Taurus Crescent Moon
—March 6

Matters and things may seem or feel largely beyond you… and this may actually be for practical reasons.

As the moon moves through Taurus now, matters and things relating to your security and stability needs are in question, or are feeling threatened, or perhaps these are simply requiring review. Either way, this is an ideal time to apply a nurturing attention whereas taking anything for granted—particularly anything related to security or stability—would be seriously ill-advised.

That which is truly beyond you, as well as that which remains far away or well into the future—these still may be, however silently, asking to be taken more seriously and contemplated proactively… and these precious pauses in contemplation—these may prove to you to be somewhat priceless.

Today’s lunarly energies spend the entire day applying a conjunction to Uranus, and so egoically convincing yourself of anything, rigidly one way or another, or deciding firmly upon anything—these are not recommended today… however, wildly considering options and alternatives to choose at a later time—this could be quite entertaining for you, if you’re realistic about these ponderings, of course.

Much of the time we allow our ego to thrive in such a boundariless way that we begin to believe that we desire things which, in reality, we really don’t desire… as an Indian proverb suggests, ‘large desire is endless poverty…’ and today is a healthy time to reflect upon this notion in regard to that which you think you want or need.

Typically, by degree, this would be an ideal time to ‘seize the day’ toward some personal conquest or material gain—however, these energies drawing toward the unpredictability of Uranus forewarn against wasting your time so extravagantly, because—Taurean moon.

Still. This is a wonderful time to attempt to outline potentials… to ‘decide what is worth fighting for; mustering support for an ambitious project or cause; attention to aesthetic detail; as well as designing and implementing plans for a livable future…’.

Focus your inner sights upon the actual boundaries of the metaphorical or figurative horizon… and then go from there.

What really matters is what you do with what you have.
——Shirley Lord

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by astroccult

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