Capricorn Last Quarter Moon at 4°33′
—March 24

Much of the astrological theory regarding why Sagittarians typically fail to fully embrace or realize their celestial potential, in reference to yesterday’s post, is in direct regard to Capricorn and Saturn…

For instance, those with Sagittarius rising have Capricorn, and thereby default—Saturn, ruling their second house of finances and foundational livelihood… ugh; hard work will always be demanded and that which is seemingly ‘free’ or ‘given’ will likely always come with strings—this tends to put quite the damper upon a typical Jupiterian exuberance or Sagittarian fun-loving perspective.

If Capricorn is at all in the first house, or one was born in early to mid-December, opposed to November p—a really harsh childhood is highly probable.

The more Sagittarian presence within the twelfth house—one’s potential is nearly literally not seen or acknowledged…

Further, a solar Sagittarius, natively within any house, will potentially live through thirty heavy years of progressed Capricorn at some point in their lifetime, depending upon the degree they were born at, etc etc… there’s truly no escaping it.

It’s no wonder, then, that the ‘true’ archetypal Sagittarius role is reserved for literature and drama, documentaries, and autobiographies—they’ve earned it—it’s as though these individuals instinctively understand that they need to go out and claim the reward; the average human rarely pursues such adventurous notoriety… or infamy.

When Sagittarians read the woo woo magazines or horoscopes and are irresponsibly encouraged that they’re ‘so lucky’, you know, because Jupiter, and all that other conveniently toxic positivity stuff—this is but one of the unfortunate disservices of modernly mis-practiced astrology.

My point, however, is more toward the very real reality that wherever Sagittarius is in your chart—Capricorn immediately follows…

What does that mean?

It means that whatever idealistic rose-colored lens you were previously or recently looking through—is now requiring your aggressive participation toward actually actualizing your goals… and not just sitting on your misinformed laurels that luck or hope or wishing will manifest all your happiness for you, as any woo woo horoscope article will inform you… because it doesn’t work like that, not quite.

Capricorn energies demand not only your participation—but your actual manual, emotional, rational, and physical efforts, in every minute of every day, toward actualizing any goal or dream into a true reality… no more dreaming—only doing.

Today is split between a wandering, flowing Sagittarius disseminating moon energy and a motivated and determined Capricorn last quarter moon vibe, shifting at some point in between*… and maybe you’ll actually feel the motivations within beginning to surge—the adrenaline beginning to activate what was previously somewhat dormant or unassuming, taken for granted, or oblivious.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll feel an inner conflict motivate an urgency within yourself to do something—anything—contain something, control something, manage something…

When energies shift between Sagittarius and Capricorn—it is much like strategically focused containment…

If I may suggest a visual example to inspire a more accurate understanding—it is as if an innocent enough and necessary control burn becomes uncontrolled and swiftly turns into a quickly moving forest fire, devastating an entire mountain range… and then it’s successfully contained, controlled, and managed. Much toil and sweat and tears are involved in firefighting—there’s only dreaming of containment, and only doing doing doing until it’s a reality.

In fact, the Capricorn degree through which today’s last quarter moon occurs associates itself to aggressiveness… and ‘the mobilization of physical and emotional energies in a spirit of conquest…’

Conquest. Now there’s an ideal.

Exactly what the typical archetypal Sagittarian stance stands for and/or wanders for, remaining unattached and available for anything, any conquest—be it their own, or, likely, someone else’s—but is rarely prepared for—because, hopes are hopelessly vacant—until the actualization through Capricorn is strenuously and painfully processed.

Bold decisiveness is needed now when looking into the future…

In fact, you may have noticed through other planetary alignments beyond the moon’s influencing, that life is beginning to get a little busy?—a bit more hectic than it was only weeks ago?—and thank goodness we have a go-getter stellium in Aquarius between Saturn, Venus, and Mars… and not in Sagittarius.

Time management is key.

Today’s last quarter moon occurs through the first decan of Capricorn, a decan devoted to groundedness and rootedness… as astrologer Austin Coppock expresses, “figures which roam this decan can root deeply into what soil they find themselves in, yet for this very reason location is critical.”

This decan can represent a change of location, or destination, or circumstance… Coppock continues, “it is ultimately a matter of spirit, floating free, selecting the section of the world in which the drama of its incarnation will take place, and then taking root according to the law of the soul chosen.”

How very Sagittarius-turned-Capricorn, yes!?

This is not a lunarly event to set intentions, but to solidify and/or crystallize your ongoing visions, ideals, plans, and goals in an effort to further actualize these into reality…

Think back to high school. It was always the ‘cool kids’ (mind you, not the popular kids, but the ones you find intriguing) that were always seemingly unavailable, always unattached, always ambivalent, and faraway, and philosophizing the likes of paper clips… these kids were likely Sagittarians, and they likely have little to materially show for themselves today, because they probably spent much of their adulthood wandering, traveling, and romancing every opportunity—all, on a whim.

Whereas the Capricorn kids—the ones endlessly earning all the awards and likely graduating early, the one’s who had an after school job as soon as it was legal—they’ve been saving every penny they’ve ever earned since they were four, and this is likely, sadly, accurate… they have every degree, which automatically lends you toward higher income potentials, which typically bolsters your confidence enough to easily demand more, to demand one’s worth, and is retiring at 55, because, you know, why not?—and Capricorn natives typically grow younger as they get older, like Benjamin Button, so by the time they have the time, they’re so much more fun (not to mention, potentially, by this time they’ll be enjoying a progressed Pisces easy-does-it sun)…

The difference between Sagittarius and Capricorn, then, obviously—beyond essential energy—is choice… and further, and I think this nails it—the flexibility required when dealing with the unexpected and unpredictable.


The 2 of Pentacles in the tarot is associated with the first decan of Capricorn, and thereby today’s last quarter moon… a card which represents preparation—preparation for big things, and the balance it requires to pull everything off.

Because it’s the unexpected, and the unpredictable, that create the very makings of a conquest.

Capricornian energies can break many of us… but if you can endure them—this is when the reward, and the ‘luck’, is ultimately granted… though it’s not typically a rewarding type of luck any self-respecting Sagittarian would ever know what to do with.

As you continue moving forwardly upon your conquest, now, look up ahead—the moon will soon move into Aquarius, illuminating the currently moving stellium there—don’t expect anything to go as planned, especially as Venus remains besieged.

Maturity begins with the capacity to sense and, in good time and without defensiveness, admit to our own craziness; if we are not regularly deeply embarrassed by who we are, the journey to self-knowledge hasn’t begun.
——Alain de Botton

☽♑︎ by 2:54pm PDT; 3:54pm MDT; 4:54pm CDT; 5:54pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by Salvador Dalí “2 of Pentacles” c1984

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