Sagittarius Balsamic Moon
—January 28

The moon moves from the fifteenth degree of Sagittarius through the thirtieth, connecting with only Neptune by square…

Typically, this square between Sagittarius and Pisces can offer really magically inspiring opportunities to daydream, or fantasize, or imagine better, faraway pursuits or ideals… though, today, as the moon applies, exacts, and separates from its single square to Neptune, a retrograded Mercury is moving back into its second expect conjunction with Pluto—the first conjunction occurred December 30th and the third and final conjunction will occur on February 11th.

Instead, thoughts are much more obsessive, determined, and exhaustive—not at all daydreamy.

Instead, thoughts may be alienated or detached… separated.

Instead, thoughts won’t be so much about how to get away from it all—but rather, how to rise above it all.

Also, and particularly supportively, the sun is applying Uranus by square (to be exact January 30th)—and this makes for building of flash realizations, sudden insights and new inspirations… “you may have found that despite racking your brain there’s been no rational guidance available—it’s important to realize that a lot of internal as well as external noise needs to be quieted—the rational mind can be noisy and tends to interfere with the flow of the imagination and the intuition… by reducing the external noise your mind can focus on what is essential, rather than what may just be convenient.”

So the challenge, now, lies upon the Sagittarian/Piscean energies—and how to rise above such easy, lazy inclinations to do nothing all day but daydream and wonder…

Or to begin determining a plan with exactitude and clarity to actually achieve your ideals and visions.

Rise in your mind, in your heart, in your soul… and you will rise in your world.❞
——Matshona Dhilwayo 

Image credit— @frankmoth on Instagram

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