Pisces/Aries Crescent Moon
—March 3

Today’s vibrations noticeably shift as the moon moves through the remaining degrees of Pisces, now in its crescent phase, into Aries—shifting from whimsy to impulse, from flowing to surging, from reflective to intentional.

Today’s vibrations also include a lunarly separation from an overnight conjunction to Neptune—so I trust you slept beautifully, for those of you living west of the continental divide… for those of you living east of this boundary, particularly beyond the pond—your midday could feature something of a distracted fog or lethargic lull, particularly as the sun’s application to Jupiter, co-present within Pisces, is ever closer. Should you be thriving beyond the potential lull, there may be much inspiration to tune into.

Once the moon has moved into Aries, however, and a more aggressive surge begins beyond this recent recuperation—a true, however symbolic, rebirth is likely occurring for you, particularly within this realm of your nativity…

This, as well as, again, the upcoming annual sun/Jupiter conjunction, and  the building application of next month’s Jupiter/Neptune conjunction—whatever section of your reality Pisces governs is highly likely experiencing a rebirth, be it spiritual, actual, or even psychosomatically… something within this realm of your personal reality is being given a revival—and something is, in turn, surrendering to its end.

What is ending, coming to a close, fizzling out, or dying down in your personal reality?

Perhaps not even in its place, but otherwise, what in your personal reality is beginning, being initiated, blooming, or emerging?

There’s just a lot to take in… today may simply be a day to acknowledge your surroundings, and to take in your options in directionality.

Further, yesterday’s vibrations regarding inner harmony and reflective peace—today these vibrations may begin to more forwardly and fiercely percolate from within… listen carefully, but don’t be pushed around by your own ego; announcements and communications, otherwise, are also likely.

Perhaps it requires of you precisely this existential anxiety in order to begin. Precisely these days of transition are perhaps the period when everything in you is working…❞ ——Rainer Maria Rilke

☽♈︎ by 4:52pm PST; 5:52pm MST; 6:52pm CST; 7:52pm EST

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by @divangrafico

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