Sagittarius Balsamic Moon
—February 24

Today’s moon is balsamic in phase and applies to Neptune by square the entire day… today is about releasing some of your visions.

Particularly—the visions you have rigidly held within realms of expectation, yours or an/Others, or those of ridiculous certainty… if yesterday taught you anything—it was the value of flexibility and open-mindedness, and that there’s rarely a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when you’re navigating subjectivity—and, in Sagittarius, it’s always subjective…

Energies and influences will be subjective until the moon moves into Capricorn—then objectivity will overpower, as well as reason.

So, you thought something was going to be one way, and it isn’t… what now?

There may be a real need for real adjustments… particularly “about the way you communicate your thoughts or ideas—be receptive to [new ideas], as you’ll learn a lot.”

Perhaps, too, “there is a need to let go of past alienation or loneliness… experiences or people… in order to move on.”

Move on. Please. You’ll see…

There may be countless metaphorical ellipses today (…), actually or figuratively, as today’s manifestations may feel like fragmented run-on sentences that lack an ending or clarifying point—but there should be much to learn, take in, and observe—if you’re willing.

Try to just go with it….. wink

Recognize the resistance and accept the change.❞
——Akiroq Brost 

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by @februllage

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