to decide to surrender to it, and devote your beingness to it.

As I always tell my clients—as they typically book me when it’s come to their new awareness in attention that instead of living their life day to day, they’d rather live their good life, their ideal life—that they’re ready to ‘start living their chart’, and we set to work delineating their personal opportunities…

I also refer to this as ‘walking the red carpet’… when life comes to you and all you need do is live it.


Again. I cannot stress to you enough, dear reader, to remain grounded… because if you’re feeling the ‘imaging forth’ you’ll likely be quite moved, quite giddy really—you’ll need to try your hardest to bob and weave between the hysterics… 

Though I do not mean to disuade you from enjoying the process—enjoy every moment.

And again, knowing who you are—and understanding the power of your unique personality… this is key, this is essential—and, quite probably, this will be the very opening, for you, to new and heightened levels of consciousness within your reality. 

If you are still finding yourself, still becoming—these next eighteen months will support you, if you’re up for the challenges of honesty, vulnerability, and psychoanalysis.

Finally, sometimes a change in perspective—the literal changing of your mind or opening to another point of view—is all it takes to psychically transport/elevate yourself, from your here and now… to your Everywhere and Now.

Other translations for today’s energies are as follows: attunement to unconscious imagery; participatory magic—and the boundaries between the physical and imaginal; connecting odd facts that mark out the borders of one’s reality; getting past hangups; playful examinations of a problem from various angles; taking stock of one’s assets and parlaying them into workout success; finding one’s true voice; self-possession and self-determination.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.❞ ——Albert Einstein

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Image credit— @taxcollection on Instagram

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