Cancer Gibbous Moon
—February 12

An early morning/midday (depending upon where in the country you are) lunarly square to Chiron, simultaneously connecting to Jupiter, adds a potentially uncomfortable climax to an otherwise exaggeratedly touchy, squishy, or vulnerable feeling day.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Additionally, this moon/Chiron square inexactly connects to Venus and Mars, both moving at opposite ends of the fourteenth degree of Capricorn, creating an inexact, though very highly charged cardinal, t-square, which always indicates rising tensions and impatient urgency… 

As a result, “there may be a need for affectionate concern—either for yourself or others…” and so honestly—you probably just need a really good hug.

As you continue to emotionally filter—listening, then, to the essence of what’s actually being communicated or expressed today is key… there’s still a heavy amount of noise—distilling this emotional cacophony down to its root could save you much time and agony… gently, with love.

As Venus and Mars are separating from a recent square with Chiron, rather than applying, this could suggest that the moon is illuminating, then, a recent disappointment, hurt, or a past pain or painful memory… your current mood and motivations could now be triggering (or become triggered by) what is otherwise rendered, typically, as a sentimental illusion, or jaded memory, or an entirely inaccurate re-visioning of something which may or may not have actually been experienced… why go back in time?!—be here, in this moment, in this Now.

The void of the t-square falls in Libra, which would indicate that, conveniently, the balancing of the t-square can be navigated by applying Libran measures, which can be supported through conflict management, playing devil’s advocate, and some otherwise ridiculously charming compassion toward yourself or an/Other without hesitation or any reason at all.

Try to dwell, if you must dwell at all, within the happier memories or illusions… or, here in the Now.

In an effort to balance today’s energies, Libran influences should inspire a most savvy resilience toward whatever you’re experiencing—what an ideal day to stream comedians via stand-up!? Though, just to be safe, I would avoid romantic comedies…

Always always, it’s the littlest, simplest things that will inspire the most joy… and necessary distraction.

Other associative suggestions for today are offered through ‘recognizing the importance of a cheery, optimistic attitude in facing life’s crises; recovery; getting back on track after a trauma; emotionally digesting a problem or helping others to do so; dispelling gloom, fear, and self-pity by lifting other people’s spirits; admonishing people to look at the funny side of life’s problems; bridging misunderstandings between people; patiently working through other people’s fearful projections until one makes a connection; dealing with other people’s emotional or physical scars with gentleness and compassion; and resourcefulness—trying various solutions until one finally succeeds…’

Finally, Mercury is separating from its conjunction to Pluto… and this could manifest, still, or continue to penetrate amidst the lower vibrations thereof, through dark thoughts or maligned intentions—do try to remain in the light, or actively, emotionally, and thoughtfully seek out the light, to thereby welcome more transformative responses rather than destructive reactions.

To end this post upon a happier, more charming note—it is a nurturing moon by Nature, so the nastier your mood is, or the more gnarly it feels, is direct and confronting evidence to you toward the amount of love and focus and tenderness you are requiring… even the most intimidatingly vicious dragons, in the fairy tales, only needed love.

As above, so below.

Please be kind and gentle with yourself today, and always—your needs matter, and once you take the initiative to nurture these yourself, the reflective response of this offered through others nurturing your needs will naturally begin to occur… but you must initiate the example—and set the bar high.

Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible—the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing environment.❞
——Virginia Satir 

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by @cult.class

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