Aquarius New Moon at 12°20′
—January 31

On this second new moon of this new year—its lunarly rulerships, both traditional (Saturn) and modern (Uranus), are being connected to by very close, though inexact, aspect. This would suggest that this new moon is absolutely super-charged in its own unique way—nothing less for anything associated to Aquarius.

The essences of Saturn and Uranus couldn’t be further from one another toward nearly anything—which we have all very recently and personally experienced, in one way or another, from the build up through 2020, and through the three exact squares between the two through 2021, and the current preparation for one final buildup through this summer (though it won’t be exact)—as Saturn represents the old ways while Uranus upsets the status quo and provokes new ways into an unknown and uncertain future…

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes of this new moon, and specifically toward the Saturn/Uranus aspecting, that “this is the planetary influence behind the conflict between individual freedoms and the rules and restrictions imposed by governments and authority figures…”

Astrologer Diana McMahon Collis explains this “push-pull relationship… where old and new don’t necessarily mesh easily together, at least not at first…”

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera says of an Aquarian new moon, it is a moon when we “look at our attitudes about the Fathers of society and how they decided things were to be, and how many of those values we’ve chosen to keep, or on the other hand have not yet rooted out even though we are discontented with them… and we evaluate what we get for obeying social mores, and what we think is worth it.”

However, as I mentioned above—Saturn and Uranus have seen their share of exact squares last year and will not come into exactitude this year, only building into the late summer months as they come as close again together by inexact square as they will for awhile… this is what is referred to as a waning square, which is to suggest that Saturn is separating from Uranus, which is to suggest that whatever conclusion or compromise that has been reached between these two in association is reaching its resolve… or will, quite soon.

This new moon very much refers back to the first new moon of this new year, on January 2nd, the Capricorn new moon… and whatever new awarenesses or insights, acknowledgements, or recognitions that have come into light since then will most likely become a new focus toward the new directions to be taken.

We are at a point of now-or-never, triggered beneath the surface, deep within our inner knowing or central spark—we are seeking deeper meaning, as well as a new sense of purpose toward something central within our lives… the discernment toward how we reevaluate meaning, depth, and value to that which deserves our focus and care remains a very big responsibility—and it is our personal duty to reevaluate accordingly, appropriately, and accurately.

This new moon is very much about redetermined assessments toward that which remains from No Longer, and that which has emerged here in the Now… these values are yours to attribute toward Not Yet—that which used to be, or seemed to be, or felt to be, or was assumed to be effective in the past quite simply is no longer effective, for numerous reasons, and the sooner we begin acknowledging this the better.

Symbolically, these energies are like a waking up or a coming to—waking up into an entirely new reality, much like Alice in Wonderland or Dorothy upon the yellow brick road… there’s no going back now—but you likely feel as though your luggage for such an adventure, or conditioned baggage, is quite heavy.

What baggage do you continue to carry that keeps your from your goals, ideals, or ambitions?

The degree through which this new moon occurs associates itself to ‘feeling changes ahead of time; perceiving subtle changes; insights; and stilling one’s self for answers…’ and “watching, waiting, and feeling out the atmosphere before taking any action will lead to the best answer… once you know which way to move with your situation, you’ll be able to go straight for the objective, so take a little time to sniff things out—if something doesn’t feel quite right, and a change in the environment seems imminent, taking precautions ahead of time can save a lot of problems.”

Further associations include ‘networking with people who are on the same wavelength; making quick contacts; winkling out other people’s games; putting together an accurate interior picture of reality; perceiving a situation’s positive and negative possibilities and changing one’s course accordingly; and considering all angles until one finds a truth that really resonates.’

Further still, today’s lunarly influences can inspire feelings of emotional detachment, and/or as though your are entirely out of touch with feelings—in fact, feeling “fooled for too long into thinking you feel in ways you don’t actually feel…” 

It’s important, upon this moon, to examine and evaluate how you’re ‘doing’ your life—and reevaluating your inspirations… are your inspirations actually your own, or are they intrinsically intertwined with those encouraged or rewarded by society or the status quo?

And finally, this new moon falls upon the second decan, which is associated with the 6 of Swords in the tarot, which astrologer Austin Coppock attributes associations of ‘earned success’, and, continued, “this mastery of the space between one shore and another brings with it certain benefits, for it is the nature of commerce to benefit from the transport of goods from one place to another and back again… unimpeded by any law but their own, those who walk this face long enough become both wise and terrifying.”

In other words—exiled and in transition, leaving behind what was familiar and moving toward, either by force or ambition, the unknown.

Continued, Coppock writes “this face is one of independence, of living and becoming according to one’s principles… there is thus a certain royalty to this decan, to connect worlds workout becoming beholden to them—there is great benefit to plying these waters between, allowing the connection of the orthodox and the unorthodox, the known and unknown…”

Furthermore, Coppock shares that “the moon has a hard time growing roots in this decan… [because] the moon is peregrine in Aquarius, for it is Saturn’s domain and has little power here—unless the moon be full, lunar works are best postponed for a more auspicious time…” and so, again, making a move on any of your ideals or intentions are more appropriately honored through Pisces or Aries, and thereby postponed for February 2nd or February 4th.

People never change because they are under threat or under duress. Never. They change because they see something that makes their life seem valuable enough to start moving toward a life worth living.
——Robert Downey Jr

*9:46pm PST; 10:46pm MST; 11:46pm CST; 12:46am EST 2/1

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022. 📷 by angelorum.co

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