Aries Crescent Moon
—April 1

As yesterday’s new moon in Aries connected to Chiron in conjunction by a single degree, Chironic matters are very much emerging, as well, alongside, in tandem, with all the potentials and possibilities…

Knowing today’s forecast was lunarly application to Pluto, without actual aspect until early tomorrow—I chose to get into the Chironic details today, keeping yesterday’s post mostly upbeat and encouraging.

Despite today’s moon no longer dwelling within desperation—seeing clearly continues to be quite important, if not crucial…

These Chironic/Martian wounds and past pains that could be emerging now are not new, but likely emerging from deep, deep, deeply conditioned childhood haunts or previous breakage, or otherwise matters never entirely processed—and these hurts of all shapes and sizes may very well be emerging from whatever sector of your life is governed by Aries, either disrupting this area of your chart surreptitiously or actually stemming from these origins and being reactivated.

Further, these pains could be actual hurts, as in physical hurts, as in brokenness of bones, or dis-ease within the physical body…

As with anything Aries, Mars is the natural ruler—and matters of muscle memory and heart, conditioning, impatiently avoiding anything painful, and both inner and outer wounding… Mars can be quite abrasive, and just a smidge unforgiving.

The struggle, or challenge, mentioned yesterday… in reference to this—could these Aries-ruled issues be blocking or sabotaging, or be otherwise creating obstacles, your Aquarian-inspired emerging newness?

This is an opportunity to see clearly… and Aries energies are notoriously—for better or worse—brutally and ruthlessly honest.

If anything hurts, acknowledge it and be honest about it—and be honest with yourself about its origins… getting at the source, directly and simply, will be the pathway that offers antidote and relief, if not entire recovery.

So I realize that not all of you are particularly stoked about all the newness surrounding you—because the newness might be confronting you to also move forward when you’re currently unwilling for whatever reason you might have, or maybe it’s because the newness challenges you beyond your vulnerabilities, or your pain, and you’re not ready to relinquish it because it’s yours…

More on all of this tomorrow—because the moon will square Pluto in the morning.

What happens when people open their hearts? They get better.❞
——Haruki Murakami

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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