Leo Full Moon at 27°59′
—February 16

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed the degree through which this lunarly event occurs as ‘many little birds on a limb of a big tree…’ with its keynote defining ‘a wide, and perhaps confusing, openness to a multiplicity of inspiring potentialities’.

This is a degree through which we “aspire to greater realizations or more impressive forms of self-expression” and it “feels flooded with new ideas and new possibilities…” being as exciting as it is confusing—to the point of necessity, “to focus oneself by limiting one’s field of vision and activity.”

You are, as Rudhyar puts it—overwhelmed with potentialities.

Lucky you.

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states that this moon represents the need for leadership (or, within a more personal context, personal authority)… it is a moon through which “we take charge of a situation… or inspire others to do things—and inspire them [additionally, somehow] to actually want to do it.”

As Rudhyar put it—there may be too many options or opportunities, too many choices to choose from, or too many points of view from which to consider something before moving forward… 

And, with leadership, always—comes a sense of competition or competitiveness, and furthermore, a natural sense of inevitable challenge thereof or within.

Not to mention, ever so naturally, when speaking of competition and challenge—Venus and Mars connect exactly in the early morning hours here on the west coast, in conjunction at 16°54′ Capricorn, a degree which associates itself to ‘dedicating oneself to an inner vision; dramatic invocation of ideals; purifying the emotions; and knowing what to take seriously and what not to take seriously…’

Venus and Mars will continue this conjuncting tandem degree dance through March 17th… two conjunctions are occurring, rather than one, because Venus only recently stationed direct from retrogradation and is still regaining speed, as Venus is typically faster moving than Mars—however, because of this, Mars will catch up and pass Venus, only for Venus to regain speed, catch up to Mars, and ultimately pass beyond… resulting in two conjunctions.

Astrologer Pam Younghans describes today’s conjunction as a time “we might consider whether we naturally tend toward a more Venusian approach to life, or to a more martian stance; neither is ‘wrong’, but if we find that there’s an unhealthy imbalance—that we are consistently either too passive or too aggressive, or perhaps seesaw between the two without finding a middle ground—this is our opportunity to access and integrate more of the qualities that we might be lacking…”

This Venus/Mars conjunction—today—is about what you value, and having the courage, particularly through today’s Leo full moon, to pursue these values, and actually implement them into your reality… into your legacy.

The energies manifesting through this conjunction are not trendy, or convenient, or easy.

This Venus/Mars conjunction is an opportunity to make new choices, and take new actions… choices and actions, ultimately, you would actually die for (read this dramatically, for Leo’s sake)—or at the very least, sacrifice something truly valuable and comfortable or secured for something more, something true—or why bother?

Today’s dramatically flared Leo full moon also completes an inexact fixed square with the sun toward the Nodes, suggesting that, in addition to such overwhelm and potentiality—despite the new directionality which must be taken at this time, a certain amount of stubbornness or willfulness, or even selfishness, may get the better of you.

Additionally, astrologer Austin Coppock expresses, of the third decan of Leo—which this lunarly event falls within—that “challenges abound here… giv[ing] way to a spirited struggle—tenacity and courage are required to fulfill one’s role.”

Something more, here, because with a Leo moon there’s always more… Coppock adds that “the power granted here is the tenacity to fight for the place one has gained, to struggle and be victorious over contrary forces both within and without—one might call this quality courage, but it is not merely a quick surge of bravery, but instead the power of the utterly steadfast heart, which never fails to rise to the challenges present.”

Further, “this quality of spirit, the invincible heart, is not dependent upon bodily fortitude or on an advantageous position—indeed, it is accessible only when those easy strengths are unavailable… when allies have fled, the enemy looms and the body itself betrays you—there you will find the unconquerable heart… though the body can be broken, what resides within the heart is untouchable, invincible; this is the hero’s heart—a power all possess, but which is awoken in few.”.

So, the leadership necessary, or the situation needed taken charge of, and/or the new direction something is needing to move toward—these should be beyond you, not personal… these shouldn’t really be anything about you.

Especially should this lunarly event, for you, manifest something of a competitive confrontation in which you find yourself holding your ground to secure your position while they attempt to abandon, shift, charge, or dismiss…

The unconquerable heart is not at all about ego. But heart.

Whatever offenses or triggers or preferences you’re attached to—this is ego; this is fear. These are not heart.

Whatever fears you’re stuck on or within—this is not heart.

This inner vision, then, that you’re learning to take seriously—this inner vision working to purify your emotions… may this inner vision be found within your heart—your unconquerable heart—and may you be putting forth a loving effort to build something truly and genuinely unique.

The third decan of Leo is represented by the be 7 of Wands in the tarot, which is a card that associates itself with protection, but also, big surprise—with competition and challenge… it is likely that the bigger deal you are and the larger the ‘audience’ you have—the more challenges you’ll be confronted with.

There may be too many options, then—or too many chances or risks you’re unprepared to take… what are the risks within your circumstances?

There may be an overwhelm of opportunities—or an overwhelm of mistakes to be accounted for should the wrong choice be chosen mistakenly… what’s the worst case scenario, and how would you navigate it?

There may be many things you render valuable… but there should only be a handful that you are willing to change your life for, whatever the circumstance—what are these most essential—most sacredly distilled values… and what are you willing to change for these to become actively honored within your being?

Finally, the Venus/Mars conjunction is occurring within the second decan of Capricorn, which is a decan depicted for building—major building, like, the type of building involved in vast enterprises and undertakings such as the pyramids… and this decan associates itself with the 3 of Pentacles, a card that represents collaboration, learning, and implementation.

Here, Coppock adds that this face “shows visions of what might be wrought upon the earth, blueprints as a type of revelation… from these visions comes the necessity of gathering the resources and power to make the project real, the design manifest…” though, simultaneously, “this face is thus both a spur to action and a binding…” as these projects are not solo endeavors—but “require many people’s energies to be harnessed to a great plan.”

Yet again, perhaps endlessly—there’s so much to consider…

And an overwhelm of opportunity to take action—to take heart-centered action toward something very big indeed, because you’re up for it—it’s time.

When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny…
——Paulo Coelho

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 thewildunknown.com

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