Gemini Crescent Moon
—March 9

Things are getting busy, yes!? Nearly crazy busy…

Seemingly all of a sudden—but really?—or is it a small part of a larger process?

Back in December, looking forward—I knew March was going to offer its challenges… and, truly, for some of you this month may be any number of adjectives: crazy, uneasy, sticky, harsh, provoking, uncomfortable, denied, burdened, challenging or, well, besieged—while, for some of you, simply a smidge cumbersome.

Let’s begin with cumbersome… it’s friendlier.

Many things within your birth chart and current reality will defend each perspective—though, only slightly off topic, I continue to hear of countless inconveniently ‘unexpected’ surprises, unsurprisingly since Venus and Mars moved into Aquarius… and it’s no wonder, then, everything that began through Venus’ retrograde or shadow phase is now either struggling unnecessarily or ending.

To my point, this month will be a heightening of many things—most of which, in a most delineated term: cumbersome.

Cumbersome—to a heightened degree.

Look where Aquarius governs in your nativity… this is where you’ll feel this cumbersomeness. 

The word cumbersome defines ‘burdensome; troublesome’, as well as ‘unwieldy; clumsy’… however, the root word, ‘cumber’, defines variants describing ‘hindering, hampering, overloading, inconveniencing, and embarrassing’, but ultimately, this root is the original Middle English definition ‘to harass; to defeat’.

Things continue shifting….

Things are shifting within you.

Perhaps it’s our inner knowing instinct preparing for spring?

Perhaps there’s more to it…

No one ever said a good old fashioned inner transitioning wasn’t going to offer its fair share of cumbersomeness.

And one could argue that a Gemini moon only gears up for cumbersome activities—at least, the mental ones—and assigns each activity to the correct hemisphere of the brain, so to speak, or between the rational and irrational halves of one’s heart center… and so a lunarly square to Jupiter through a degree designating a somewhat more mature, and rational, take toward matters shouldn’t be too surprising today, considering how ‘surprising’ everything else is seeming to be. 

Again, so simply put, “the old ways of solving things will no longer work…” and thereby somewhat demanding a new or alternative way so as to offer a new level of wisdom as reward… “look to what’s being learned—even though there may be some level of pain in adjusting to a life with more responsibilities, let the situation bring about necessary changes, even if they are hard to bear at first.”

Today’s Gemini moon can help you ask the questions, find the answers, and look at what’s being learned—or at least offered—and a Gemini moon can absolutely assist you in thinking things through… and I mean thoroughly through—there is so much occurring, in all directions, it’s really important that you remain focused, and thinking.

Let’s also remember that, though Jupiter doesn’t officially connect with Neptune until that second week of April, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is building, and very much inspiring thoughts and feelings, instincts and intuitions… and so these opportunities to search within for that which is beyond—these truly are lessons to keep in your back pocket.

Today is but one day toward an entire horizon of days… and new realizations will continue to both intrigue and flummox, provoke and comfort—as all of this is but a process within a larger ideal… and today may have you shift, yet again, one step more toward an ultimate transformation, from “emotions into mind, of instincts into thoughts…” and what astrologer Dane Rudhyar called ‘a process of mental metamorphosis.’

What is a metamorphosis?—a transformation, a rebirth…

And again, I’m not convinced any kind of metamorphosis comes without its share of cumbersomeness.

The major problem of life is learning how to handle the costly interruptions. The door that slams shut, the plan that got sidetracked, the marriage that failed. Or that lovely poem that didn’t get written because someone knocked on the door.
——Martin Luther King Jr.

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by astroccult

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