Venus Rx/S in Capricorn—Part 3

Upon January 29th Venus will station direct at 11°05′ Capricorn—the last time Venus was moving through this degree was November 17th, again separating from a square to Chiron… but this time, Venus will be in conjoining company of the illumination of the moon, illuminating a conjunction with asteroid Vesta, as well as a quickly approaching Mars—all squaring Chiron, all connecting to Uranus by trine, all moving in tandem.

Please allow me, here, to share with you that the eleventh degree of Capricorn associates itself with ‘encountering chaotic situations with aplomb; being open to all of life’s crazy possibilities; and living in the moment’.

This movement between Venus, Vesta, and Mars, moving in tandem through the third decan degrees of Capricorn, will continue through February, connecting as a stellium to Pluto coming into March, and as Vesta maintains an extended conjunction to Pluto, Venus and Mars will ingress into Aquarius, upon the zero point degree, together on March 6th.

So, these building energies will indeed be a process in and of itself, as well as a somewhat collective effort—to recognize a more disciplined and individuated inner power to be actualized toward personal missions for devoted goals…

This building becomes much heavier the last week of February—between the 25-28th—and as desperately as Venus will be, to achieve material rejuvenations, personal revivals and an overall renewal toward however the circumstances this Venusian retrogradation manifested for you in your reality… as quickly as Venus gains stamina and speed, and surpasses Mars—Venus is immediately caught in besiegement between the malefics, between Mars and Saturn, within the working parameters of Aquarius, a sign Venus does not prefer.

In simple terms—Venus, though no longer within the Underworld, will continue enduring hardship and strain… Venus will not be happy until Piscean boundarilessness welcomes her on April 6th.

Indeed, April looks quite lovely…


Until then.



What does Vesta represent through all of this?

What does Venus and Mars moving within a degree for so many weeks within this building stellium mean?

What does Pluto represent through all of this?

What does all of this squaring Chiron mean?

Vesta is an asteroid that represents one’s inner spark—the inner hearth—the fire within that never goes out… this associates to matters of devotion and service, as well as one’s duty to inner needs and spiritual comforts; in Capricorn, Vesta umbrellas identities of personal independence, and to personal discipline, control, and self-actualization… there is a building need, then, to clarify structures for goals in an effort to more thoroughly actualize ideals.

I’m sure the woo woo astrology articles online or in magazines are appeasing their readers with hopes for romance intensified through the motions between Venus and Mars—and I’m disappointed yet again to disappoint you with actuality—I wouldn’t advise anyone to go ‘looking for love’ through this unfolding process… 

Sure. Venus represents our desires, and Mars represents our motivations, and together these would be presumed to equate toward something looking like desires motivated… 

But then both Venus and Mars, in conjunction, move into a conjunction with Pluto, which is Hades, Lord of Death and the Underworld—is this how you would want to initiate a blossoming new relationship?! To each their own, I suppose… 

So, yes, desires are motivated, and personal passions much more willful, to be realized, actualized, and these, too, are eagerly seeking—demanding, more like—clarified structures to better appropriate the path to be navigated from here… and Venus and Mars moving together, in tandem, through the last degrees of Capricorn, will absolutely inspire these sentiments—together with Vesta—yet, in Capricorn, again, these motivations (unless transiting through your fifth or seventh house) are somewhat obsessed with legacy-related goals, somewhat egoical or spiritual ambitious ideals, and personal reputation being transformed and reimagined through the ending of something: within whatever area of life this is occurring through within your nativity.

Not romance.

Unless it’s a romance that has ended, or is emotionally vacant. But, again—to each their own—you be you boo *wink*

And you are likely persistent in your wholesome devotion toward whatever this is for you… and you have come to this point through this previous decaying/symbolic death/grieving process via Venus’ retrograde into the Underworld, in Capricorn, in conjunction to Pluto, emerging since early December.

These motivations, essentially, are being reborn—are blooming through the newly available space from which something quite recently was offered, or taken, something which was no longer.

This process trespassed into the depths, into the squishiest and hardest to reach places within the darkest of places within… places seemingly assumed vacant, isolated, or otherwise left abandoned—places offering more of a barren coldness, a resistance from within.

If you were/are able to push through, to work with this vulnerability… if you were/are able to feel through what was/is needed to be felt to achieve a new found place of respite—a new found place within of inner respect!—then this process will likely be quite transformational, and will continue to offer you many opportunities for healing and empowerment.

This will be quite rejuvenating, indeed… 

Especially so, if you are “facing your psychological problems squarely; or delighting in the rapid flow of emotions and events…”

The degree through which all of this is occurring represents “feelings of emotional lightness and almost mischievous intentions—the deeper parts of feelings are sometimes ignored, or rejected… finding a comfortable and safe place within a situation may be necessary… going with your gut feelings can lift your spirits to new heights…” and should you be fully participating with these energies, a ‘lightness of being’ is available.

Now… this building, then, through the month of February—these motivations and building devotions, and ultimately, these goals of active actualization—is working in tandem, through these transformations, toward a most vulnerable recognition of your own inner power.

And this, of course, will be a personal/soul revival.

As all of this is squaring Chiron, then, would suggest that should you be willing to work through your personal challenges, struggles, or otherwise concepts/issues of release—you will be given opportunities for healing and personal growth. It will be painful, absolutely, or at the very least, uncomfortable or inconvenient… but, ultimately, worth your efforts—should you be willing to release that which no longer possesses vitality only provides fertile opportunity for rebirth.

Renewal will begin after March, though, I still feel was though it’s pertinent to remind you that this is the degree through which Jupiter and Saturn joined in conjunction back in December of 2020—think back to this time and reflect upon what was occurring all around you and emerging from within… I don’t know, exactly, but it could be important—this Venus/Mars pass-through could offer an extension, or a resolution, or a deeper empowerment, or an otherwise intensified experience.

And, of course—always—it truly depends upon what house 0° Aquarius falls upon within your personal nativity.

This first degree of Aquarius associates itself to ‘recognizing that worldly institutions decay to the degree that they lose their indwelling soul or spiritual raison d’etre; strengthening one’s ideals by putting them into serviceable (if unrecognizable) modern forms; adopting a life-mission that fits one’s inner nature; fully inhabiting one’s immediate situation; withdrawing into the soul’s inner sanctum to find spiritual revitalization; and shaping the future by studying and refashioning the past…’

Further, this degree can symbolize the “processing of inner issues and thoughts…” because “things can feel out of your control and influenced by unknown forces—strategies may need to be made.”


Plan and prepare to strategize your ideals into real time through February, to actualize more structurally in March. April, however, will be an entirely different atmosphere—stay tuned, more to come.

Immense power is acquired by assuring yourself in your secret reveries that you were born to control your affairs…❞
——Andrew Carnegie

Image credit— @morysetta on Instagram

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